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  Devin Haney Sounds Off On Everyone
Hovering Around His Division

Undefeated WBC Lightweight champion, Devin ďThe DreamĒ Haney (24-0, 15 KOs), sounds off, putting the big names surrounding his weight class on notice as he awaits the announcement of this next fight. In addition, Haney gives his thoughts on his next fight during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the mental and physical benefits of being quarantined.

Iím excited to get back in the ring,Ē said Devin Haney. ďThis has been the longest time between fights in my career. My body received a well deserved rest. Iím blessed."

"Lately, Iíve been fortunate to spend a lot of time with ďTBEĒ Floyd Maweather. Being compared to Mayweather is the ultimate compliment for any fighter in this era of boxing. Iím the most skilled fighter in the world right now and I'm looking forward to an opponent I can make a statement against. Iím working diligently with Mauricio Sulaiman and the WBC to make the big fights happen. Every decision made by the WBC hasnít went my way, but I have a genuine love and respect for the WBC family as a whole. Iím proud to represent the WBC organization.Ē

"Vasyl Lomachenko is a true professional and considered to be a top five pound for pound champion. I challenged him for the WBC lightweight world title and I didnít get the big fight I wanted, but I got the belt I deserved by stopping Zaur Abdullaev and becoming Vasyl Lomachenkoís mandatory challenger to the lightweight world title. Ironically, the big fight never happened because Lomachenko and Top Rank petitioned the WBC not to fight me and award him the franchise title. I then petitioned the WBC to elevate me from interim champion, to full world champion, because Lomachenko chose not to fight me and I had previously beat the highest ranked fighter available. Letís make this clear, you canít win the franchise title and you canít challenge a franchise champion. Iím 21-years old and Iím the WBC world lightweight champion and I believe in fighting mandatory challengers. The 135 lbs unification runs thru me. Enough said!Ē

ďAt this point in my career I donít mind mandatories at all because it forces the best fighters in my division to get in the ring with me. They can run but they canít hide. Mandatory for me means mandatory cash. Itís good to be in a stacked division. If I can Iím going to fight all of them. I hope Teofimo Lopez beats Loma and then fights me in a unification for all the belts like he promised Mauricio Sulaiman. To me it looks like Luke Campbell is looking forward to the opportunity of getting beat up by me more than Ryan Garcia is looking forward to it. Iím guessing in Ryanís defense, heís never lost so heís moving a little different and trying to stay undefeated (lol), but I donít think Eddie Reynosa and Golden Boy really donít want him to fight me yet. Luke is accustomed to losing big fights, we know heís come up short more than once. I think he has more of aÖ ďI donít give a damn attitudeĒ and Iím cool with that too! As far as Gervonta ďTankĒ Davis? I donít like throwing water on a drowning man but leaving a stacked 135 lbs. division, to take a fight at super featherweight kind of tells you where heís at. Itís no secret Iím a problem at 135 lbs. I know Jose Ramirez ainít sleeping good at night either, he got Haney at 140 lbs. or Terence Crawford at 147 lbs. problems to think about. I donít wish that on anybody. Josh Taylor is an easier fight for Ramirez then me or Bud, but itís still a tough 50/50 fight. Ramirez is out here looking like food on the low.Ē

ďThis pandemic is something weíve never seen," Haney concluded. "Itís tough on everyone around the world. Weíve all been in quarantine for the last few months, including myself, and fortunately staying at home is the best place to be. Similar in many ways to training camp. I pray to GOD things get back to normal soon. Iím anxious to get back in the ring as soon as the experts give the green light. I want all the smoke.Ē


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