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  Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort
Final Press Conference Quotes

Evander Holyfield

ďI thought I was getting ready to fight Mike Tyson but now Iím fighting Vitor Belfort. So, Iíve been training for two years for that. When they asked me to fight Vitor I said if he wants to do it then I want to do it. I put the time in the last two years and I want to get paid for my time. It hasnít been a week to get ready, Iíve been training for two years. Iím more than ready and look forward to the fight.Ē

Vitor Belfort

ďItís a joy to me to fight Evander Holyfield on Saturday night. I remember when I first fought in the UFC tournament, the same month I saw Evander fight Mike Tyson the second time. My dream was to see MMA become as big as boxing. Heís the heavyweight king and Iím looking forward to showing my boxing skills on Saturday night. Itís an amazing opportunity for me.Ē

Anderson Silva

ďThis is good to hear from Tito Ortiz, itís an interesting fight on Saturday night. I donít like to talk much, I like to do my job. I take my job and winning seriously and thatís the point.Ē

Tito Ortiz

ďThis camp was super short but Iím ready to go. Typically, I have a much longer camp. This is just for boxing so a different camp. Lot of roadwork, four miles a day, seven days a week. Iíve been very focused on this fight and Iím ready to fight a true legend in Anderson Silva.Ē

ďI take challenges in stride, I know what I need to do to beat Anderson. And Iím going to make a statement on his face on Saturday night. On Saturday night, Iím going to do what I do best and thatís punish people.Ē

David Haye

ďThereís going to be a ring on Saturday night and us standing in it and youíre going to get punched in the head. Once the bell rings, know that Iím there to win. Even with all that money you have you canít buy the feeling that true fighters have. And youíre going to realize that when the first bell rings.Ē

ďThereís only one way to straighten this out and thatís on Saturday night.Ē

Joe Fournier

ďDavidís ego is too big, he would never accept the fact that I can beat him and I will beat him on Saturday night. I see for myself why elegance beats brute power.Ē

ďI donít fight for the money. For me its legacy. No one else would be doing this. I skipped a lot of steps to get where Iím at and this is another step to beat the colossal David Haye. Heís a decreasing asset and I see that. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have been in the ring with him but now absolutely.Ē

Andy Vences

ďLike all the other fighters here on the dais were all ready to go. I get to do my job and take care of business. Itís a great opportunity for me and I plan to take full advantage of it. I was supposed to fight in June but boxing can be very unexpected. I know Iíve trained the entire time, I doubt my opponent has actually put in the work.Ē

Jono Carroll

ďIím very excited, this has been a long time coming. I sacrificed a lot just to be in camp for the first scheduled date. I had a baby in the hospital at the time. But Iíve been training again with a long camp in Mexico. It was disappointing last time when the fight got cancelled five days out but Iím ready to go on Saturday. This is boxing and one thing thatís important is to always be prepared.Ē


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