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  Jamal James vs. Radzhab Butaev
Final Press Conference

WBA Welterweight Champion Jamal ďShangoĒ James and unbeaten contender Radzhab Butaev went face-to-face at a final press conference Thursday before they meet in the SHOWTIME main event this Saturday, October 30 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Thursdayís press conference also featured undefeated rising welterweight star Jaron ďBootsĒ Ennis and veteran contender Thomas Dulorme, who meet in the co-main event, plus exciting unbeaten lightweight contender Michel Rivera and Argentinaís MatŪas Romero, who square off to open the telecast at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Tickets for the live event are on sale now and can be purchased at AXS.com. Ennis vs. Dulorme is promoted in association with D&D Boxing. Rivera vs. Romero is promoted in association with Sampson Boxing.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:


ďWeíre at the top level here. Everyone on this stage is a top-level fighter. Weíre all going to bring our very best Saturday night.

ďAt this level, everyone hits hard. Weíre not fighting cupcakes. Every opponent you get in there with, can hurt you. Iíve been in there with guys who hit extremely hard, and I beat them. Itís nothing new to me.

ďWeíre here in Las Vegas headlining on SHOWTIME and itís time for me to let people know that Iíve been at this top level. I want to get those opportunities against the top fighters. The welterweight division is stacked. We have a bunch of great talent and itís time for some new guys to get their names up there.

ďIím not overlooking Butaev. I have to get past this fight first. But I want to run that back against Yordenis Ugas. Heís a great fighter. I didnít have a full camp when I fought against him. I donít like to make excuses - because he was the better man that night. But I think if we both have full camps, it could definitely be a different story.

ďIím not ducking anybody. I want to win Ugasí title and make there one WBA champion. I definitely would be ready to take on Ennis or whoever it is after that.

ďIím just happy to have this opportunity to get back in the ring. Iím going to listen to my corner and follow through with their instructions. I trust them with my life. If they tell me to be offensive or if they tell me to box, I trust them.

ďRepresenting my city of Minneapolis gives me extreme motivation. When you look at the history of boxing, itís a sport that brings people together during hard times. It gives people the chance to take their minds off serious trouble theyíre dealing with. My city has shown me a lot of love and that gives me extra motivation.Ē


ďIíve had a lot of experience in the amateurs and pros. I believe in myself and I believe in my experience. We had a great camp and everything went as planned. On Saturday, Iím here to prove that Iím the next world champion in this division.

ďI believe that everything Iíve been through will be the difference in this fight. Fighters have different advantages against different opponents, but the most important advantage is the will for victory. I believe that my will is at the highest level.

ďI had a long amateur career, but now that Iím working with Joel Diaz as my trainer, weíre working more on the professional style. Iím working on sitting down on my punches and loading up a little bit more.

ďWeíre going to bring the action to the ring. Thatís what the fans love. Iím bringing that Mexican style. Fans love brawls and thatís what weíre working on. Iím ready to bring the war to the ring.

ďI donít know whatís going to happen in the ring, but Iíll be ready for whatever he brings. I donít know exactly what heís going to do, but Iíll be prepared for it.Ē


ďDulorme said he has experience, but Iíve been boxing all of my life, since before I could walk. Iíve sparred pros since I was 12. This is nothing new to me and heís going to see that on Saturday night.

ďIím going to continue to do what Iíve been doing, and thatís putting on dominating performances. Everyone knows Iím in and out like a robbery.

ďOn Saturday night, you can expect fireworks. Iím going to look good and come out victorious in knockout fashion. Weíre not looking for the knockout, but weíre going to let it come naturally. And itís definitely going to come.

ďI feel great at welterweight. I can make 147 as long as I want. Iím on weight right now. Iíll be ready to rock and roll Saturday night. Once I get all these belts, then Iíll start thinking about 154 pounds.

ďI feel like Iím the most talented welterweight in the division. Iím great at everything. I can fight from either side and I can box or fight on the inside. A lot of guys donít want to prepare for someone who can do all that I can do. After I make this statement on Saturday night, Iím ready to keep moving up the ladder.

ďIím from Philly, so everyone knows I have that dog in me. Itís been in me. Iím ready to go and move on to bigger and better things.

ďI watched some of Dulormeís fight against Eimantas Stanionis, but Iím not Stanionis. Iím a whole different fighter. Talent wise, skill wise, power wise. Iím on a whole different level. Watching me is one thing, but when youíre in there with me, itís a whole different thing.

ďIím not worried about what Dulorme did against other fighters. Iím going to do me, and put on a beautiful performance for everyone watching. Iím coming home victorious with that knockout.Ē


ďIím very thankful for my team for getting me on this big card. Iím ready for this fight on Saturday night and Iím going to put on a great performance and surprise everyone.

ďYou donít always need strength in boxing to overcome obstacles. You need experience and technique. I believe I have those attributes and that itís going to help me come out on top. Iíve sparred all the best and Iím going to use it in my fight

ďOn Saturday itís going to be different because Iím putting in great work, day after day to be ready. Weíve been training to climb back up to the elite. After Saturday, weíll be back on top of the world again.

ďEnnis is a good fighter. But his best win was against Sergey Lipinets, who was a 140-pounder. I donít think he has the experience yet to overcome a fighter like myself.Ē


ďIíve been training hard for this moment. I know I have to stay in control during this fight. Iím staying focused. Iíve been working hard to show that Iím the future of boxing.

ďI know Romero has good experience, but heís standing in my way. I want to win this fight and get to big fights. Iím going to be the king of 135 pounds. None of the other contenders are going to want to fight me.

ďThis is a guy [Romero] with experience. I have heavy hands, everyone knows, but I have conditioning too. Iím ready for 15 rounds. Iím just on another level than him. Everyone will know this on Saturday night.Ē


ďI learned against Isaac Cruz how to fight here on this stage and what itís like to fight here in the U.S. This time Iím way better prepared. I got the experience from 12 rounds and I learned a lot. Iím going to be even better in this fight.

ďWe know each other well and I believe I have everything I need to walk out with the victory. Iím going to listen to my coach and make sure I stay focused from the first round until the end.

ďI had a very short camp for my last fight. I prepared as well as I could. I had a much longer and better camp this time. Itís going to be a different performance, and everyone is going to see what I can do.Ē


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