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  Caleb Plant Las Vegas Workout Quotes

Unbeaten IBF Super Middleweight World Champion Caleb ďSweethandsĒ Plant continued to declare his intention on becoming the first undisputed super middleweight world champion in boxing history as he nears his showdown against WBC/WBO/WBA 168-pound champion Canelo Ńlvarez taking place Saturday, November 6 live on SHOWTIME PPV at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in a Premier Boxing Champions event.

A world champion since January 2019, Plant has made three successful title defenses since wresting the belt from Jose Uzcategui by unanimous decision. Just like he did in the Uzcategui fight, Plant looks to flip the script and score another upset on his way to making history against Canelo.

Here is what Plant and his co-trainer Justin Gamber had to say about November 6 and more:


ďIím just staying relaxed and letting the process play itself out. Weíve got one half of camp done and a half camp to go. Iím ahead of schedule and my weight is good.

ďI donít think I need to be any more motivated than I already am to fight for the undisputed super middleweight championship of the world. Itís a fight that we both obviously want to win. Maybe Caneloís emotions boiled over at the press conference and I reacted. Those things happen.

ďIím just staying zeroed in, locked in and focused. Weíre just planning to finish out this camp the same way that I started it, and thatís at a high level.

ďIím feeling really good. Everything has been on point. I feel like I have all the skills in the world and a great team around me. When the bell rings, Iím just looking forward to showing the world what I can do.

ďI believe that there are a handful of things that I am better than Canelo at in the ring. But the only way to find out is to tune-in on November 6. Itís not going to matter what I say right now, people arenít going to believe me anyway. Iíd rather show you than tell you.

ďIíve only had 21 fights as a professional, but a lot of those fights have been on the big stage. Iíve been fighting at a high-level for a long time and Iíve got a lot of experience under my belt. Itís all going to help me on fight night.

ďI know that this is the biggest fight Iíve had so far in my career, and thatís the goal, to keep moving forward. I want each fight to be bigger than the last fight. This isnít anything that I havenít asked for. I want this and I feel like Iím prepared for it.

ďBeing undisputed will cement my name in the history books of boxing forever. Thatís why I do this. Thatís what I set out to accomplish when I first started boxing.Ē

JUSTIN GAMBER, Plantís Co-Trainer

ďCaleb will be 110% ready on November 6. Trust me when I say that thereís not a fighter on the face of the earth who doesnít have weaknesses. Canelo is where he is because heís earned his spot. Heís a great fighter, but heís not a perfect fighter. He has weaknesses and weíre going to exploit them.

ďI know that people are overlooking Caleb. Thatís perfect for us. Caleb is just like me, because for our whole lives, when someone told us that we couldnít do something, we love to prove them wrong. It just drives us even more.

ďI was surprised by what happened at the press conference. If anything, it made it more personal. Itís always been important to beat him, but now thereís a little bit of an extra chip on my shoulder.Ē


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