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  Two Trilogy Boxing Previews With Betting Odds

As we patiently wait for the world to start turning once more, letís look ahead to a couple of marquee boxing events that should rain as much entertainment as they do money: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III, and Alvarez vs. Golovkin III.

Four fighters will finally put to bed any doubt as to who is the better between each pair. Can a fleet-footed Fury dodge the deadly right hand of Wilder for another 12 rounds? Will Canelo bull his way through the mechanical precision of GGG once more?

Letís look at the odds and make a couple of predictions.;

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III

If you followed the first two fights, number one was an incredible battle that many thought Fury won on points hands-down. Others thought the ref gave Fury an 11-count and should have lost when Wilder clipped him at the end of the fight. Regardless of opinion, adding in the late knockdown, the Judges saw that fight close enough to call it a draw.

Fight number two was almost completely one-sided. The Fury was the favorite on the odds boards almost the entire time, then right at the last second, the odds flipped and Wilder became the favorite. But, the swap on the boards only led more Wilder backers to lose their money. The Bronze Bomber got shot down.

That said, there were rumors that both fighters were battling ailments, not just each other during the time of the second fight. Wilder is said to have had the flu, and Fury was rumored to be on a significantly injured ankle. It didnít look like the ankle hindered Tyson Fury much, but Wilder didnít perform nearly as expected.

This time around, Tyson Fury is a favorite of more than just a couple of cents. Though not massive in the fight world, -240 is still substantial. The bookmakers see that Fury has figured Wilder out. That said, a couple of fighters had figured Wilder out, but that bronze bomb of a right hand found its way through just once Ö and thatís all it took for Wilder to win those fights. So, we shouldnít overlook him. Heíll have even more time to work on circling to the right now that the fight has been pushed back to October due to the Coronavirus. Thatís a lot of time to work on rotating away from Fury and trying to get an angle for that overhand right. He could focus on points, but itís just not Wilderís forte. I believe that Fcury will win again, but this time around, it wonít be so one-sided

Canelo vs. Triple G III

Another third iteration will be coming at us this fall. A prime-aged, 29-year-old Canelo will face a 38-year-old GGG. Canelo received a lot of flack during the first iteration, and rightfully so. Many see it as no coincidence that it took two years on Caneloís end to put the fight together. They believe that Canelo wanted to face a 35-year-old, instead of a hot-rolling 33-year-old. And the fight went to a draw. So, what would have happened if Canelo had faced a GGG that was two years younger?

In the second pass, Canelo won the fight, but the CompuBox numbers showed that GGG out-landed Alvarez. That said, I believe it was a worthy win for Alverez simply for changing his style and actually fighting aggressively instead of backing away to counterpunch.

For the third, and almost certainly final fight, unless GGG wins, Canelo is the favorite. The odds show GGG as a+200 underdog to Caneloís -260 number.

Canelo is coming off brilliant victories while stepping up significantly in weight. And while these two present a worthy chess-match-like opponent for one another, Alverez is fully in his prime, while GGG is 38 and on the decline.

Canelo will step into the ring with an air of confidence that he truly is the best middle-weight, and in his mind perhaps the greatest ever Ė after knocking out Kovalev. My prediction, GGG puts up a good fight, but I donít think it will be arguable like the last two. Canelo will get a win in a manner that will be hard for anyone to naysay.

I predict a knockout or stoppage in the middle to late rounds. Alvarez is stronger than ever and looks unstoppable at the moment.


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