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  Galahad vs. Martinez Press Conference

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

ďIt great to be back in Sheffield, this is a tremendous fighting city and itís been almost two years since weíve been here for a major fight. Terri Harper and Kid Galahad boxed on that card and now we return with both of them in big fights.

ďKid Galahad had grinded for many years, a product of Brendan Ingleís great Ingle Gym, now gets the chance to headline in Sheffield at the Sheffield Arena defending his IBF World Title. I know this is a very proud moment for himself and the Ingle Gym.

ďTerri Harper who sits on the verge of a mega fight with Mikaela Mayer for the Undisputed Championship has a very, very tough fight against Americaís Alycia Baumgardner Ė some tremendous action of the card. Chris Billam-Smith defending his European Title against Dylan Bregeon, Donte Dixon, one of the best prospects in the country, and so much other talent to be displayed on Saturday night live and exclusive on DAZN worldwide.Ē

Kid Galahad:

ďItís took me a long time to get here, and I just canít wait. Kiko mentioning Garcia and Joshua, mentally Iím different from those guys. Never in my career have I ever underestimated any fighter, on Saturday night trust me heíll be wishing he never took this fight.

ďSome of the names you [Eddie] gave me, I think Kiko was the best from all of them because heís a former World Champion. Heís been at this level for 15 years, name me another fighter whoís been at the world level, or just below it, for 15 years, there hasnít been. I believe Iím a different kettle of fish to him and on Saturday night Iím not going to take it easy on him, Iím going to seriously hurt him.

ďForget those unification fights for now, itís all about Kiko Martinez on Saturday night, going in there and doing a job on him. Iím not looking to just go in there and win, heís had some bad decisions in the past against Barrett and Warrington, so I know heís going to come and not try leave it to the judgeís hands Ė thatís what Iím going to do. Iím not going to leave it to the judgesí hands, Iím going to go in there and seriously hurt him.

ďAll the razzmatazz and that I donít really let it get to me Iím just focused on the fight. All the media stuff, the ring walk and people shouting your name, when I get to the venue Iím tunnel vision and ready to seriously hurt someone. Iím focused on what Iíve got to do, all that other stuff doesnít really bother me, Iím here to win and stay champion for a long time.Ē

Kiko Martinez:

ďFirst and foremost, itís been two years of incredibly hard work, I havenít had a day off in that time or any holiday Ė for my family or myself. Itís been constant hard work to get this opportunity so thank you for this opportunity to fight for this World Title.

ďThere have been many surprises recently in boxing, look at some of the surprises, Joshua vs. Usyk, we have situations where champions arenít respecting their defences and their rivals. If Galahad doesnít do the same and respect this fight, heís going to get a big shock on Saturday night.

ďI think youíve seen the results of Spanish boxing learning from their errors over the years. Weíre in a really good position at the moment and doing well.

Terri Harper:

ďItís been a long year; I had a tough time after the operations but here we are back on the main stage, and it feels like we havenít been away. Even though I havenít boxed for a year Iíve been in the gym non-stop, I had two weeks out to recover from the operation but since that Iíve been in the gym working, developing myself as a fighter not just physically but mentally. Iíve excited to get back out Saturday night and show everybody the improvements Iíve made, Iím not the same fighter I was a year ago and Iím ready to put on a show.

ďWorking with Danny over at Boxing Science, just the numbers that Iím hitting and PBís Iím doing I know. Working with Andrew weíve had time to enjoy ourselves in the gym and try new things, itís just clicked. Iíve enjoyed myself and enjoyed training, Iím a completely different fighter, mentally, itís always been the biggest thing. I lack self-believe and confidence, so Iíve been doing my own work outside the gym to take my mindset to the next level Ė here I am ready to go.

ďIíve never shied away from a tough fight since I turned professional with Andrew. Heíd give me the choice of a couple of girls, and I would always say give me the toughest fight. Thatís not just for me but for the fans as well, Iíve fought girls with winning records, former World Champions, reigning World Champions, thatís the reason why we chose Alycia. Sheís a tough and respectable opponent, I want to be out there Saturday night making a statement and showing everyone Iím back.

ďI know what Iíve got ahead of me on Saturday night, Iím not overlooking Alycia, but this is a steppingstone in my journey and career. I want to go on and push on to have a big 2022 and hopefully get a unification against Choi, push on for an Undisputed against Mayer."

Alycia Baumgardner:

ďMy confidence is at an all-time high, Iíve been preparing for this moment for a very long time in my career and being in boxing for twenty years Ė this moment everybody dreams of. Here I am, well prepared and ready to give a great fight Saturday night. Iím ready to showcase what womenís boxing has been doing and give a different look on what a lot of boxing fans havenít seen from me and from a womenís boxing perspective.

ďIt is a very dangerous fight for Terri, I pose a big threat, again just the experience I have with over 100 amateur fights and many former World Championís training camps. Iíve been prepared for these moments, just to go out there Saturday night to really do what I do best and get the win Ė I will become a two-time World Champion come Saturday night.

ďLike I said, my confidence is at 100, thereís levels to this game and I believe Iíve been on that level, but I havenít been given the opportunity to showcase that. Now on Saturday Iíll be able to show the many levels of boxing of what I have to offer to the sport and what I have to show Terri Harper Saturday night. She hasnít been in the ring with somebody like me, I'm definitely going to show her and punish her every round.Ē

Chris Billam-Smith:

ďItís an honour to be Commonwealth, British and European Champion, Iím looking forward to defending the European Title on Saturday night. Last time out wasnít my best performance, so Iím really looking to put on a clinical performance this time out.

ďTo lose by two rounds in Italy against an Italian, most people take that as a win, so I see him as unbeaten. Heís tall, awkward, he throws a lot of shots and moves well so weíre very aware of the dangers in this fight and on the same note as long as I perform to the best of my ability, I know Iíll come out on top on Saturday.

ďThe next twelve months is huge for me, and itís fights like this Iíve got to perform in and keep progressing and doing the work weíve done in the gym since the last fight. Iím ranked in the top seven in every governing body so Iím looking to push on, keep climbing those rankings until I get my opportunity Ė when it comes, Iíll be ready.Ē

Dylan Bregeon:

ďThis is a big opportunity for me of course, Iím very pleased to have this chance at the title. Looking over the recent history thereís only been five French champions at European level so come Saturday Iíll put on a good show and hopefully Iíll be the sixth.

ďIt was a tough defeat to take against Turchi I have to say, obviously I respect the decision, it can happen in any boxer's career that some decisions donít go your way. Iím here to put on a great show, with Chris Billam-Smith Iím sure weíre both going to express ourselves and put on a good show for everybody.Ē

Donte Dixon:

ďIím looking forward to it, itís a nice little step up but obviously skills pay the bills, I should pass. Itís been eleven months, my last fight was on Billyís undercard, Iím just looking forward to getting back out there Iíve got itchy knuckles man.

ďLook good on Saturday and we move on from there but just got to get it out of the way. Iíve got to go in there, do my job, look good while doing it and skyís the limit.Ē

James Flint:

ďIíve worked really hard throughout camp, mentally and physically Iím ready to face the best Dom Hunt. Hopefully he can return the favour, all the ingredients are there, itís set to be a great fight.

ďItís like our World Title shot really, coming off the small hall shows to this and such a big platform, Iím really grateful to be here.Ē

Dom Hunt:

ďThis is why weíre in boxing for opportunities like this so thank you to everyone for making this possible, itís down to me now to go in and do the best I can and put on a show Saturday night.

ďThereís no extra nerves because when I got into boxing, I didnít set any targets or anything, Iím just in this because I love boxing. I donít need to do it, but I do because I love it, thatís why I get up so early and do all the hard work because I want to do it. Saturday night is just an opportunity I never thought Iíd get, I know itís a hard fight, James is a really good fighter and Iíve just got to match that and do the best I can on Saturday.Ē

Raven Chapman:

ďI just canít for Saturday, obviously training alongside Terri for our fights on Saturday has just been massive experience Ė money canít buy that. I know Iím more than prepared Saturday night, get the ball rolling again and get my second fight out the way.

ďI had my debut only six weeks ago so itís nice to get straight back out there, six-week training camp and back in the ring, hopefully I can stay busy going forward as well.

ďI think on Saturday night if I can go out there and get the stoppage that makes a big statement, Iím more than capable of doing that as well. Iíve got the power, I got the stoppage in my first fight, Iím not going to go out there and look for it. Itís just going to happen with what I work with my coach, the way we do things, itíll just come when I break my opponent down, Iím sure Iíll work my way to that stoppage.Ē

Khalid Ayub:

ďItís a massive opportunity for myself, all of my family is from Sheffield so itís good for them to come down and watch me. Iím just ready to put on a mature performance, Iím only 19 but I want everybody to know that Iíve got a good skill set and Iím ready to go do the business on Saturday.Ē

William Cawley:

ďI canít wait, itís unbelievable to be boxing alongside World Champions and other great fighters. I canít wait to get the ball rolling Saturday night.

ďIf it was up to me, Iíd be asking to fight for the British Title in my second fight, thatís why Iíve got the best management team, to pick the correct fights for me and move forward in my career.Ē

Stevi Levy:

ďI cannot tell you how grateful I am for you having me here, itís the dream. I train so hard; most people dream of being a World Champion, but I just dream of being on a Matchroom show. My ultimate goal is a Commonwealth Title, Iím living the dream, on Saturday Iím going to prove I can actually fight as good as I can talk.

ďI spent a lot of years on my own, now Iím so busy and Iím always around people, Iíve got my little boy, my team, I work in the gym. I love it, Iím busy, we all had a lot of time in lockdown, you canít complain when youíre busy can you.Ē


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