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  Nonito Donaire vs. Reymart Gaballo
Final Press Conference

WBC Bantamweight World Champion and future Hall of Famer Nonito Donaire and unbeaten Interim WBC Bantamweight Champion and fellow Filipino countryman Reymart Gaballo went face to face at the final press conference Thursday before they meet in the main event live on SHOWTIME this Saturday, December 11 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif.

The telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/PT and features unbeaten welterweight contenders Kudratillo Abdukakhorov and Cody Crowley squaring off in the 10-round co-main event, plus rising super lightweight Brandun Lee battling contender Juan Heraldez in a 10-round bout. The telecast kicks off with a replay of last Saturdays Gervonta Davis vs. Isaac Cruz SHOWTIME PPV main event.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:


For me, after the Naoya Inoue fight, I saw that I still had a purpose in this sport. I came in strong against Nordine Oubaali in my last fight because I have that purpose. That purpose is to become undisputed champion of the world.

Im proud that there is another Filipino fighting at this level. Im happy to be sharing the ring with Reymart. I know hes very hungry and that he has a big dream, just like everyone in the Philippines. I know that hes going to be at his best, so I made sure that Im prepared and at my best as well.

Ive faced a lot of top guys with great power like Gaballo has. My experience allows me to have no fear of the power. Were just focused on our strategy and how I can take advantage of his style.

Were 100% ready. We build up our mental fortitude so we can always push forward and be ready. Were only as strong as our mind can be. My mental strength is through the moon.

Im here enjoying this moment and every moment I have left in my career. In the gym, I feel like I can do this for another 10 years. I just take it one fight at a time and Im grateful for every moment of it.

This is a gentlemans sport. It gives credibility to a fighter if he can speak with sportsmanship. Its not about talking down to other people. I believe the greater man can look into his opponents eyes, shake hands with him and then go for the kill when theyre in the ring.

I love the sport of boxing. Its given me everything that I have and Im going to represent the sport with honor and integrity.

Im going to leave it up to my team as to what we do next. Having said that, Im going to go after all of the other bantamweight champions.

Reymart is a really good fighter, but Im very confident. I have bigger fish to go after following this fight. Were both going to do our best but victory is the only thing Im here for.


Its an honor to fight my idol in the ring. Im so excited to compete on Saturday night for the world championship.

When I look at my last fight, I see that I have to improve my head movement and throw more punches. I believe that Ive made the improvements that I needed to during training camp.

Every time we train in the gym, everyone is throwing me the same punches that Nonito throws. We know that hes not only going to throw that left hook, so we made sure Ill be ready for everything.

Age is just a number. I know that Donaires movement is still there, just like its always been. Were not going to rely on my youth as the only thing I need in this fight.

Im very happy and it gives me great pleasure to have this chance to become world champion. Ive been working my whole life to accomplish this goal.

Im going to do everything that weve worked on and prepared for in training so that I put on a great performance. Im coming with everything I have to win this fight.

I dont like to talk too much, but I can say that Im going to do my best in the ring on Saturday night.

This is going to be a very good fight and Im going to do everything that I can to make sure that my hand is raised after the final bell rings.


I will win this fight. After three years of being the mandatory challenger in the IBF, I deserve a shot to be a champion.

I will knock him out on Saturday night and then I will knock out Errol Spence Jr. to become world champion.

I have no sympathy for Crowley and I dont want to hear any excuses from him after this fight. It doesnt matter what he says today, I will knock him out anyway.

Ive prepared for this opportunity and I know that I have what it takes not only to win this fight, but to show everyone that Im one of the best welterweights in the world.

Im going to win this fight and knock him out. He says hes never lost a round before, but thats because hes never faced the kind of competition that Ive faced or that I bring to the ring.


I got offered this fight back in April and I accepted this fight without questioning it. He backed out the first time, but now were finally here. I have a feeling hes overlooking me.

He doesnt know what Im capable of. Ive been in the ring with world champions. Even by mentioning Errol Spences name, hes overlooking me. On Saturday night, hes going to find himself in waters that he cant swim in.

Youre going to see whos standing in the center of the ring and whos running once the bell rings. Ive survived in waters that destroy most people.

I feel fantastic. Im a world-class athlete and this is the level Im supposed to be on. Theres a reason that people cant keep up with my activity in the ring. Im a machine. Hes going to find out that he doesnt have a human in front of him Saturday night.

Ive been waiting for this opportunity. This is where I belong and this is where I thrive. I feel at home right now. A win on Saturday puts me where I already know I am. Im a world champion in my head, the world just doesnt know it yet.

Its taken a lot of sacrifice to get here. Im from a super small town in Canada where boxing doesnt really exist. Ive had a burning desire since a young age to become something great and Ive put myself in the best possible environment to be successful.

Everything Ive done comes from a crazy work ethic that I put in at the gym every single day. I wake up and go to sleep every day knowing that Im going to become world champion. Now Im here on SHOWTIME. Its a message to everyone out there in the world, that you can do anything you put your mind to.


I am going in to win no matter how it goes down. I might knock him out, it may go the distance.

It doesnt matter if I go for the knockout or go for the win. Come Saturday night, Ill be 24-0.

I dont get paid for overtime, so it doesnt matter if the fight goes one round or 10 rounds. Im going to take it moment by moment and display all of my skills for as long as this fight goes.

Juan Heraldez is a good boxer; he has good speed and he is light on his feet. He is definitely my best opponent to date. Its a challenge that Im looking forward to.

I cant predict the future, but the one thing I can predict is me winning. Im going to be 24-0 after Saturday night.


I learned in the Regis Prograis fight that I have to prepare better. I cant just rely on my skills and talent. I have to physically be at a higher level.

I changed coaches back to my amateur coach because I know hes going to have a game plan and that hes going to get the best out of me.

Im not worried about being an underdog. Ive been an underdog against an undefeated fighter before and weve seen what I can do in those kinds of fights.

Im going to show off where Im headed in this sport. My speed, talent and my jab are going to all come together. I think this is going to be the best performance of my career. Im prepared physically and mentally.

Were going to find out Saturday what advantages I have over Lee. I havent watched much of him, but his record is what it is. Were going to find out what hes made of on Saturday.

Im predicting a win. Everyone else might be surprised, but we wont be.


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