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  Garcia vs. Vargas Final Press Conference

Photos: Matchroom Boxing

In anticipation for the welterweight blockbuster event headlined by four-division World champion Mikey Garcia against two-division World champion Jessie Vargas, the fighters addressed the media in a press conference to discuss their preparation and predictions before entering the ring on Saturday night at Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas Ė live on DAZN in the US and on Sky Sports in the UK.

The stacked Matchroom Boxing USA card will kick off with Joseph Parker battling Shawndell Winters in a Heavyweight bout, Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar will make his first defense of the WBC World Flyweight title against the undefeated Jay Harris, and in the chief support bout undefeated Kal Yafai will look to defend his WBA World Super Flyweight title against former pound-for-pound king Roman ďChocolatitoĒ Gonzalez.

Eddie Hearn

ďPleasure to be here ahead of a monstrous night of boxing. We have one of the best nights of boxing we have ever put on from top and bottom. So many great fights, championship fights, and an incredible main event in Garcia vs. Vargas.

ďThe heavyweight division is so good and itís great to have Joseph Parker back. Heís ranked number two in the WBO, has a tough opponent in Shawndell Winters, and I look forward to a massive 2020 to regain a world title. We have one of my favorite fighters in Martinez - heís an animal. I think he can be a Mexican legend in the sport. The co-main event we have Khalid and Gonzalez - talk about great fighters. Gonzalez is a legend in the sport of boxing. I canít believe Iíll get to see him live in person. If Roman can win another title it would be historic.

ďThe main event is breathtaking. As we get closer I could see this being an absolute war, a Mexican war. These two are a credit to the sport, and this is such an incredible fight. This is going to be a fantastic night, and a great night of boxing.Ē

Mikey Garcia

ďThis is my first time working together with DAZN and itís been great. This is a tremendous card, a stacked card with world championship fights. Iím here to do one thing and take over the show Ė thereís a lot more to Mikey Garcia. Iím going to display all my skills and be a contender in the welterweight division. We landed on Vargas because heís a two-weight champion, solid career, big size, and has height. Heís everything that people have been telling me I shouldnít be fighting, but Iím going to do everything I can to win this fight. I expect the best Jessie Vargas and that will allow to me display all my skills. I donít want easy fights. This will be a great matchup because Jessie is a warrior. It will push me to get the best out of me.

ďJessie is a great person, but inside the ring weíre competitors. Heís coming to knock me out, and Iím trying to doing the same, but that will make it a memorable night. Tune-in to DAZN, itís going to be fireworks all night long. Weíre going to finish it off with bang, Jessie and myself. Thereís a lot more to Mikey Garcia.Ē

Jessie Vargas

ďWe have a big night ahead of us against Garcia. Iím very much prepared. I trained very hard the last two months. Itís the best training camp Iíve had to date. I know whatís ahead of me and I know the opportunity in front of me. I trained my ass off for two months, following the game plan. Iíve never looked this good in the ring. Iím feeling good, I know Mikey is a good fighter. The moment the bell rings itís fight time. I plan on giving a fantastic performance so you acknowledge that Iím the best in the division. This isnít an easy fight but either way Iím coming to win. Iíve done my homework. Mikey is a good fighter and Iíve looked into some of his past fights.

ďIím happy to be part of this event. Come early to this fight, tune-in to DAZN for a great night of action-packed fights. Weíre going to finish it off with a bang.Ē

Khalid Yafai

ďI look up to Roman, so itís going to be hard to fight him. Iím in the best shape, no stone unturned. Iíll give it everything I can. Looking forward to a massive fight on Saturday night. Donít blink it will be a huge fight.Ē

Roman Gonzalez

ďIím in the best condition for this fight. I will take advantage of this opportunity. Thereís not a small person in this fight, everyone is very good. I come with a blessing that I will win. Thank you and hope this sport of boxing will be a spectacle for everyone.Ē

Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar

ďIím very excited for Saturday, and going put up a fight. Weíre going to win.Ē

Jay Harris

ďIím here to win and Iím going to pull off a massive upset on Saturday. Itís going be a hell of a fight. Tune-in on Saturday.Ē

Joseph Parker

ďGreat to be here in Texas. Last time I fought was June 2019, so very excited to fight this weekend. I worked hard in camp, a lot of running, sparring. Iím not taking this fight for granite. Looking forward to a great performance. On Saturday, Iím going to take care of business. Thank you to Winters for taking the fight and looking forward to the challenge.Ē

Shawndell Winters

ďIím not supposed to be here, but Iím glad to be here. I didnít come to here to take pictures with Parker. Itís very nice for you all to meet me - thatís a joke! Iím coming to fight, Iím coming to win, this is my opportunity. Thank you to Parker for this opportunity. Iím confident and look forward to Saturday night.Ē


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