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  Harlem Eubank Media Workout Quotes

Unbeaten Brighton man Harlem Eubank (15-0, 6 KOs) looked sharp and ready for action ahead of facing the former WBA International Super Lightweight champion Tom Farrell (21-5, 5 KOs) at Londonís famous York Hall on Friday November 25, live on Channel 5.

Harlem Eubank will be looking to continue his rise amongst the Super Lightweight rankings as he continues to do the 'Eubank' name justice with his undefeated record. He showed his steel and resolve last time out as he had to deal with some illegal approaches from opponent Eliot Chavez, who was later disqualified. Having ground Chavez down to a frustrated and desperate fighter, Eubank will be look to get the better of Farrell this time round as he pushes for gold in the near future.

Harlem Eubank:

"I'm feeling great, nice and relaxed, ready to put on a performance Friday night. Heís a good, experienced opponent whoíll present new challenges in there that Iím ready to overcome. My preparationís been good, as it always is, so Iím focused and prepared to do a job on Friday night."

"It's all about a flow state, youíre only focused about whatís going on in the ring. The atmosphere is going to be great in there, but the ring is all Iím focused and the man in front of me which is Tom."

"We have a wealth of talent in the gym, so we're constantly bouncing off each other and learning from each other as well as having great coaches too. It has been a long camp, so Iíve had a lot of time to progress, improve, and touch up on certain things. Ready to show it all on Friday night."

"Itís been great activity from me, and Iíve been stepping up in each fight and adding new bits to my game, and overcoming different challenges which is exactly what I need. Itís been a great year and Iíll put the cherry on the cake with a performance that reflects my progression on fight night. I want big fights, title fights, and huge occasions. Thatís where I want to be."

"Itís time to start looking for the titles, whether itís British or European to begin with, international belts even; itís time to start looking at the path weíre going to take to get to the next level and eventually that world stage. Whatever gets me those opportunities will be the ladder I climb, and next year will be the time to make my move on them titles."

"Iím looking to build organically. Iíve kicked down doors from the beginning and Iím forming my own path. Itís important that my progression to that level is natural and that i don't skip any steps so, when reach that level, Iím a force to be reckoned with."

"Lets see what happens, Itís likely you might witness another finish on Friday."

Harlem Eubank (15-0, 6 KOs) and Tom Farrell (21-5, 5 KOs) headline at the historic York Hall on a huge night for British boxing, Friday November 25. Liam ĎThe Machineí Williams (24-4-1, 18 KOs) looks to remind everyone of his Middleweight prowess against ĎThe Bomberí Nizar Trimech (9-3-2, 4 KOs) on an unbelievable night of action that also includes Ricky Hatton protťgť and former Team GB Flyweight star Chloe Watson (3-0), and Swedenís Lucy Wildheart (10-1, 4 KOs) as she makes a swift return to the ring at Featherweight at York Hall. A stacked undercard also features on this huge domestic show promoted by Wasserman Boxing in association with William Hill and Infinitum Entertainment, all the action will be shown live and free on Channel 5.


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