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  Benn vs. Algieri & Undercard Final Press Conference

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

ďItís a bit chilly here compared to Las Vegas, weíre on one hell of a run, of course in Madison Square Garden just a couple of weeks ago Ė we saw a fight of the year contender between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. Last week we were at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for another great fight between Devin Haney and JoJo Diaz Jr.

ďWeíre in Liverpool for a tremendous fight card, a double header with Conor Benn and Katie Taylor. We're expecting around 7,000 at the M&S Bank Arena, a great city and we canít wait to be back on Saturday night.Ē

Conor Benn:

ďI know Algieriís a test, heís a step up, he said I havenít been tested but itís getting a bit boring saying I havenít been tested. Every fight moving forward for me is potentially going to be a test, Formella said exactly the same thing, so did Vargas. You donít get ranked top five in the WBC, WBA, ranked in the IBF and WBO for nothing. I plan on passing these tests with flying colours and thatís exactly what I do.

ďI know Algieriís going to come in there to win, Iíll exploit his mistakes as well because I see holes in his armour. Iím just ready to fight man, I always get like this during fight week, get intense and animated Ė ready to go. I want to get in there Saturday night and iron someone out.

ďAlgieri is a better version of all my last opponents, and he beats everything they do in my opinion in terms of boxing IQ, cuteness, knowing his way around the ring. People say he canít punch but anyone with 8oz gloves can punch. Iím well prepared, Iím not concerned about what he brings to the table because I know what I can do.

ďAlgieri is going to come, heís going to throw and try to win, which him and his team believe he can. Iíll exploit holes in his armour, heís up against a young lion, up against someone whoís on the come up. Every single camp I go in to I give it 100%, I level up every single time and can only beat who you put in front of me, and I will deal with them. Not only do I beat them, but I learn, schoolís never out.

ďI had to show a lot of grit and determination of overlooking an opponent early on in my career, I know now never to do that. When someone asks me about other fights, I donít entertain the thought, at the end of the day none of them materialise if I donít get through Algieri. Once I get through him, and I believe I will, then the doors can open.Ē

Chris Algieri:

ďTraining camp has gone great, I feel great and got in here early, weíve all adjusted very well to the time zone. Weíre happy to be here, I know a lot of European fighters are enamoured in fighting in the States, but a lot of us are enamoured about fighting here because of the fan base here in Europe and in the UK Ė the UK fans are some of the best in the world. The opportunity to be here and fight in front of those crowds is a big feather in the cap for me in my career.

ďIím excited for fight night, itís going to be electric, I think we have the opportunity to put on a fantastic fight. You [Eddie] mentioned Lopez vs. Kambosos as potential fight of the year, I think this fight will potentially be a rival to that in terms of a style match-up and what I bring to the table. I think this is going to be a fantastic fight and everybody should tune in.

ďIíve been around this game a long time and Iíve been in with the elite of the elite, Iíve been on both sides of the table. At the end of the day, skills pay the bills and experience kills, so weíre coming in here with our experience, our skills, and weíre going to utilise that plan to find a victory.

ďIím in fantastic shape, fight week is a lot longer when you donít have to worry about the weight. Iím just raring to go, I just canít wait for fight night, I still feel like itís far away. The weight has been a bit of a blessing.Ē

Katie Taylor:

ďIím very aware of the challenge on Saturday night, I havenít overlooked Sharipova at all, I know what she brings, and Iím prepared for whatever comes my way Saturday night. Iím also aware that thereís so many big fights out there for me, the bigger names that could possibly happen next year, so Iíve got to get through Saturday night first and focus on the bigger fights ahead.

ďYouíve seen so many upsets so far this year in the boxing world when people have maybe gone into the ring underprepared or overlooking certain opponents. I know that obviously canít happen, Iíve made that mistake before as an amateur fighter where I have overlooked opponents Ė being beaten and learning the hard way. Iím 100% prepared and focused coming into the fight, Iím ready to put on a big performance.

ďI canít wait, this is such an amazing card with so many packed fights, itís going to be an amazing atmosphere and an amazing night Ė full of so many Irish people travelling over for the fight. Itís going to be a loud arena so I canít wait to get in there and perform.Ē

Firuza Sharipova:

ďI feel very confident and welcomed here in this city, I have a great respect for Katie Taylor. Sheís been my idol all the time but Iím coming here to win.

ďI was preparing well, thanks to my team for their support and Iím ready for the fight on Saturday night.Ē

Robbie Davies Jr:

ďItís a great fight for me to come back to definitely, Hankís been in with some of the top names in the division. In Liverpool fighting is embedded in us so I wonít be shying away from anything he brings to the table. Iíve been working hard in the gym and Iím ready to go on Saturday night.

ďThereís definitely a big team bonding in the gym, Shane has had a lot of belief in me since I started, picking out a few things we need to change. Each step forward now weíll showcase a little bit more of what weíre working on in the gym with Shane Ė Saturday night is going to be the start of it, and weíll push on for a big 2022.

ďThis is a must win for me, the Lewis Ritson defeat didnít go my way, it was a bit disappointing. When I fought the Mexican kid, everyone watching seen what went on, but Iím a much better fighter since being with Shane. Itís given me a belief back in myself and Iíll show that Saturday night.Ē

Henry Lundy:

ďWeíve been training hard, preparing for this fight, weíre ready to get this title.

ďAfter that fight fell out, we went back home and stayed in the gym, stayed ready. We always stay ready to fight man, you show up and be prepared and ready to fight Ė thatís what we do.

ďThis is going to be a great fight; itís going to be war. I will be victorious.Ē

Joe Cordina:

ďI can never overlook anybody, Iíve got Miko on Saturday so heís my focus at the minute. Iíve never been shy to make clear that being a World Champion is what I want and thatís where I want to be. First thingís first, Iíve got Saturday to deal with.

ďMy performance wasnít the best at Fight Camp, I felt comfortable and didnít get out of second gear and I still got the win. I was out for eighteen months and when I got back in the gym I worked on a lot of things and took it into the fight. All I want to do this fight is building on my last camp, building on that performance, and getting a similar result.Ē

Miko Khatchatryan:

"This is a great opportunity for me, itís a last-minute fight but Iím in great shape and ready to make a good fight on Saturday night.Ē

Peter McGrail:

ďItís good times, obviously fight number one was a belter, belter card in Liverpool. Youíve [Eddie] brought another belter card to Liverpool, got me and Joe on it, Iíve trained alongside French and Cordina, I know Robbie Davies, watching Benn and Taylor for years. Boxing on a card alongside these is a privilege and Iím looking forward to Saturday.

ďThe experience of the first fight will be with me for life, probably wonít get anything like that until Iím fighting for titles. Itís good to get that on my debut, Iíve got that under my belt, a good six rounds and the first of my professional career. Iím looking forward to performing on Saturday, keep the ball rolling and pushing on for a big 2022.Ē

Caoimhin Agyarko:

ďItís a great opportunity to showcase myself on this platform and what an honour it is to fight on Katie Taylor and Conor Bennís undercard. Iíve had the privilege of being in training camps with Katie so fighting on her card means so much to me. Iíve got 150 crazy Irish fans coming over for Saturday night so itíll feel like, I canít wait to get in there and put on an explosive performance.

ďI want to be in the best fights possible and in the past, it has been hard to match me. Iíve got an unbeaten fighter in front of me on Saturday night, so I look forward to getting past that test, being in some fights next year and going back to Belfast and headlining a show there Ė putting my name in the Middleweight division.Ē

Noe Larios Jr:

ďIím happy to be here, I feel blessed, Iím super stoked to have this opportunity. Iím just here to do my job on Saturday and get the job done. Iím happy to be part of this undercard.

ďI think at some point thereís a time you have to fight the bigger guys and bigger opponents. This is that time and weíre ready for it on Saturday.Ē

Paddy Lacey:

ďIím lucky to be here and to be in this situation. Five years ago, I was playing professional football looking upwards of getting to the Premier League and then some. If youíve followed me recently, youíll see what the story is and the what the journey has been.Ē

ďIíve got quite a big following, I think itís relatable to loads of people in Liverpool, weíve all made mistakes and Iím just trying to build myself back up Ė not in football anymore but in boxing. Hopefully the support continues, and I can climb up these rankings and do something in boxing.

ďPeople used to snigger when I was boxing and playing football but in my 17 amateur fights I snoozed half of them Ė I was knocking out everybody in the amateurs. If people will comment and look down, theyíll find out when they fight me.Ē

Jordan Gill:

ďIím glad to be still fighting, thanks for having me on the card, I was absolutely gutted when Guerfi pulled out, I thought this was going to be the weekend I won that European Title and push on. This is boxing and these things happen, itís been delayed, and I look forward to a good fight on Saturday.

ďI was miserable for about an hour, horrible to be around and upset, but you have to get out of bed in the morning and push on. Iíve stayed in the gym all year, I feel like Iíve been mandatory for this title for ages so Iím looking forward to getting the win on Saturday night, looking good for the fans who have travelled and pushing on for the European Title.

ďItís a great division and Iím glad to be a part of it, I feel like getting Saturday out of the way, win a European Title and my nameís well and truly in the mix. If I get a final eliminator or a defence of the title, maybe even a straight World Title shot next year, letís go for it and push on Ė I want these big fights.Ē

Calum French:

ďIíve been boxing in these sports halls, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, all over the world over the past five years, itís going to be nice to come out and box in front of all my friends and family in a big stadium like the M&S Bank Arena.

ďHopefully I can take that amateur experience into the pro game, I had a few WSB fights for the five rounds distance so I can hopefully take that experience into the professional ranks and be Matchroomís next star.Ē

Joe McGrail:

ďItís a brilliant card to be making my debut on, itís special for me to be on the card with my brother Peter Ė Iím happy.

ďMy older brother, heís like my best mate but I also look up to him. Heís a role model to me.Ē


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