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  Professional Boxing Returns To Acadiana

Boxing is truly one of the world’s international sports. From the United States to Russia to Australia and everywhere in between you will hear of aspiring professional boxers climbing the ranks to achieve super-stardom. Some income that can be earned due to PPV can generate millions of dollars for the few who excel. It’s a fierce and highly competitive sport that cuts the ties of friendships in some cases. Promoters and managers get together with matchmakers to have the best boxers compete with the best. As the old saying goes, “You can play basketball, baseball, and football but you can’t play boxing.” It’s one on one and goes on until one is deemed unconscious or beaten on points in rounds from 4 to 12. The young upstarts cannot become the superstars of tomorrow without the hard working promoters who put on shows without television money or large sponsorship funds.

One of those promoters is Chad Broussard of Lafayette, Louisiana, a former professional boxer with a retired impressive record of 56-5 with 40 big knockouts. He understands where a young amateur just turning professional needs to get his or her internship and it’s in these ‘dark shows’ which is what we call non-tv fight shows.

His company, BOXNCAR PROMOTIONS, is scheduling a boxing show in the Youngsville Sports Complex in Youngsville, Louisiana on August 21st (2021) and plans to bring some of the top young talent to gauge their talents against each other. Without promoters like BOXNCAR boxing could not survive and these young talents would not have a place to perform and learn their craft to excel to greater heights.

Lousiana talents from the past like CHAD BROUSSARD, ROMAN GEORGE, SHELTON LEBLANC, DARRYL SAVOY, MELVIN PAUL, BRANDON SOLOMAN, BLAKE PREVOST, JASON PAPILLION among others were seen on national television in the past and today’s talents are looking for the same.

Today has world champions like the Charlo Brothers (Jermell and Jermall) from Lafayette, Louisiana now training in Texas and Regis Prograis from New Orleans (now training in Texas). Prograis won his first world title in April 2019 at the Lafayette CajunDome in the WORLD BOXING SUPER SERIES internationally televised by DAZN where he picked up his first major payday. Prograis was one who fought on a BOXNCAR PROMOTIONS show on his way up.

Heading the card will be two undefeated prospects putting their records on the line for supremacy that fans in the boxing circles are curious to see. Gerald Evans from Atlanta, Georgia who is 2-0 has a win over the accomplished Brandon Arvie from Lafayette, La who was the favored fighter over Evans. Evans was fighting his pro debut. Evans is a non-stop puncher who outworks his opponents with relentless pressure. His rival coming from south Texas on the Mexico border is 3-0 Cristian “Slick” Roman who is thirsting for his USA debut. All three of Roman’s fights have been in Mexico. They will compete in a 6 round match. Experts predict more punches will be thrown in this 6 round match than many will see in 12 round fights.

Cristian “Slick” Roman, a promising southpaw , brings in a 3-0 record.

Evans comments were simple and solid. “I am going to put so much pressure on Roman that he will have no place to go in the ring and I will take away his ‘SLICK’ nickname and make him fight my fight,” states Evans who guarantees fireworks.

Roman countered with a smile, “I have one thing on my mind and that is to get to a Devin Haney match in the future. It’s personal and Gerald Evans is in my way. If it is a war he wants he will learn what ‘SLICK’ really means when that bell rings.”

This 6 round fight is destined to be a barn-burner and top prospects at lightweight will be waiting for the results from across the USA.

Other talents competing are Keon Papillion, Gentry Foreman, Nicholas Perez, Clay Burns, Josh Ross, Burnell Jenkins, Michael Land, Wayne Boudreaux, Demontrez Holliman, Rance Ward and Jamykle Wade PLUS MORE in a star studded show. Promoter Chad Broussard states, “Trust me when I say this! This show is stacked, packed and filled with sensational fights. Step out this night for a night filled with fun and action, with fans anxious for a electrifying night of evenly matched contests.


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