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  Chris Colbert vs. Hector Garcia
Final Press Conference

Unbeaten rising star Chris ďPrimetimeĒ Colbert and undefeated Dominican Olympian Hector GarcŪa went face to face and tit for tat in a clash of styles and words Thursday at the final press conference before they meet in the ring this Saturday, February 26 live on SHOWTIME headlining a Premier Boxing Champions event from The Chelsea inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

During the event, Colbert briefly and humorously temporarily took control of the hosting duties and began peppering Garcia with questions about his chances on Saturday. Later, Garcia questioned Colbertís commitment to boxing, likening his career to a ďcircus.Ē

The press conference also featured unbeaten 2016 U.S. Olympian Gary Antuanne Russell and former world champion Viktor Postol, who meet in the co-main event, plus IBF Junior Bantamweight World Champion Jerwin Ancajas and undefeated Argentina Fernando Martinez, who meet to kick off the SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday from The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:


ďI was a little disappointed when Roger Gutierrez dropped out of the fight. I had to put that disappointment aside and just hope that him and his team recover fast. Once I beat this guy right here, I want Gutierrez next.

ďI want to thank Garcia for even taking this fight. Without that, I wouldnít even be fighting on Saturday. Garcia is just a step in my way. We all have obstacles that we have to overcome, and this is another. Iím ready to test myself against the best.

ďHe has 10 knockouts but that doesnít scare me. Everyone knows what I do. Every time someone has power against me, they get beat bad. I donít know what Iím going to beat him with, but Iím going to beat him down.

ďIím not cocky, itís just confidence in my skills. Weíve put in the work. Iím in Superman shape. I was ready to take that title.

ďI want to fight the biggest fighters in the game. Thatís going to be my legacy. Gary Russell Jr. is a tremendous fighter and Iím willing to give him an opportunity to fight for the title at 130-pounds. Weíre both dogs and I donít want any easy fights.

ďI can do it all in the ring. How are you going to beat me if I can do it all? Iím a real fighter and I want to give the fans tremendous action.

ďIf he thinks Iím a clown, Iím going to juggle with him on Saturday and give everyone a show.Ē


ďMy team has worked tirelessly to have me ready for this great fight. I donít consider this a dangerous fight, because I feel ready. Thanks to my team, I have the foundation to become victorious. Iím going to show the fans what Iím capable of Saturday night.

ďIíve seen Chris fight and what I really want to see, is if heís all about boxing, or if heís about the circus. Iím going to make him work for this.

ďIíve had tremendous training for this fight with Ismael Salas. I knew from the start that Salas would not be able to be at this fight because of a fight in the U.K., but Iím confident in the work weíve put in. I have a whole team that is more than capable.

ďThis is the moment Iíve always waited for. This is the chance to announce myself on a big stage. I know that I just have to leave it all in the ring.

ďI jumped on the opportunity to take this fight against a great opponent like Chris Colbert. Boxing is what I am about. This is how I prove what Iím worth. Thereís no greater motivation needed than that.

ďBottom line, I believe in my fists and my power. My boxing prowess as a whole and my ability to be versatile is going to help me win this fight.


ďA fighter of his caliber, beating him in any form is a statement. You canít take anything away from what heís done in this sport. He says heís driven, well Iím driven too.

ďA person who is determined can become dangerous. And Iím one of those determined people. Weíre both going to bring our best. Iím coming to give a great performance.

ďTheyíre going to say that Iím truly a superstar after this fight. Thatís what Iíve been saying for a long time. Iím stamping it on Saturday night.

ďIím going to give a show like Iíve always done. Itís like the sun shining. This is what I do. Iím going to get in there and shine.

ďThis is the vision that me and my family have always had. We strive to have our own level of preparedness. Weíre not just participants in this sport, we want to set our mark in this sport.

ďTo be the next rising superstar, thatís part of our plan. Iíve believed it all along, and now that other people are starting to see it, weíre getting that much closer to our goal. The plan is to keep the knockout streak going. Execution is always our goal. Thatís the family credo.

ďI hope that with everything going on back home for Postol in Ukraine that it motivates him and makes him hungry to give the world a great fight on Saturday.Ē


ďIím so glad to be back fighting here in the U.S. again. I was waiting for this fight and Iím very hungry and excited to get into the ring again.

ďI feel young and strong. I believe in myself. Iím very confident that I will become world champion again. This fight is a step toward achieving that feat again.

ďHaving Freddie Roach as a trainer is a huge boost for me. Heís always able to give me the right adjustments in training and during the fight. It just helps my confidence even more.

ďThe situation in Ukraine has escalated a lot and itís hard not to think about it. Iím working on focusing on the fight. My family is in the middle of everything, but they are safe and thatís what is most important.Ē


ďIím very thankful for this opportunity to realize my dream and fight here in Las Vegas. Iím very happy that Martinez has trained so hard for this fight. Being a champion, I always want to bring a good fight.

ďIt gives me motivation that heís an Olympian and that he has lots of experience in the amateurs. Iím excited for this fight. Iím feeling very energetic and I canít wait to get into the ring.

ďIf I have the opportunity to get the knockout, Iím going to go for it. If I see an opening or a weakness, Iím ready to take advantage of it.

ďWhen I defend this title, then I want the unification fight next. Iím ready to go wherever I have to in order to get that fight. But Iím definitely not overlooking Martinez. I know that heís going to do his best and that excites me.Ē


ďI have plenty of experience of my own. Iíve fought everywhere at every level. This isnít my first rodeo. Iím going to take everything Iíve learned to try to become the new champion. Thatís what I plan to do.

ďMy experience is going to show. This is my first fight in Las Vegas, but you will all be witnesses of how my experience in this sport will help me win this title.

ďAncajas and I have similar styles. Weíre going to see whoís the best once the bell rings. I want to give the fans a great show and leave it all in the ring for Argentina.Ē


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