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  Buatsi Stops Bolotniks In WBA Light
Heavyweight World Title Eliminator

12 x 3 mins WBA Light-Heavyweight World Title Eliminator
(Croydon, England) (Riga, Latvia)

Joshua Buatsi continued his march towards a World Title shot with a stunning 11th round knockout win over Ricards Bolotniks in their WBA Light-Heavyweight World Title Eliminator on the third and final week of Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, Essex live worldwide on DAZN.

Last yearís MTK Global Golden Contract winner represented the biggest test of Buatsiís career, but the Croydon man passed the test impressively as he maintained his unbeaten record, progressing to 15-0 (13 KOs).

ďMost importantly I have to thank God for the victory, different fighters have different things that work for them, I made it clear to you lot that thatís what works for me," Buatsi told DAZN. "In my changing room I donít need to hear anything, donít tell me what I did in camp, tell me Josh is written in the bible. Thatís what gears me up when I walk down there, whatís written in the bible.

ďIím grateful man, Bolotniks big credit to him he pushed me. I think he said Josh hasnít been past seven rounds before so after seven weíll see. I was there until 11 and landed a good shot. I worked every round, but I want to congratulate him Ė heís a good champion.

ďWhen I sat down, I said, 'Buatsi who told you to empty the tank, youíve got six left?' but Iíve worked hard. You see in camp the sparring is hard man, big credit to my sparring partners they know who they are. I do a hard six run then a fresh one gets in so into the second half I said Iíve been here: Iíve done it before Iíve been here many times in camp.

ďIíve got a great team, Iíve got a promoter that believes in me, heís been pushing for fights like this because he knows I can do it. Tonight, I went out there and showed people I can do it, we just build from here.

ďWe all make sacrifices, I donít want to single myself out, everyone sacrifices to be where they want to be in life. For me, yeah, I sacrificed, Iím always away from my family and I truly miss them but most importantly I want to get to the top. I feel like Iím in the right team with the right people, Iíve got a great promoter who gives me the opportunities I need. Iíll keep sacrificing.Ē

10 x 3 mins International Lightweight Contest
(Cardiff, Wales) (Chicago, USA)

Joe Cordina blew away Chicago's Joshuah Hernandez inside the opening round to progress to 13-0 (8 KOs) and continue his pursuit of a World Title opportunity.

'The Welsh Wizard' was intent on causing damage from the opening bell, landing hurtful shots early on before dropping Hernandez with a stunning right hand that he never recovered from.

ďChris Colbert went eight rounds with Hernandez and what I watched of it, it was quite a tough fight for him," Cordina told Matchroom. "I watched that fight and a couple others of Hernadez and me and Tony came up with a game plan. We were going through in the changing rooms, and it came off a peach.

ďI had to prove a point, I said in an interview earlier in the week that I donít take criticism from people I wouldnít go to for advice. I donít really value many peopleís opinions so yeah, itís one of those things, youíre going to get people criticizing and itís whether you take it onboard or not. A lot of people didnít take into consideration that Iíd been out the ring for 16 months, had an operation of my hand, we proved the point tonight and got him out of there early on.

ďI always look to just get the win, box, if the knockout is there, Iíll take it. As soon as he threw his first jab, I knew he wasnít going to catch me with that, my sharpness of feet and head movement would get me out of trouble. I started putting my lead hand downstairs and whipping the right hand over the top and I caught him the first time, I knew he was a little bit wobbly. I didnít want to rush in and try and get him out of there straight away, I knew if I could catch him twice with it thereís going to be a third time and I did exactly that. We got him out of there in great fashion.

ďI was watching Fight Camp last year and there was no crowd, but even when there wasnít a crowd it felt like there was a massive atmosphere. When I saw the first Fight Camp week at home, I thought, 'oh my god Iím fighting there in two weeks, itís going to be amazing'. Iím glad that Iím able to tick it of my list now.

ďEddie watched me in York Hall in 2009 and said, 'youíre going to be a World Champion'. Itís nice to hear that but Iíve got to keep improving, keep pushing on and proving him right. I know Iíve got the ability to be a World Champion very soon, but Iíve just got to keep winning. Iíve got the ability to mix it with any of them, itís just about taking those steps up the ladder to become a World Champion and thatís what I plan on doing. Maybe have two weeks at home, go back to the gym and see what I want to do with Tony.

ďI know people say it but if you speak to my S&C coach and Tony this was probably one of the best camps Iíve ever had. Thatís with the boxing, plus my S&C, everything just came together. Donít get me wrong I had to be at home for my new-born son but everythingís coming together now. Iím glad I got the win tonight in great fashion and now itís time to build on it.Ē

10 x 3 mins WBO Global Welterweight Title
(Portsmouth, England) (Slupsk, Poland)

Michael McKinson avoided a potential banana skin in Przemyslaw Runowski as he outpointed the brave Pole after ten rounds of skilful boxing from the Portsmouth man.

'The Problem', now 21-0 (2 KOs), dominated on the cards to maintain his unbeaten record and retain his WBO Global Welterweight Title.

ďIím happy, that was easier than I thought it would be, I didnít really get out of first gear,Ē McKinson told Matchroom. ďI visibly hurt him a few times, but I boxed to instructions and got the win. To be fair I didnít think he won a round against me, but he was a tough guy. Him and his team were very confident beforehand, I liked the energy they brought all week, but I just had to show I was a level above, and I was a few levels above Ė Iím happy.

ďThey keep giving me harder opposition, they keep telling me itís a step up and Iím making it look easier and easier. What people forget is Iím learning every day on the job as well; Iím developing and who knows where I can be in a year or twos time. Iím in a position where a lot of boxers dream of being in, all I can do it stay focused, keep learning and keep working my way to the top.

ďFirst time on the A side you know, not many people can say theyíve boxed in Gibraltar and not many people can say theyíve boxed in Eddieís back garden and done both this year. I canít moan or complain, Iím really happy and blessed.

ď2021 and my career has just started, 21-0 and making it look easy. I really want to keep stepping up, keep challenging myself, keep having more and more tests. Iím still learning but Iím learning quick and finding it easy now. I want opponents that will make me step through the gears, a few times I hurt him there like I can punch, I donít need to, I boxed to instructions. I didnít really get out of first gear.

ďI believe Iím the best 147 pounder in the country. I like Conor, I get on well with him, but if he canít get them two guys the Brooks or the Khans, Iím always here. Iíll fight whoever they give me, Iíve never turned down a fight and thatís a fact Ė I donít plan on turning down fights. I really do believe in myself, and I believe in my development as well. Iím going to be going to the top I promise you.

ďIím really happy for Liam Taylor because he never really gets a fair ranking and heís a good fighter so Iím happy heís got that opportunity. Iím not far behind, Iíd like the winner, but Iíll fight whoever makes sense and whoever my management team want to get me next Ė the answer is always yes. That guy there I just beat took Josh Taylor to points on short notice, he had a full camp against me, his team were so confident talking to me in the hotel.

ďLike I said, I make their confidence fade round by round, they donít call me ĎThe Problemí for no reason. I will carry on being a problem as I step through the levels as the opposition gets better, trust me.

ďJosh Kelly has got a lot of ability, heís a skilful fighter, I like Josh Ė even after the Avanesyan defeat I still think heís a top fighter. Florian Marku talks a lot doesnít he, he didnít know who I was a few months ago on social media on an interview, he said he didnít know who I was. At least theyíre talking about me now, let him prove himself because I donít think heís proved himself at a decent level yet, not saying heís not a good fighter, but he does need to prove himself as a fighter to be respected. Good luck to all of them, I wish nothing but the best for all my rivals, you know Iím here and Iíll fight anybody.

ďEven when we go back to proper arenas and stuff, wait till we get hundreds and hundreds of Portsmouth fans loud and proud. Iíve got great support and itís always growing; I know thereís a lot of people that didnít come today but when theyíre allowed everyone will see the Portsmouth fans.Ē

6 x 3 mins International Super-Bantamweight Contest
(Leeds, England) (Massa, Italy)

Hopey Price continued his ring education with a solid six round points win over Claudio Grande. The 21-year-old from Leeds was in control throughout and his dominance showed in the final round when he floored the Italian with the last punch of the fight. Grande made it to his feet but was defeated 58-55 on the referee's card.

Price's fifth win in the pro ranks sets up a showdown with Leeds rival Zahid Hussain (16-1, 2 KOs) on the huge Mauricio Lara vs. Josh Warrington 2 show at the Emerald Headingley Stadium on September 4.

ďIt was a good performance, considering I had six months outside the ring, which for a young prospect like me isnít ideal,Ē Price told Matchroom. ďYou can spar as much as you want but itís not the same feeling as when youíre under the lights. Now looking forward, Iíve got Leeds in three weeks, thatís put me in very good stead Ė youíll see the best of me in three weeksí time.

ďI remember Dave [Coldwell] shouting at me finish strong, finish strong, and he was just coming in Ė what weíve been working on in the gym Ė I felt like I was catching him with that shot all fight and he just walked onto it lovely at the end and he was gone.

ďIím not fighting these journeyman and people with losing records, thatís a proper fight, heís 5-0, three knockouts, Iím sure he wanted to be a star over there in Italy. He was coming to win and was defeated, I put a stop to that and gave him his first loss.

ďYou began to see it, itís been coming slowly but surely, now over the next year or so youíll see the best of me.

ďI feel like Iím developing more as a fighter under Dave and more as a man Ė big thanks to Danny Wilson at Boxing Science, heís making me a lot stronger, and I think you saw it there in the last ten seconds. Iím not just a young kid that people can walk through.

ďI want to go right to the top. I donít want to be a World Champion; I want to be a pound-for-pound star and Daveís the man to take me there. Iíll keep listening, learning, developing and I promise you I will get there one day.

ďI think fighting in Leeds on September 4 shows the confidence and ability Ė and the confidence my team has in me Ė to take a fight like that three weeks before and coming through with flying colours, no injuries. Iím ready to go in my hometown in front of 20,00 fans, Iíll steal the show there 100%.

ďIím ready for Zahid Hussain, 100%, I was ready for it back in September and the magic man didnít turn up. So, weíll see this time if he comes and if he does, I promise Hopey Price will come out the victor.

ďI said it from my second pro fight, I believe there are levels to boxing and my boxing brain is one of the best in Britain. I believe Iím levels above Zahid Hussain.Ē

10 x 3 mins vacant WBC International Bantamweight Title
KASH FAROOQ WUD10 (100-90, 100-90, 100-91) v LUIS GERARDO CASTILLO
(Glasgow, Scotland) (Jiqulipilco, Mexico)

Kash Farooq showed off his wide repertoire of skills to get the better of Luis Gerardo Castillo and pick up the vacant WBC International Bantamweight Title.

The Mexican fighter never stopped coming forward but he had no answer for Farooq's frequent bursts. Scores from the ringside judges were 100-90 x 2, and 100-91.

ďI boxed to the game plan, that was it, you want to get in there and always entertain but I followed the game plan that was it," Farooq told Matchroom. "I listened to my trainer, and he just told me to box, you couldnít get any footage of him, so I didnít know what he was about, I adapted on the night and did what I had to do.

ďI showed tonight the other side of me that can box as well. Heís not world class but itís a different side of my boxing that I showed, he was tough and game. We didnít know what we were up against.

ďIf you let anybody hit you, they can punch, he had a bit of sting to his punches, but the name of the game is hit and donít get hit and thatís what I did in this fight.

ďHe [Gerardo] canít speak and canít hear so itís something different, people were saying heís come to win, and this was going to change his life, these types of boys want to win but he was up against me so Ė I wanted to win as much as he did.

ďThese boys are coming from nothing, some of them grew up in poverty and itís a different lifestyle in Mexico Ė they fight for a living to make their lives better. Itís either me or him and it wasnít going to be me today.

ďIt was another learning fight for me, and Iíll progress again, itís something I picked up Ė for me itís just about developing and getting better. This is just another clinical performance by me.

ďMy job is just to fight, and they tell me what route theyíre going to go through. If I had a choice Iíd fight [McGregor] but itís down to them and theyíll make the right decision for me.

ďHe wants to fight just like I do but heís got managers telling him what the best options are like I do as well. The next few weeks my managers are going to sit down with Eddie and discuss what the best options are and what route to go down Ė if itís that one next then Iím more than happy to take it.

ďIt is a big fight for Scotland, me and Lee can sell out the SSE Hydro, if itís the right time and it has a good build me, we can do it. Itís just me and him boxing each other.

ďFor me Iíll take a few days off but itís back to training. When Iíll really take some time off is when I call it a day and retire. Now Iíve still got levels to progress, go back to the gym and work on things, itís a lifestyle in boxing and it a short career, you donít know when retirement is coming. For me Iím going to put everything into boxing for the next few years of my life.Ē

10 x 3 mins vacant WBA Continental Featherweight Title
(New Jersey, USA) (Watford, England)

Raymond Ford earned his first title in the pro ranks by stopping Reece Bellotti in three rounds to capture the vacant WBA Continental Featherweight crown.

The New Jersey youngster promised to steal the show ahead of his second fight in the UK and went some way to backing up his pre fight prediction by turning in a savage performance.

The 22-year-old demonstrated why he is regarded as one of the hottest prospects in US boxing as he took out Watford's Bellotti with a quality attack in the third.

ďIn the third round I was going to start to box and slow it down because I was throwing too many fast, hard shots to hurt him early,Ē Ford told Matchroom. ďMy team told me to settle down because we had ten rounds to go and then he came on and ran into the shot. I knew if I didnít get him out of there when I had him hurt, he was just going to be a tough guy and keep coming forward. When I hit my shot, I had to get him out of there.

ďIt feels great, one of my dreams that came true, the real dream and goal is to get to these World Championship titles.

ďI knew that he [Bellotti] was kind of the bully and everything so I wanted to beat the bully in the fight. I heard a lot about his power, guys saying his power was up there at the top, I just wanted to show I can be a bigger bully and thatís what I did.

ďI said yesterday that I was going to handle the pressure. I was just starting to warm up and settle in but the more the fight would have went, the more you would have seen me relaxed and be sharper. I was getting hit by some dumb shots but that was because I was warming up and getting a feel of everything Ė being back after five months.

ďI love it in the UK, all week people have been showing me love so I want to come back and fight here again. I want to be one the greatest to ever do it, not just in my division, I just want to be the best and go down as a legend.

ďItís important to be patient but I feel like I have the skills and I was blessed with the talents I have where I can fight these top guys at a young age. I want to keep stepping up and get these tougher fights.Ē

8 x 3 mins International Lightweight Contest
(Manchester, England) (Lehliu Gară, Romania)

Zelfa Barrett stopped Romania's Viorel Simion in four rounds to potentially set up a rematch with Kiko Martinez later this year. The Manchester man dominated from the opening bell, forcing Simion back with hurtful shots that were landing at will.

ďIt was good to get back out there, a long layoff since February, an active fighter is a god fighter,Ē Barrett told Matchroom. ďAs you guys know, my mum passed away in June, so weíve had a lot going on. I wanted to just go in there and tear him apart, professionally, but they put the reigns on me. Sometimes I was eager to go and wanted to unload on him, but my uncle is the greatest coach, I just listened to what he was saying. He was taking punishment and he didnít continue the fight. I was putting more pressure on and letting my hands go.

ďItís a thing of believing in yourself, I know Iíve got the punch power and when you hit correct it hurts anybody. We were working on it with the body pad before we came out and the shots just landed, and he went down. The right body shot would hurt any man, so it was about following what Iíve been practicing in the changing rooms Ė good performance after a long layoff.

ďThere are some good fighters on this card, I believe Iím one of the best fighters in Britain aside your World Champions, I believe it and I believe in myself otherwise I wouldnít be here. That fight had to finish like that, if it went 8 rounds, Iíd have to be questioning myself as a fighter thatís going to be world champion.

ďHe wasnít able to continue, he quit, no disrespect to him but he quit. Making a man quit is better than any knockout because his brain hasnít shut down, the ref hasnít jumped in, heís physically quit. Good little fight, good little stoppage.

ďIím doing it for myself because I want to be a successful man, thatís all I want to be, believe in God and God will make that happen. Iíve got more motivation, my beautiful daughter Amelia and my beautiful mum on me, my brother, and my cousin Wayne, Iíve got three angels watching me. Onto the next one now and thanks to everyone for watching.

ďIt was better than nothing, I would love to be on about 8 oíclock just looking out, it just brings something out of a fighter that you didnít think you had. I donít know, I just love it, you canít buy that, that feeling that you get, thatís when Iíve had my best performances when there are crowds, and I can feel their energy.

ďIíd love that fight [Kiko] in Manchester, I respect Kiko as a person, heís a cool guy. He believed he won, I know I won, the judges thought I won. We can run it again because I want to, not because anyone else wants to, but because I want to. We can run that again and Iíll look good doing it.

ďIíve just got to keep doing what Iím doing, donít get me wrong the European Titles out there Iíd love to get, because you know youíre ready for that jump. We canít cherry pick, Eddieís a man who gives you opportunities and youíve got to be ready. Iíd love a shot at the European, but now Iím just going to rest, spend time with my beautiful daughter. Daddyís a champ and Iím her champ, on to the next.Ē


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