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  Smith vs. Fowler Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

ďLiverpool, good afternoon and welcome. Thank you for an incredible turnout. Coming off the back of a pandemic, itís a bit like throwing a birthday party and wondering if anyone is going to turn up. Then answer is yes. Look at it, itís absolutely packed in here. It feels so good to be back at real press conferences, and moving forward to what is quite frankly the biggest night of boxing weíve ever put on in Liverpool.

"This is the best Saturday night card weíve put on since Iíve promoted boxing. I canít thank the fighters enough for taking so many big challenges on this card. This is exactly what we want from boxing. Saturday October 9th, the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, live on DAZN all around the world. An incredible night of boxing headlined by the all-Liverpool clash between Liam Smith and Anthony Fowler.

"This fight is a fight that quite frankly two or three months ago I hadnít thought about. Liam Smith went to Russia, he got robbed of a decision out there in a fight that probably should have taken him on to challenge for a World Title. Anthony Fowler under the tutelage of Shane McGuigan has improved and improved and wants all of the big challenges. Both camps were quite shocked when I suggested it but both camps considered the fight and both camps believe they can win. The card is absolutely fantastic.Ē

Liam Smith Ė Liverpool, England Ė 29-3-1, 16 KOs Ė fighting Anthony Fowler in a 12 round Super-Welterweight contest:

ďObviously this is a fight that was put towards me and not one I was looking at, I think Anthonyís team were hoping, but once the fight was spoke about and this was the path we were going. I said itís a fight that Iíll take and itís a fight that makes me smile, itís a fight that Iíll be bang up for.

ďIím buzzing to be top of the bill again, on a card like this, against another Liverpool fighter who I can get my teeth into. Iím looking forward to it, a little bit like the Eggington thing, with 10-ounce gloves on, in fight shape with a bit of a crowd. Iíll just show him Iím that little bit of a step ahead and he wasnít ready for that step up just yet.

ďI just think heís [Anthony] competitive, I think heís a good fighter for four rounds, but he reverts back to what he does. Once the fight goes past four rounds the fights only going one way.

ďObviously you know how bad Anthony in on social media so imagine me losing to him on social media, Iíve got to live with photos, live with that for the rest of my life. Everything like that got took into consideration, itís a big fight that makes me smile, a fight that I can get bang up for.

ďHeís got a lot to deal with in the next nine weeks, a lot of pressure, the build-up side to the fights. Iíve been in with bigger punches, better fighters, Iíve been in local derbies with my brothers, heís got a lot to deal with in the coming weeks and itíll be interested to see.

ďI believe Iíll stop him, 100%, Iíll be wary of his power the same Iíd be wary of anybodyís power on this table. Heís got 10-ounce gloves on, Iím not deluded, Iíve been in boxing a long time and I think one shot can change the fight with anyone. People are getting a little mixed up, if Anthony loses where does he go? Heís 30.

ďMy point being is, people are forgetting Anthony is 30, theyíre asking why he took this, he didnít have to. He did have to take this fight, heís 30. Thatís where it lies, heís not a prospect no more.Ē

Anthony Fowler Ė Liverpool, England Ė 15-1, 12 KOs Ė fighting Liam Smith in a 12 round Super-Welterweight contest:

ďThis is a dream come true, Iíve always wanted to be the main event in Liverpool and for this to come true is great. Iím under no illusions Iím up against it, Liam is a top, world class fighter, heís proven that. But Iím 30 years of age, I canít sit around and wait for these fights that arenít getting made so I need to roll the dice. Iím confident, Iím at my peak, my best and Iíll be at my best come fight night.

ďI wouldnít be sitting here if I didnít think I could win this fight. Heís going to be confident; heís boxed at a lot higher level, but Iíve done a lot of good stuff behind closed doors. Iíve been sparring World Champions as a kid, so I know what Iím capable of, I just need to perform on the night.

ďIíve had 16 fights and most of them have been quite easy, I havenít really been tested, I lost that fight early on in my career, but I regrouped, got a new coach and had four fights with four knockouts. Iím on my way up and coming to my peak.

ďIím as big and strong as anyone in the weight, obviously I havenít got the experience, but I hit as hard as anyone. Iím big, strong and I know what Iím capable of, I wouldnít be here if I didnít think I could win.

ďThat was me watching the likes of Bellew, Price, hoping that it would be me one day. Iím here now and Iím really grateful Ė I want to give it my all.

ďI havenít had a chance to think about it, Iíve just come out of a fight, Iíve got a baby crying. When I get back to camp, Iíll completely switch into fight mode. I wouldnít goad him at all, Iíve got a lot of respect for him, heís been world champion, his brothers have all done amazing. Itís just a fight, itís a job, boxing isnít my life itís my job. This fight is just business, itís nothing personal.Ē

Shane McGuigan, trainer and manager of Anthony Fowler:

ďThis is a huge step up for Anthony, we canít obviously make any mistakes, Liam Smith in the number one Light-Middleweight in Britain, heís a former World Champion, heís been in with Canelo and Munguia. He is the best fighter in the division, but I think itís an opportunity that Anthony has to take.

ďAnthonyís 30 years of age, itís an opportunity that I believe heís going to grab with both hands and win. Itís a fantastic fight and Iím really looking forward to it.

ďI wouldnít be taking this fight if I didnít believe Anthony was going to win. I believe if Liam loses to Anthony Fowler he's in a difficult place, but thatís why heís taken it, heís confident of winning. I believe weíre going to come away with the victory.

ďIt all goes out the window once that first bell is rang. Fight week is going to be a challenge because itís something new, the pressure of being the headline, the fight being a local derby as well. Heís sort of had that with Fitzgerald and itís just another experience but I donít believe itís going to hinder his experience.Ē

Ted Cheeseman Ė Bermondsey, England Ė 17-2-1, 10 KOs Ė defending his British Super-Welterweight Title against Troy Williamson:

"This is a really good fight for me, another undefeated fighter, good fighter, to prove myself against. I believe this is my last hurdle before I push on in my career and move past the British level. This is whatís really motivating me, I have to get past this last hurdle to be able to do that Ė youíll see the best Ted Cheeseman."

ďIf you look at my last couple of fights Iím hurting fighters a lot more now, Iím much more mature and I got Metcalf out their last time and heís a really strong, tough man. With all the experience Iíve picked up and the more Iím learning I think when I get in the ring now, they donít know what Iím going to do Ė whether Iím going to fight or box. Thereís a plan A, B and C and I believe the experience will take me all the way on this fight.Ē

Troy Williamson Ė Darlington, England Ė 16-0-1, 12 KOs Ė challenging Ted Cheeseman for the British Super-Welterweight Title:

ďItís going to be a massive fight on a huge platform and one that Iím really excited about.

ďThe British Title is every British boxers dream to win on turning professional and Iíve got the chance to do that on October 9. Iíve been saying for a lot of years now that I believe Iím the best Super-Welterweight in Britain and Iíve got a chance to prove that on October 9.

ďI rate Ted Cheeseman highly, both inside and outside the ring but on October 9 we put friendship aside and itís down to business.Ē

Kieron Conway Ė Northampton, England Ė 16-2, 3 KOs Ė fighting James Metcalf in a Super-Welterweight contest:

ďThis is a massive fight; Iím game and Iíll keep coming. I donít want to come back to these easy fights. I want these testing fights, the fights at the top of the domestic division. I want prove myself and hopefully James Metcalf brings the very best of him because Iím bringing the best of me.

ďWhen youíre sitting there thinking Cheeseman, Fowler, Fitzgerald, thinking who we can put together, youíd think Kieron Conway, because this is going to be the performance of my life Ė this is going to be the best of me.

ďIt was a massive experience to go to Texas, I took a lot from it in and outside the ring, a lot of experience and knowledge came from there. Iím going to showcase that next time out; I look forward to it. Itís going to be a great opportunity, massive show and hopefully a buzzing crowd.Ē

Luke Willis Ė Liverpool, England Ė 10-0, 1 KO Ė fighting Rylan Charlton in a Lightweight contest:

ďIím here and I couldnít have asked for a better opponent. Iím just looking forward to getting in there and showing my skills, showing what Iím about.

ďHe [Ricardo Fernandez] was coming forward; he came to win, and I only had a weekís notice to prepare for that fight. Iíve had 9/10 weeks for this, so youíll see a lot better Luke Willis come October 9.Ē

Rylan Charlton Ė Norwich, England Ė 6-1-1, 3 KOs Ė fighting Luke Willis in a Lightweight contest:

ďI canít wait for it; itís going to be a good fight. Finally dropping down to Lightweight is what I needed to do, I tested it at Welterweight Ė far too big Ė but youíve seen what I did at that weight. Iím going to take over this Lightweight division.

ďOne thing Iím really looking forward to it having all my fans, everyone from Norwich, all there. Iím looking forward to the fight and roll on the Lightweight division."

Solomon Dacres Ė Birmingham, England Ė 2-0, 1 KO Ė fighting Kamil Sokolowski in a Heavyweight contest:

ďSokolowski is one of the those, heís a bit of a bogeyman for your up and coming prospects, if youíre not switched on you can become unstuck. For me, I said letís get him out of the way early, donít build it up for anything that it isnít, heís a decent journeyman but if Iím on my game I should just deal with him the same way.

ďThe Heavyweight scene, domestically, is leading the charge in the world so if you can get your foot in the door and make a good statement right here in Britain youíre up there with the worldís best Ė thatís where I want to be myself.

ďI just take each fight as it comes, keep stepping up and get to those levels. Hopefully in the next three or fights Iíll be knocking on the door for something at a good level.Ē


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