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  Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero
Media Workout Quotes

Five-time world champion Gervonta ďTankĒ Davis, boxingís hottest young attraction, and unbeaten No.1 ranked contender and mandatory challenger Rolando Romero kicked off fight week Wednesday at a media workout before they square off in the SHOWTIME PPV main event this Saturday, May 28 headlining a Premier Boxing Champions event from Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The media workout also featured WBA Middleweight Champion Erislandy ďThe American DreamĒ Lara and hard-hitting Gary ďSpikeĒ OíSullivan, who square off in the co-main event, sensational young star Jesķs ďMonoĒ Ramos and Luke SantamarŪa, who compete in a 10-round super welterweight showdown, plus hard-hitting contender Eduardo RamŪrez and Puerto Ricoís Luis Melťndez, who kick off the telecast at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Mayweather Promotions, GTD Promotions and TGB Promotions, are on sale now and can be purchased through seatgeek.com and barclayscenter.com. Tickets are also available for purchase at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center.

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday from world famous Gleasonís Gym in Brooklyn:


ďIt means a lot to be back at Barclays Center. The atmosphere here is incredible. This is a great city. I wouldnít want to fight anywhere else. Iím grateful to have a great fanbase here and weíre excited.

ďIím not emotional about what ĎRollyí is saying. At first I was, but he showed me that heís just a hype job. Heís trying to hype himself up to get into the fight. It feels like heís acting fake right now. Heís never been in this position and you can tell.

ďWe have to wait and see what happens. Heís predicting a first round knockout, but Iím predicting something else. Make sure you buy the PPV or come out if youíre in Brooklyn, because itís going to be a hell of a fight for sure.

ďA lot of fighters are calling each other out but arenít fighting. He worked his way up to this point and called me out. Now the fight is happening, so itíll be great to have him on my resume after he talked all that trash.

ďThe fight is here. Iím sure itíll be a little tense at the press conference, but not for me. Iím only worrying about getting in there Saturday and handling business.

ďI think Iím growing as I continue on this path. I feel as though Iím getting better and better each day. Iím trying to walk like a champion just as much as I fight like a champion. I have two great daughters that Iím trying to raise and Iím trying to be the best person I can be.

ďItís going to be a hell of a fight. I know that itís going to be fireworks for sure. Heís coming with a lot of power and emotion and Iím coming with my power for sure. I just canít wait. Itís a big night for boxing.Ē


ďLook at the resume of his fights. Heís faced weight drained guys, U.K. fighters, 122 and 126 pounders, and guys past their prime. Mario Barrios was weight drained in a damn bathtub for eight hours straight. I also thought Isaac Cruz beat him up.

ďDavis didnít show up to sparring twice when we agreed to it, because heís scared of me. He says Iím scared, but that guy is scared of me.

ďThis feels really good. Itís about time he gets in the ring with me. Iím built for this moment and this fight. Not everyone is built for this. Davis obviously isnít built for this. He canít even say a word. Iím the superstar here.

ďI already think Iím pound-for-pound number one, so I definitely should be in that spot after I win on Saturday.

ďHeís going to get knocked out in one round. Heís been knocked down in the gym a bunch of times. He gets wobbled, knocked out and all sorts of hurt. I feel bad for him.

ďIím going to go in there and beat him up. Thatís my only game plan.

ďMake your money betting on me in this fight. Weíre all going to get rich together.Ē


ďI feel great. Iím very excited to be back fighting in Brooklyn again. This is a great opportunity to perform on a big stage on SHOWTIME PPV.

ďMy expectation is to go in there and put on a good show. I feel very strong and very prepared and weíll see what happens in the ring on Saturday.

ďTraining camp went great. We put in incredible work in the gym day after day. Now Iím excited to be here for fight week.

ďI need about two rounds to get familiar with my opponent, then Iíll be able to tell exactly where this fight is going. Once I figure out what I need to do, itís just about executing.

ďMy only focus is on this fight Saturday night. If the other champions want to avoid me thatís their problem. Iím taking it one fight at a time.Ē


ďMy layoff doesnít mean a great deal to me. Iíve sparred three days a week during training camp. So any ring rust has been shaken off in camp.

ďIím looking forward to fighting at Barclays Center. It looks like an amazing atmosphere from everything Iíve seen and itís going to be an honor to step into the ring.

ďThe first thing on my mind is beating Lara on Saturday. Iím ready for this opportunity. When I win this fight, Iíll be ready to beat him again in the rematch.

ďI wouldnít say that Lara has fallen off. Heís still a great fighter. He might even be more powerful than heís been in the past. He sits down on his punches much better now and I think that suits me even better.

ďI look forward to sharing the ring with Lara. Iíve got a good chin and Iím a tough man. Iím facing a great boxer who would give anyone trouble. I have to find a way to overcome that.

ďI always come to fight. Iím coming in there to take him out. My mission is to stop him. I want to become the first man to stop him.Ē


ďIím very excited for my first time fighting here in Brooklyn. Itís a big moment for me also because he beat my uncle (Abel Ramos) so I have to get revenge.

ďFighting someone who beat my uncle is some extra motivation for sure. I donít have anything against him personally. I donít have any anger toward him. This is a business at the end of the day. He got the nod in that fight, but Iím going to make sure I get the nod Saturday.

ďIím pretty calm as a fighter. I stay composed in there. I wonít let any emotions get the best of me. Iím just going to focus on the game plan.

ďI want to show what I can do in there. Santamaria is a good boxer who moves well, so I have to remedy that. Iím going to show everyone I can handle that style.

ďSantamaria is smaller than me, so Iím expecting a knockout. Iím a full 154 pounder now and Iím going to show him the difference.

ďThere are a lot of big fights to be made in this division. I want to get in there with all of the top guys. Eventually, Iím going to be ready for that world title shot.

ďIíve got a lot of family and friends coming here from Arizona and I expect to be able to hear them on Saturday night.Ē


ďThis is very exciting. Iíve always wanted to fight in New York and what better place than at Barclays Center?

ďThis is a very important fight for me. Even though itís at a new weight class, itís still very crucial I get this win. I feel really good at the weight, I had less to cut and I get to eat a little more. I feel very strong.

ďIím planning to go in there and show him the sweet science of boxing. Iím going to take him to school. Iím prepared for anything thatís coming on Saturday.

ďIím very thankful to those people who have followed me throughout my career. Nobody is going to want to miss this one.

ďIím very motivated to be in this position on a huge card like this. Iím ready to put on a show and shock the world once again.

ďIím sticking to my boxing roots. I can box and fight, but Iím going to be ready for whatever the fight dictates. This is going to be a great atmosphere and I canít wait.

ďI know that Ramos is coming for my head because I beat his uncle (Abel Ramos). I have to be smart and have my head on straight. Itís a little bit of a strange situation but itís motivating.Ē


ďThis is a very important fight for me. I know that itís going to be a great challenge, but itís the next step I need to take for my career.

ďMy camp has been heavy on a lot of sparring. Iíve been doing everything that I can to make this training camp as intense as possible.

ďThe fans are going to see a very aggressive Eduardo Ramirez. The fans here have seen me fight before and theyíre going to be in for a show once again on Saturday night.

ďThis is my chance to get one step closer to a world title. Iím putting myself in line to be the mandatory for Shakur Stevenson so I hope he steps up and agrees when the time to fight comes.

ďThis means everything to me. Iím extremely motivated to win this fight. This is an extremely important fight for my career.

ďIím not focused on predicting a knockout, but I know that no matter what Iím going to come get a victory.Ē


ďThis is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. Iíve been waiting for it and Iím going to take advantage on Saturday.

ďA win on Saturday means everything to me. The goal is to not leave this fight in the judgesí hands. Whether itís a decision or knockout, Iím going to come out of there with my hand raised.

ďI donít know too much about my opponent, but I know that he hasnít been in there with anybody like me. I canít judge him based off other fights, but thatís what makes this a great matchup. Weíre going to bring the best out of each other.

ďBrooklyn has a lot of Puerto Rican fans and being on this stage is a life-changing opportunity. Iím going to come out of this fight as a superstar.

ďIím going to win and it wonít matter who comes next. Iím going to be ready for them. Iíve prepared myself and I believe in my skills and my team. I know my abilities and I was born to be here. This is my time for sure.Ē


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