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  Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. John Riel Casimero Final Press Conference

Two-division world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux and WBO Bantamweight World Champion John Riel Casimero went face-to-face Thursday at the final press conference before they headline action live on SHOWTIME this Saturday, August 14 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Also featured at Thursdayís press conference were rising unbeaten contender Gary Antonio Russell and former champion Emmanuel Rodriguez, who meet for the WBA Interim Bantamweight Title in the co-main event, plus former champion Rauíshee Warren and Damien Vazquez, who square off to kick off the telecast at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

The event is promoted by TGB Promotions. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at AXS.com.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:


ďAll these jokers always talk a lot about making me retire, but they have to do it in the ring. Letís see what you do on Saturday. Iím still right here.

ďIím enjoying this back and forth right now. Itís heating up. Heís going to have to back it up on Saturday night.

ďHeís knocked out six guys in a row, but none of them are in the same class as me. Heís going to have the devil in front of him on Saturday.

ďIím only worried about the title that Casimero has. Iím coming for the WBO belt on Saturday night. Everyone who is here knows my story and what Iíve done at 122-pounds. Iím going to do the same thing at 118-pounds. Casimero is no exception, heís just standing in my way.

ďI like all the challenges. I want to face all the champions out there like Iíve done my whole career. Iíll take on any champion whoís willing to face me.

ďCasimero is going to be the third Filipino that Iím going to take down. Everyone is going to see what Iím about on Saturday. I donít have to tell anyone whatís going to happen now, youíre going to see it all in the ring.

ďIím not worried about his talking. I always do my best talking with my fists and in the ring. Iím willing to do whatever it takes to show him the kind of fighter I am.

ďIím going to do what Iíve always done on Saturday night. Iím going to win. Iím not a big talker going around making big statements. Iím just going to do what I do best.Ē


ďThis is a very good fight on August 14. Rigondeaux is a great fighter. But this fight is very important to me because I know my next opponent may be Nonito Donaire or Naoya Inoue. Those two opponents may be scared of me but Rigondeaux is not scared. But donít worry Rigondeaux, this will be your last fight on August 14.

ďI know how to manage my game plan against Rigondeaux but Iíll leave it as a surprise for him. Letís see what happens Saturday. Iím not so much into the talking.

ďIíve stopped my last six opponents and Rigondeaux is next. Heís Ďfinitoí. If I finish Rigondeaux, then maybe Donaire or Inoue will be next.

ďIím confident Iím going to knock him out because of my training camp. Iíve been training so hard and my coach Nonoy Neri has prepared me for this moment.

ďI respect Rigondeaux because heís a good boxer and a two-time Olympian. But I want to show to the world that I can knock him out and a lot of my fans want to see me knock him out. So thatís what Iím going to do.

ďI have a surprise for Rigondeaux on Saturday night. He will maybe last three rounds. Donít run!Ē


ďIím hungry and Iím ready to eat. Itís just that simple. This fight is going to give me a chance to broadcast more skills that I havenít been able to show so far. Youíre going to see more of whatís in my arsenal. Heís a good fighter and Iím not overlooking him at all, but I know what Iím bringing to the table.

ďI believe Iím ready for the title. Again, Iím not overlooking Rodriguez by any means. But good luck to Rigondeaux and Casimero on Saturday, because hopefully Iím facing the winner of that fight.

ďPeople are going to see that Iím a great fighter after Saturday night. Theyíre going to say that Gary Antonio Russell comes from a great pedigree, all his family are winners, and heís following suit.Ē


ďThis is my chance for redemption. Everybody knows I got robbed in my last fight with the controversial decision. Now, Iím just trying to do my best on Saturday night and prove that Iím still here. Iím going to show why I deserve more opportunities and that Iím going to be a champion again at some point.

ďOf course Iím focused first and foremost on Saturday night, but for the future Iím looking for fights against stellar fighters like Casimero and Rigondeaux. Itís a matter of first taking care of business on Saturday and then looking to fight the best.

ďAfter this fight, I want fans to be able to say that Iím within range of the contenders of this division.Ē


ďI feel like this fight is going to go my way the whole way. The way Iíve been training and staying dedicated to the sport through the pandemic is going to be the difference. I stayed hungry the whole time. Heís just another fighter standing in my way.

ďIím not going to doubt him as a fighter. Every fighter is out there trying to beat the best, but itís going to be difficult getting past me. He better be ready as soon as he steps in that ring. Heís expecting a fight, but Iím expecting a knockout.

ďIím trying to get back to being champion again. I was a champion before and weíve got some champions up here, so why not take on one of them when I win this fight? Iím not jumping the gun though. On Saturday night I have to handle whoís in front of me. Youíre going to see a different Rauíshee come fight night.Ē


ďAll respect to Rauíshee for being an Olympian and a world champion but honestly, I had a tremendous training camp and I feel like Iím going to come out on top. I feel better at 118 pounds than I ever did at 122 pounds. I feel more powerful at 118 than I did at 122.

ďIím expecting an action-packed fight. I want everybody to watch it because itís going to be a great fight and I feel like Iím going to come out on top. He can expect whatever he wants, but weíre going to go out there and find out on Saturday.

ďIím hungry just like he is, so itís going to be one hell of a fight. I expect to come out on top and thatís that.Ē


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