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  Buatsi vs. Richards Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

ďWelcome to London, a huge press conference for a fantastic fight. I say Domestic fight, but also a fight that has such huge ramifications for the world 175lbs scene.

ďJoshua Buatsi, Olympic bronze medallist against Craig Richards, a man whoís won British Titles, challenged for the World Title as well. This is a kind of fight that gets me excited, this is the kind of fight that seems so obvious. Two brilliant Domestic fighters but also two world class fighters as well.

ďA World Title challenger in Craig Richards and a man that many believe is destined for greatness at 175lbs. I want to thank to teams of both fighters; you need to understand these guys know each other. One from Croydon and one from Crystal Palace, a stoneís throw from each other and theyíve known each other for many years.

ďSometimes in boxing they donít want to make these fights, trainers, managers, advisors, fighters - 'weíll wait for our World Title shot'. You need to stop waiting, fighters out there that are queuing up for a World Title shot that is not imminent, donít stall your career when you could be involved in brilliant fights, fights that could take your career to another level. Thatís what weíve got May 21 in London.Ē

Joshua Buatsi:

ďA few months ago, I sat in your [Eddieís] office and said get me these fights, thereís good Light-Heavyweights in the country so itís good to mix it with one of them. As fighters you go to shows and watch, when thereís a main event with a buzz you think I wish I was in there. Iíve got mine now, for me itísí now just preparing for May 21, Spider will bring his A game but Iím ready.

ďI wouldnít dub it as the hardest test, for me, itís just the most important fight in my career right now. Itís the next fight, the fight I must win, last time with Bolotniks but this time itís Spider. Iíll prepared as diligently as I do, come May 21 Iíll be ready.

ďI have to thank Matchroom and Spiderís team, also my team, for making this fight happen. Fighters can tend to wait for the opportunity, for me currently itís looking a bit tricky, but Iíve got a good fight and thatís what Iím concentrating on.

ďI think that [Canelo] makes this a big fight for me, makes it even more important. I know what is at stake, what the reward is and thatís what I said when I was in Arizona. Iíll fight these guys as long as I know whatís next. This may lead to a World Title fight next so for me, Iím easy, no matter who it is Iím prepared.

ďIím at the point where I want to fight these guys, I want to get into these big fights. May 21 is the first stop and when we handle that, we deal with whoever is next.Ē

ďThis is nothing new, outside Iím cool and calm probably like a lot of boxers but when Iím in that ring I know what time it is. I know what I need to do, and the situation is, nice guys come last and thatís what it is in the ring. Outside the ring be how you want to be, but in that ring, I know what I have to do. In May Iíll be ready.Ē

Craig Richards:

ďI think this was a fight that was always going to be in the pipeline, I believed I was going to get to world level, I believed he [Buatsi] was obviously destined for world level as well so we knew our paths would cross at some point. Itís a good clash.

ďFor myself, I want to get back into the mix, challenge and win a World Title. I think this is the bridge to cross to make that happen today.

ďObviously Iíve been thrown in the deep end a few times and Iíve just been swimming and swimming. I have no regrets because thatís what has put me in this position today, Iíve had a lot of domestic clashes, grudge matches and cross path fights. Thatís all built my experience and ability to be confident enough to go in to win and win on May 21.

ďI believe if I didnít have those fights, it would be a harder fight, if this fight was scheduled without the experience. Iím ready to go, thatís whatís made me confident, Iím seeing the growth in myself every fight and every week, every day in gym. Iím just looking forward to going out and perform, showing that experience of the hard route.

ďIf you look at the titles Iíve won at Light-Heavyweight, I think three of the fights I was the underdog in those. When I beat Jake Ball, I was a massive underdog, they wrote me off and I went out there, delivered and got the knockout. My last title fight I was the favourite, but it didnít mean anything different, I went out and delivered. If the bookies want to sleep on me thatís up to them. The same person is in front of me, Iím not interested in the bookies or what people say, Iíve got a job to do, and Iíll deliver.

ďJosh is going to the gym to iron out all of his flaws fight by fight, what I have seen is that he showed heart and grit. I know heís got the will to win, and he will come to win. Like the other unbeaten fighters Iíve faced, more importantly, theyíve more will to win. I know he isnít going to come out and lie down, thatís for me to go and prepare to make sure I get the task done.

ďHeís not a stupid guy, heís very intelligent, heís not silly enough to just gas himself up saying yeah, Iím going to walk over Richards. I know heís going to be preparing very hard, heís going to invest in his camp and preparing diligently for me.

ďIím not going to be looking at him thinking this is a walk over, Iíll be preparing just as hard if not harder for him. We both know weíre in for a solid fight May 21 and I donít anyoneís sleeping in each other. I believe weíll both be well prepared and bringing out A games May 21.

ďI think Iíve got the capabilities to win in any way, the most important thing is to prepare all-round the board. Iíve got to be prepared for everything, at this level you canít just say Iím going to win it by a jab or closing him down. Youíve got prepare for Plan A, B, C or D, you might have to get rough and ready or box and be clever. It all depends on the night, youíve just got to make sure youíve prepared, have all your game plans and be fit, ready and strong. On the night just make it happen, listen to your team most importantly and execute what you need to win the fight."


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