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  David Benavidez vs. Kyrone Davis
Final Press Conference

Unbeaten two-time world champion David ďEl Bandera RojaĒ BenavŪdez and super middleweight contender Kyrone Davis went face-to-face Thursday at the final press conference before they meet in the main event this Saturday, November 13 live on SHOWTIME in a Premier Boxing Champions event from Footprint Center in Phoenix.

Also featured at Thursdayís press conference was Davidís older brother and longtime contender Josť BenavŪdez, along with Argentinaís Francisco Emanuel Torres, before they meet in the 10-round co-main event on the telecast beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

The BenavŪdez brothers have their sights set on impressing their hometown fans in long-awaited homecoming bouts Saturday night, which will mark their first time entering the ring in Phoenix since 2015.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday from the Footprint Center:


ďIíve had a tremendous training camp this time around. Hats off to Kyrone Davis for stepping up to the plate and taking this fight. Iím on a knockout streak and Iím keeping it going Saturday night. The fans want to see knockouts and thatís what I want to give them.

ďIím excited to have fans back in attendance, after my last couple of fights took place in the bubble. The energy is going to be crazy. I canít wait to get in there.

ďWe went right back into training camp after Davis stepped in as the replacement. Iím just happy the date was still salvaged. Iíve trained with multiple sparring partners in the gym, so Iím used to adapting to different styles. Weíll adapt to what he brings on Saturday.

ďIíve had a lot of support from the people here and itís been amazing. Last time I was here, it was on my brotherís undercard. Iím ecstatic to be back fighting in front of a crowd. I canít wait to feel the energy from the people.

ďOnce opponents feel my pressure, they realize itís a whole different type of power. I want to see how heís going to react to the power, combinations and speed. Iím going to keep doing what I do best and have fun.

ďIím not thinking about Canelo. Iím just thinking about Kyrone Davis. Iím excited to give my fans a good show. I worked extremely hard for this fight and trained like it was for a world title. Iím ready for whoever they want to give me to fight next.

ďIím always going to try to knock my opponent out. Not just Kyrone, but everyone who comes after him. Iím a warrior and Iím going to give the fans a war. Itís going to be a great night for me and my brother.

ďMy brother is still my role model. I still look up to him a lot. When weíre sparring, we try to take each otherís heads off and we might go days without talking, because it gets so serious. But heís providing motivation for me every day. Especially the way that he came back from his injury.

ďKyrone Davis is a live dog. He knows what heís up against. Iíve had a tremendous training camp and Iím going to make this a fun fight. Weíre not scared of each other, and that makes it a great fight.

ďIt means the world to our whole family to be here in this position. I spent most of my childhood at Central Boxing Gym. The first mural out there was of my brother and I said that I wanted to be up there next. Itís really motivating knowing that Phoenix has our backs.Ē


ďSometimes with stepping-stones, you trip. Weíve seen it happen plenty of times. My job is to make sure Saturday night isnít his night. Iím looking to have a good time and put my all into it.

ďIíve been doing this my whole life. Stepping up on two weeksí notice is nothing for me. A guy trying to cheat is disrespectful to the sport. Itís my duty to the sport to step in

ďThis is going to be a world class fight. Iím coming to fight and Iím coming to win.

ďI showed that I can fight on this level against Anthony Dirrell. That performance put me in position to get this fight. Iím looking to put on a show. Weíre going to have a good time.

ďAll good things must come to an end. His knockout streak is cool, but who you fight matters. Iím nicknamed ĎShut It Downí, not lay down. Heís supposed to want to put on a great show, but Iím looking to do what I have to do to win.

ďIím always ready. When they call me and tell me itís time to fight, Iím ready to go. Iíve had some experience taking fights on short notice. Every time we go through something, we take it and apply it to everything we do going forward.

ďTo see my name in the big lights, is a gratifying feeling. But itís not just great to be here, I want to show what I can do at this level.

ďIím a smart fighter and my style changes depending on my opponent. We have a game plan and Iím going to follow it.

ďIíve never lost over 160 pounds. All of my losses were from shrinking down to 154 pounds. Iím feeling great at this weight and Iím ready for any way that this fight goes. Iím mentally and physically prepared.

ďI can guarantee a great fight and that Iím going to win.Ē


ďIíve had a great training camp. Iíve been out for a few years, but I never stopped loving boxing. If anything, I love it more. Iím coming with bombs Saturday. Iím hungry and Iím ready to eat.

ďI learned a lot from my last fight. I feel like Iím a different animal now. When I say Iím going to do something, I do it. He better not run on Saturday. Iím coming to break his ribs with body shots.

ďI donít care how busy heís been. Heís never seen anyone with power like mine. You better be ready for Saturday night.

ďHeís a bum just like the bums that heís fought. Iím back to take this clown out and show everyone that Iím going to be the next 154-pound world champion.

ďIíve always loved boxing. Ever since I was young. Now having my own children, Iím even more motivated than ever. Iím so grateful to my whole family for all their support throughout these long training camps. Iím happy where Iím at.

ďWeíve had a long road and Iím just thankful to everyone whoís supported us. Itís been six years since we fought at home, but I love it here. Weíve worked hard at this since we were little kids. Weíve come so far and Iím just trying to keep learning new things every day.

ďMy brother and I push each other to be on top. Weíre the best sparring partners either of us could ask for. We donít believe in a rivalry, we just want to push each other to be the best that we can.Ē


ďIím thankful for this opportunity and Iím looking forward to Saturday night. This is the biggest fight of my life. I canít let it pass me by. This is the kind of stage I dreamed of ever since I was a little kid. Iím going to make the most of it.

ďYou can say whatever you want up here on a stage. Maybe his prediction of a knockout will be true, but he still has to go in the ring and face me. Weíll all find out Saturday night.

ďI prepared really hard for this fight and Iím ready to counter anything he can throw my way. You can bet on that.

ďI donít care that Jose is fighting in front of his fans. Iíve been an underdog before and Iím comfortable in that role.

ďI donít care about what he says. Iím just focused on doing what I have to do.Ē


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