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  Wilder vs. Fury II Special Attraction
Press Event At Fox Studios

Photos: Mikey Williams - Top Rank

Unbeaten WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay ďThe Bronze BomberĒ Wilder and undefeated lineal heavyweight champion Tyson ďThe Gypsy KingĒ Fury continued their war of words at a special attraction press event on Saturday at FOX Studios in Los Angeles, as they near their highly anticipated showdown taking place Saturday, February 22 in a historic, joint FOX Sports PPV & ESPN+ PPV from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The two gargantuan heavyweights traded words and shared updates on training camp leading up to one of the most heavily awaited fights in recent memory. A large media contingent was on hand to watch the undefeated titans square off once again, less than one month before they will finally meet in the ring to settle the score, 14 months after their unforgettable first clash.

Here is what the fighters had to say Saturday in Los Angeles:


ďThings are going amazing. Iím the happiest Iíve ever been in my life. To come from where I come from, itís amazing to be here. When you get a happy Deontay Wilder in training camp, you can definitely expect great things from me. Thatísí what Iím going to give you.

ďWe havenít seen his power displayed like heís been talking about. It hasnít been continuous, like mine. I think he has pillows as fists. Thatís what I felt in our last fight.

ďWith the strategies that heís talking about, I donít really know how to take it. I donít know if heís trying to throw me off my game by saying heís going to knock me out. But itís exciting to hear and Iím looking forward to February 22.

ďEverything on his body is a target, not just his cut. Everything that is permissible for me to hit, Iím going to hit it.

ďWhen you fight someone like me, itís a mistake to tinker around with your training camp. Iím unpredictable in that ring. When you have too many opinions and too many people who think they have the remedy, it usually backfires.

ďI think this win will be more special than the others. Because of the history that we have, with that controversial draw. I consider Tyson a brother of this era, especially in the heavyweight division. The other fighters donít want to let themselves loose and have fun. Weíre both able to enjoy what we do day after day. Because when the bell rings, anything can happen.

ďFighting a guy like Fury, you have to be careful. Time goes by so fast in the ring. Youíre trying to do everything that you prepared for. With what he brings to the table with his boxing skills, you have to have some awareness of the clock. But with my power, itís his job to really watch the clock and try to avoid me for 36 minutes.

ďWe both have to come in like we did the first fight, with our hearts on our sleeves and the warrior mentality that we always bring. When you get to this point, the scenery itself makes for a great fight. We all know when I come to fight, I donít play around. We can play around here today, but weíre going to have that killer mentality in the ring.Ē


ďIím born ready. Iím feeling good in training camp. Everything has been going really well. Thereís no injuries or excuses. Itís all dedication and sacrifice, one day after another.

ďThe first fight I wanted to go in there and out box him. It didnít work. No matter what people say, I didnít win. I count a draw as a loss.

ďWeíre giant heavyweights. Iíve had 20 knockouts, so Iím very capable of knocking people out. When you underestimate someone elseís power, you usually end up unstuck. Whether Iím a great puncher or not, I donít believe anybody else can match me with heart and determination. Iím going to put my iron will on Deontay Wilder.

ďI felt that I needed to get an edge in this fight. Itís not personal with me and my trainers, cutmen and nutritionists. Itís business. If I think someone else is going to improve my business, Iíll do it.

ďHow do you beat a massive puncher? You have to back him up. He gets massive leverage in those long arms while coming forward. I have to put him on the back foot and make him absorb some of my power.

ďIím the Gypsy King. Thereís only been one and thereís only likely to be one going forward. Thatís one belt that Deontay Wilder canít ever win.

ďHe had a great performance against Ortiz. He did what he was supposed to do. He knocks guys out. He was relaxed and calm under the pressure. I was impressed. Not by the knockout, but by the way he was conducting himself under pressure.

ďIím always real. Deontay Wilder has knocked out 43 opponents in a row. Even if I hate this guy, I respect that. He has amazing power and his name is up there with all-time greats. Heís a great puncher who gets the job done.Ē


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