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  Round 12: Synergy In Boxing

By Mauricio Sulaimán
Son of José Sulaimán / WBC President

While we are still alert and active, albeit prudently staying at home, diligently, imaginatively and intelligently trying to keep the boxing community connected through WBC Talks and WBC Workouts, some boxing issues are already occurring.

Devin Haney has asked the WBC for his reinstatement as WBC world lightweight champion, because he has already healed, and it is not necessary for him to continue as champion in recess.

We’ve also received the reaction of Fortuna and Campbell as they were ordered to fight for the title due to Haney’s injury. I was missing that frisson pressure that one constantly shoulders in the lively and vigilant twenty-four hours per day administration of the WBC.

The WBC Board will make a decision in the coming days.

The World Boxing Council is a non-profit organization that has reformed, refined and defined the sport of boxing by implementing rules and protocols, seeking the maximum protection of the boxer.

As of today, it has the trust and affiliation of 166 countries, as a bedrock global platform that reaches all corners of the world, to implement all kinds of programs, many of them specifically guided and geared by social responsibility campaigns.

The WBC has a governing Board, which is made up of members from different countries from all continents who have earned the highest authority, respect and responsibility. They possess and bestow the unified wisdom and leadership of the WBC in their vote. It is here where our experienced, seasoned and reasoned leadership is properly established.

The affiliation of the countries comes from the nine continental federations which, in themselves, are formed by the affiliation of many nations.

For example, the North American Boxing Federation has the affiliation of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Each federation has two votes within the Board. There are nine Vice Presidents, and the rest of the 36 votes, consist of international secretaries. The President only ever votes in the event that a case is tied and requires a final decision vote.

The World Boxing Council also has a large group of associate members around the world and it is here that the high command of boxing responsibly participates in many of the activities day to day.

Judges, referees, doctors, commissioners, committee members, promoters, coaches, lawyers, former boxers, active amateur and professional boxers, the media and even fans form the backbone.

It is through the plurality and democracy of our members that the WBC achieves all those different diverse and decisive actions. That position exalts, develops and practically advances World Boxing.

It is the very passion for the sport and for its principles plus values that Don Jose Sulaiman instilled in us, which inspires, drives us and leads us to work with ever greater passion and commitment to achieve everything we do for our beloved sport.

It’s precisely this which emboldens every boxer with an ambitious dream of one day being the zenith, supreme Green and Gold champion, to strive with all of his or her might to be the very best.

It is not about rating boxers and certifying fights by giving a belt, it’s so much more about endeavoring through specific protocols and actions to ensure that boxing is safer for fighters and also that it grows among fans, finding a permanent place in their hearts. And that the boxers themselves are and remain The Over Riding Priority, before, during and after their dazzling but all to brief and shining glory years.

I would like to relate some of the established, solid and lasting aspects, achieved through the shoulder to shoulder cooperation and help of our loyal and intuitive members.

Transfer of Battling Siki’s remains to his native country, Senegal. Siki was the first world champion in the history of Africa. He died, and was abandoned on the streets of New York and was buried in the Flushing Cemetery in that same city.

Former WBC VP and President of the African Boxing Union, Colonel Hasim Hamouda initiated a process to transfer the remains to Senegal. Lawyer James Mercante, Son of the famous referee Arthur Mercante, actively participated. After years of constant and dedicated work the objective was achieved, and in 1993 the President of Senegal received Siki’s remains with a great and emotional tribute at the burial ceremony, with thousands in attendance. NEVER do we abandon our very own!

The Green and Gold Belt in space. The current President of the affiliated federation of Russian countries (CISSBB), Vladimir Laptev asked the Russian cosmonaut Maksim Surayev, to take the cherished and hallowed Green and Gold Belt into space. An historic photograph that went around the world and is duly recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Telmex-Telcel grants and pensions. My dad met with his great friend, Carlos Slim and Arturo Elias Ayub, to shape a unique Global concept. The creation of the Ring Telmex-Telcel program. A grant initiative and simultaneously beacon for boxers with the promise of talented potential, and meteoric advancement, via support.

This embodies the necessary help, enabling them to dedicate themselves solely heart, mind, body and soul to boxing. And in addition to all of this, a life pension and medical expenses plus insurance for 27 former world champions.

This brilliantly visionary, intuitive and pioneering program has already nurtured, generated and produced no fewer than nineteen world champions. None other than Saul Canelo Alvarez was part of this moulding towards burnishing program.

HUBLOT and the “Fund of Champions Jose Sulaiman.” A member of the WBC, Salvador Briman, introduced us to Hublot Watches. And from there a great synergy was born, achieving two fundraising events to create the “Fund of Champions Jose Sulaiman.” It’s ably and independently administered by the Nevada Community Foundation, and through its auspices many needy as well as deserving boxers from all the world have been adequately and efficiently, properly and vitally supported.

Support for the rescue of Mexicans stranded by Covid-19. It was the excellent and humane journalist of Reforma Newspaper, Diego Martinez, who disclosed the story of three Mexican fighters from Muay Thai who were stranded in Phuket, Thailand. We immediately contacted a WBC member from that country, General Kovid Bhakdibumi, and he promptly assigned and helped Kevin Noone in the task of providing all kinds of necessary and immediate support. Fortunately, all three have returned home, thanks to this timely intervention and real help. We always and invariably take care of our own.

Doctors at the service of the boxing community. There have been a large number of cases over the years and in many countries around the world where WBC friendly doctors have provided humanitarian help to boxers and their families. It is a constant empowered support network to meet emergency needs without cost to our heroes of the ring. Our everlasting and eternal thanks, humble and profound gratitude, to each and every one of them. God bless you all.

WBC Cares. It is in this program that thousands of members have participated literally all around the world, since the creation of WBC Cares in 2004. Champions, WBC members and local personalities visit children’s hospitals, shelters, orphanages, youth detention centers, schools, gyms and other needy institutions.

The avowed from the heart aim, is to bring these children and young people toys, messages of hope, moments of joy, hugs and inspiration for themselves and their devoted families.

KO to Covid-19. A member of the WBC, my great friend Ricardo Cerezo of the White Collar Boxing Club, has supported us to create this tremendous activation.

Following the example of Adela Micha and the invitations of Miguel “Piojo” Herrera and Erik “Terrible” Morales to enter the challenge of donating pantries, Ricardo Cerezo achieved a synergy with pantry experts and thus “KO to Covid-19.”

Empacadora “El Fresno” is dedicated to packing and delivering pantries, which guarantees that the support is ready to reach the desired destination. We have decided to support families in the boxing community, by delivering one month’s food pantries. Fernando Beltran, Oswaldo Kuchle and Pepe Gomez have already joined the challenge. Actions match words, with our Very Best. Food for thought, matched by actions!


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