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  Buatsi vs. Richards Press Conference Quotes

Joshua Buatsi:

"I think thereís always people to prove wrong EddieÖ The talking is nearly done. Weíre going to find out on Saturday. The switch hasnít flicked yet. I donít think it personally flicked during that face off but we are two or three days away and the switch will definitely flick.

"The struggle from camp, Iíve got that in me. And I know how I want to perform on Saturday. And itís time to show it because camp was very hard. And Iíve paid the price but someone else has got to pay it now.

"The way that life is now, I go anywhere I need to go to improve. It happened to be in the States. It happened to be in Cali and thatís where Iím at. We all have one career. So wherever I have to be, thatís where I have to be. My family my friends understand that when itís all over we can party and we can celebrate. But for now Saturday is whatís next.

"Every boxer has got an ego. Everyone sitting on this table has an ego and wants to win. Who here wants to go into a fight and lose? No hands. See what Iím saying.

"I win by being myself. You can look at the stats and say 'oh this is how he usually wins, this is the style that he fights', but Iím going to bring it and Iím in it to win it. Thereís no other way."

Craig Richards:

"100% Eddie, I do believe that Iíll be victorious otherwise I would it be here today. I believe all the fights that Iíve taken have put me in good stead.

"I just say what I want to say. If I feel something I say it.

"Itís not personal to Josh, I just believe that Iím the best in the division. Iím very good at adapting to fighters. Iíve got a very good IQ and it just depends on what I want to bring and what Iíve got in the toolbox that night. And I believe Iíve got the tools to get the job done on Saturday night. Itís not personal to him itís just that I believe I have the ability to beat anyone.

"Iíve got to keep proving the doubters wrong."

Chantelle Cameron:

"I know this is gonna be a tough fight, but thatís what I want. I want the tough fights. I want to prove that Iím a worthy World champion.

"If the stoppage comes, itíll be niceÖ Iím hitting harder and Iím fitter. Weíve been working on a few tactics and I think that my punches are going to be a bit more hurtful yeah."

Victoria Bustos:

"Whenever I prepare for any fight I prepare really really wellÖ we have prepared excellently.

"I think the fight is going to be a fantastic one on Saturday. I think itís going to be quite strategic and tactical you know.

"Whenever Iíve been called upon for an opportunity, I never say noÖ I step up. And this is the same case on Saturday.

"In terms of Saturday night, itís all about not missing the opportunityÖ but you never know, fights can be great and they can turn out brilliantly but letís see how this oneís going to go."

Alen Babic:

"Iím fulfilling my dream every time I come here. Iím in the best shape of my life.

"I expect this to be another knockout, a crazy knockout. Iím not just going there to box. Iím back to my old self. Iím just going to try to knockout this guy. I respect him and he respects me. Itís all good.

"Letís all just end careers by The Savage!

"I donít have opinions. I just do stuff and thatís what Iím gonna do."

Adam Balksi:

"As long as I can remember my friends from Poland lost when they came here, but Iím here to win.

"First of all I do respect my opponent, but he might not have too much experience in boxing. We will see on Saturday in the ring."

Robbie Davies Jr:

"Every fight that gets offered now, I just accept them all and leave them all to the team. They will sort it out and Iíll fight them all."

Javier Molina:

"I know Robbie is a tough fighter and Iím coming off of two losses against two tough fighters.

"Iím coming back down to my natural weight and Iíve been training hard. After two losses I never questioned my ability or what I could do in the sport. The only thing I questioned was what I need to adjust."

Ellie Scotney:

"Iíve stepped up every fight and Iím winning too so Saturday night is another step and I really got a step up so Iíll make sure that I do."

Cecilia Roman:

"When you except a defeat, itís not something that holds you back forever. It brings more will to come back and perseverance. Iíve got a huge desire to perform well this weekend."

Cheavon Clarke:

"Yeah fight number two! Iím looking forward to it just to correct things that I didnít do right in fight number one.

"I donít think many people can say theyíve had back to back fights at The O2 at the start of their careers. So Iím excited for that! And also weíre in London, my home city so lots of people can come and watch. Looking forward to putting on a performance."

Cyrus Pattinson:

"You've just got to dust yourself off and carry-on.

"When you cannot control what happens in a situation, you have to control how you respond and thatís all Iíve been trying to do, staying positive.

"I definitely feel like Iím transitioning to the pros now. I want to have one more fight at eight rounds and then I think Iím ready."

John Hedges:

"This is my third one on the spin at The O2 so canít complain at all. Iím getting spoiled here!

"I want to show development and keep on improving Ö and hopefully just keep the ball rolling so that performances get better.

Shiloh Defreitas:

"For this fight Iíve learned something different about myself. This fight youíre going to see a different side to me, a spiteful side.

"I chose the harder route on purpose because it makes me develop and it makes me try harder and push harder."


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