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  Round 12: Convention In Cyberspace

By Mauricio Sulaimán / Son of José Sulaimán / President of the WBC

We are ready for something never experienced in the sport of fists as our Convention will take place virtually, in the cyberspace.

We are a boxing organization, we are not television or event producers, but fate’s nudge means we must do our best to keep moving and has our whole staff working diligently to make this a successful event on virtual reality.

We decided to proceed with our annual event, simply because it is necessary. It is during the Convention where a titanic quantity of quality work is done, with the participation of hundreds of people from all over the planet.

I am very proud of my work team, led by Víctor Silva, Gabriel González and my nephew Pepe Tońo. They’ve taken the bull by the horns, and have dedicated themselves putting their heart, body and soul to get the technology ready to facilitate this important event. Also, heartfelt thanks to many more members of our staff who are working diligently and in an exemplary way to meet expectations.

Is sad not to be able to be in St. Petersburg, because it was programmed there, but we will be in the whole world, because it is the Convention of world unity.

On another topic, Mike Tyson’s return to the ring continues to generate great interest around the world. It has been announced that November will be the month for this highly anticipated event.
The California State Athletic Commission is one of the best in the world, and has everything under control to make this exhibition a great show with all the medical and administrative care for Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr.

This exhibition will be supported by a magnificent fight card, and also a first-rate musical show, so an unforgettable night is expected.

The world is sorely in need of entertainment and, without a doubt, it will be an event remembered by millions of people, for being something great during the pandemic.

Julio César Chávez and Jorge “El Travieso” Arce are ready for their third contest, and it is expected to be highly entertaining.

The two legendary champions have met twice, with unforgettable shows in Tijuana and Hermosillo, respectively. This next September 25 they will get into the ring once more, without an audience, but under a pay-per-view platform.

The sons of J.C. Chavez, Julio César Chavez Jr. and Omar Chávez, will also participate on this occasion.

It is wonderful to know that they do it to help Julio, in addition to allocating the resources obtained to help thousands of people with food, plus 10 scholarships for rehabilitation in their clinics, at no cost.

“El Travieso” has already promised to build at least 10 little houses to help those who need it so badly in Sonora.
This theme of the exhibitions is gaining strength, as former WBC world champion Cristian Mijares will also step into the ring to face another ex-champ, Fernando “Kochulito” Montiel.

Mike Tyson, the great world heavyweight champion and one of the most illustrious men to have ruled through that division, was one of the many young men rescued by the unforgettable American manager, counselor and coach, Constantine “Cus” D’Amato.

That support consisted of recovering him from the reformatory centers in which he had lived, until he arrived at the boxing gym at the manager's home.

Basically, Cus adopted him, taught him and prepared him for everything, and thus led him to become the youngest heavyweight champion on the night of November 22, 1986, at only 20 years old, when he defeated by knockout in the second round the Jamaican Trevor Berbick, at the Hilton Head Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


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