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  Smith vs. Fowler Final Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

ďThis is a great place, a great city, but especially when youíve got a great fight. I think everybody here knows their boxing; everybody here knows weíve got an unbelievable main event, but everyone knows weíve got an incredible card from top to bottom. This Saturday, live and exclusive on DAZN around the world.

ďThe main event headlined by Liam Smith vs. Anthony Fowler, itís a breath-taking matchup but what an undercard we have as well. So many great fighters and fights, talk about 50/50ís from the opening bell of the show on Saturday. We could have sold this arena out two or three times, thereís something very special about a sold-out arena in Liverpool and we cannot wait.Ē

Liam Smith:

ďI feel good, the way the fighter should feel in fight week. Weíre here, if Iím not ready now Iíll never be, so Iím just looking forward to Saturday and being back. I had a long time out, 17 months, I got the cobwebs off in Russia and youíll see a better Liam Smith.

ďHe [Anthony] talks about desire and that, youíre obsessed with it and the stuff he posts out. Desire, Iíve lived in a house with three brothers where boxingís been our life, weíve got to have desire to do stuff weíve done, itís not like Iíve won British Titles and that. Weíve all got desire, we can all push to that, weíll see Saturday.

ďI still think itís a step too far for him, you can twelve rounds in the gym with as many sparring partners as you want but itís different under the lights with ten-ounce gloves on and when youíve got adrenaline inside of you. Shane can help as much as he wants but when the bell goes itís only me and Anthony in there.

ďLetís not beat around the bush, you [Eddie] made this, Anthony didnít call you for me you did.

ďYou put a fight to me, and Iíll take it, Iíll think right okay whatís the pro and cons to it Iíll take it. I said to my manager let me know if the Fowler fight is the route weíre going, because if thatís the route weíre going then so be it. Obviously in hindsight I wasnít really looking at Anthony as an opponent, he should be fighting for the British Title which I had a long time. Heís humped past that, heís in a fight now and weíre three days away Ė weíll see.

ďOf course, I do, Iíve got things in my own career and my own pride I want to keep. Iíve never lost to a domestic fighter, and I fully intend of keeping that on Saturday night. As a family weíve never lost a scouse derby and I fully intend of keeping that. My own aspirations for challenging for a World Title again, if I lose to Anthony Fowler Iíve got no chance of doing that so Iíve got a lot at stake for myself and thatís why Iíve knuckled down that way I have.Ē

Joe McNally, trainer of Liam Smith:

ďThanks to everybody for coming, we really appreciate it. Liam is one of a kind in my opinion, I think this is a jump too far for Anthony Fowler. Youíve got Kieran Conway, JJ Metcalf, Troy Williamson, Sergio Garcia, European Champion. Itís the equivalent of being at the chippy getting your chips and Anthonyís jumped the queue Ė get to the back. He really should have earned his way, waited in the queue to get a shot at this man and itíll tell on Saturday night.

ďWeíre under no illusion that Anthony Fowler is a quality fighter, good amateur background that I believe was a little bit too long. A lot of wear and tear in that game which is telling in the pro ranks. Shaneís done a good job in finely adjusting to use his reach and height which is working with the type of fighters heís been fighting. Liam has left no stone unturned, and it will tell Saturday night, definitely.

ďLiam is a professional, heís not one minute late and you donít ask him to do anything twice, it gets done, itís actually holding Liam Smith back in the gym which is the hard part. Letís not beat around the bush, if Magomed Kurbanov hadnít shit his kegs to come here and fight Liam, Fowler wouldnít be fighting Ė it shouldíve been Kurbanov. You [Eddie] called this fight, you and Shane, Anthony didnít want it and Liam called your bluff. Now itís happened hasnít it, otherwise it wasnít happening.

ďLiam will win in style, whether itís a KO or a punch victory. Liam has left no stone unturned, and he will win, I truly believe itís not what Fowler does, itís what Liam Smith turns up. Itís as simple as that.Ē

Anthony Fowler:

ďIím grateful for the opportunity, Iím here because I want to be here and win, I want to fight. We donít call bluffs; we take fights that we believe we can win. Iíve had the best camp of my life, Iím at the best possible version of myself, Iíve had a full camp with no injuries at all, Iím at my physical peak. Iím coming off four straight knockout wins, Iíve been very active, so letís have it.

ďHeís been to the top, heís been World Champion, I havenít. Iíve had that mad desire since I was 11, itís all Iíve ever wanted my whole life. Iíve given my whole life to boxing, itís all paid off luckily enough, but it means nothing without the win, Iím not here to make up the numbers.

ďIím fully prepared for it, Iíve been visualising it every day, day in, day out, for weeks and weeks. I couldnít be in a better place, mentally, my weight, my strength, my sparring, Iíve had some tough, tough sparring. I did twelve rounds, and I was fresh as a daisy, Iím in unreal shape because I havenít been getting tired, just training, and thinking about this fight Ė I havenít stopped. Iím just in a great place.

ďWeíve both got two arms, two legs, itís as simple as that Ė weíre both men. Iíve been active over the last two years, Liamís had one fight in two years, that bound to play a part. Being inactive and I feel the time is right for me, I feel like this is my time."

Shane McGuigan, trainer of Anthony Fowler:

ďWeíve just been going on as normal, obviously Anthony likes to promote himself and I think he understands he doesnít have to go out there and shout about this fight, it sold out quickly and the hype is there. Heís knuckled down and stuck to his training, we'rel quietly confident about this fight.

ďItís not like thereís no pressure on Anthony, thereís heaps of pressure on him, we believe that this isnít the ceiling for Anthony Fowler, but we want to win a World Title. Weíve taken this in our stride, but I believe heís ready for it, heís 30 years of age, had the experience in the amateurs, he hasnít had the acid tests but Iím very confident and believe thereís only one winner on Saturday night.

ďLook at Liam Smith, he shells up well and has got a very good defence, he doesnít rush into his attacks, heís intelligent behind his pressure. Heís a very good, intelligent pressure fighter. Weíve had unbelievable sparring for this camp and thatís why I believe Anthony has raised the bar and Iím excited for Saturday night. Itís the biggest test for his career by a mile but I believe itís one heís going to overcome.

ďAnthonyís not one to be in boring fights but neither is Liam Smith. Weíve got a game plan, I know, and Anthony knows what heís got to do, weíve drilled it in the gym day in, day out. I just donít believe Liam is going to be able to bring something new to the table. We know what he does but I believe Anthony is going to win regardless.

ďWeíre going to get the win; I believe both the stoppage and points win are possible."

Shannon Courtenay:

ďItís going to be a tough fight; sheís coming here with the fire exactly like I did when I won the World Championship, so understand Ė Iíve already been there. I am World Champion and thereís nothing that she can bring on Saturday night thatís going to take that belt away from me. Iíve worked my arse off to get here and Iím not going nowhere.

ďI donít think she [Jamie] has ever gone ten rounds before, I have, Iíve got that experience in the bag. I can stand and go toe-to-toe, or I can box, I can bring both styles. Whatever she comes with I will adapt, I think Iíll drag her into deep waters where sheís never been before and sheís in for a rude awakening.

ďIím so excited to actually be here in Liverpool, everyoneís welcomed me beautifully, I actually had an option to either fight on the Joshua card or here and I wanted to fight in Liverpool. Iím buzzing to put on a good show for everyone here and make sure I come home Saturday with that belt.Ē

Jamie Mitchell:

ďItís an awesome opportunity, Iím so happy to be here and put on my performance for you guys and let everyone see my talents and skills.

ďI havenít had it easy in life, I came up in foster care systems, so this is a great opportunity for me because it mimics my past and having it hard Ė Iím used to hard times. Iím going to make it really easy for myself on Saturday night.Ē

Ted Cheeseman:

ďObviously Troy Williamson is unbeaten, he doesnít want to lose his unbeaten record heís going to try his hardest not to do that. I just believe that the experience Iíve picked up, the way Iíve been matured, the way Iíve been becoming an all-round fight, I believe Iím a level above. Iíll have to prove that and put in a good performance on Saturday night.

ďIím a veteran on the twelve rounds now, even in the gym in the last few weeks doing the twelve rounds in sparring itís different to when Iíve done them before. The engine is there now, I know how to train and push myself hard. Iíve done it a lot, for Troy itís his first time and heís going to have to have that gut check.

ďHe keeps saying about his power but no disrespect to Troy, he hasnít been hit yet, I have. Thatís the difference, heís got to worry about what power I hit him with not what power he can hit me with. Everyone can see Iíve got a great chin but how good is his chin.Ē

Troy Williamson:

ďI think that Ted and I are the two best Super-Welterweights in the division and weíre going to put it all on the line on Saturday night.

ďI know how tough and fit I am, obviously I havenít had the opportunity to show I can do twelve rounds because Iíve never needed to. Iím an explosive puncher and I get rid of people; I know deep down that I can do the distance. Iím very fit and very tough, itís going to be a great fight.

ďNo doubt at all, the hard work has been done. Iíve done the rounds in the gym and itíll show on Saturday night.Ē

Kieron Conway:

ďThis is a must win fight for me, but the experience out in Texas in and out of the ring was invaluable for me. I think I learnt a lot; Iíve been working on a hell of a lot of stuff in training, things are coming off nicely, Iím in the best shape and form Iíve ever been in. I donít see a home advantage for James because I think Iím going to come here and make this look easy.

ďI need to make a statement, if the opportunity comes to get him out of there, Iím going for it. I believe that I can take it as well, I donít see this fight going 10 rounds, the form that Iím in, I think Iím a different level now. My last performance should kick me up the arse, Iíve got things in gear now, Iím ready to show everyone what Iím about.Ē

James Metcalf:

ďIím definitely ready to go. You know youíre saying you didnít know if I was going to turn up, if I agree to something Iím going to do it, Iím going to be there on the night and Iím going to win as well.

ďI havenít in a big city in front of a big crowd like this in a while, Iím really looking forward to that. I just canít wait now.Ē

Solomon Dacres:

ďHe [Kamil] said it himself, heíll fight anybody. Heís a tough guy but Iíve got the same mindset. No disrespect to journeymen but Iíll fight anybody. I put the hard work in the gym to show the level I can get to.

ďI donít want to have fights that donít mean anything, I want to gain something from the fight. Kamil has tested good prospects before, and heís pushed them to the limits Ė itís something I need if I want to become World Champion. I need tough tests that are going to prepare me to go onto better things. Iím looking for better fights and going on to even better things hopefully.Ē

Kamil Sokolowski:

ďThis is my first fight with Matchroom, my record might not look so good but Iím a very good boxer. Iíve come here and Iím looking forward to Saturday, I will check the ability of the young prospect Solomon Dacres. I can fight with anyone, I donít mind, just let me know and Iíll fight.Ē

Luke Willis:

ďIím looking forward to Saturday and putting on a masterclass in front of my own city. Iím looking forward to sitting back after and watching the rest of the bill, itís a great card.

ďHe [Rylan] does what he says on the tin, he comes forward and he swings bombs. Iím not saying heís the worst boxer in the world but all heís got on me in power. I think heís underestimating my power and heíll find out on Saturday. I do carry power, heís saying heís going to come to my city and knock me out, heíll find out on Saturday what Iím about.

ď8-ounce gloves on I can hit. On Saturday youíll see.Ē

Rylan Charlton:

ďIíve always been a 135-pound fighter, we just had the opportunities at Welterweight and it was great because I got my name out there. Now itís time to show everyone what I can really do and show how effective my power is at Lightweight.

ďEveryoneís got their styles, youíve back foot fighters which he is, youíve got come forward fighters, and itís whoever is going toe execute their game plan better on the night.Ē

Pete McGrail:

ďBig thank you to you Eddie, Matchroom and DAZN in giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills on the biggest platform. Iím just looking forward to putting a show on for the crowd, itís been a long time coming to box on a big stage in front of my friends and family Ė my city. Iím just looking forward to it now.

ďIíve been training alongside Fowler for years with Team GB and Beefy has always wished me well over the years if Iíve ever needed any advice. I wish them both a very good fight and may the best man win.

ďIíll be bringing World Titles back to the city of Liverpool, Iíve always managed to perform well on the amateur stage, and Iíve always been at a high level. For me, this next year or two Iím looking to be as busy as possible, box as many stars and gain as much experience as possible Ė weíll go from there.Ē

Blane Hyland:

ďIím looking forward to getting out there on Saturday, really excited, if the ring was set up outside, Iíd be waiting for Saturday night. I want to thank Matchroom for getting me on this bill and Iím looking forward to putting on a show in front of my own crowd.Ē

Rhiannon Dixon:

ďI was out for a long time, around two years because of the pandemic, obviously with my day job that took precedent. Iím just excited to get my career off again and trying to keep as active as possible.

ďI havenít come from the conventional route, but Iíve had a crash course in boxing now, Iím learning from the best in Joe, sparring Natasha (Jonas), Anthony (Crolla) has taken me under his wing, heís a World Champion and knows what heís doing. I canít wait to show everyone what Iím about and what Iíve been doing.Ē


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