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  Stephen Fulton Jr. vs. Danny Roman & David Morrell Jr. vs. Kalvin Henderson Virtual Press Conference

Unified WBC and WBO Super Bantamweight World Champion Stephen Fulton Jr. promised victory and former unified champion Danny Roman predicted a Fight of the Year during a virtual press conference on Tuesday to preview their much-anticipated title showdown before headlining action live on SHOWTIME on Saturday, June 4 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from The Armory in Minneapolis.

The virtual press conference also featured WBA Super Middleweight Champion and Minneapolis fan-favorite David Morrell Jr. and Kalvin Henderson discussing their duel which serves as the co-main event of the SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXINGģ telecast beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

After unifying titles in a 2021 Fight of the Year against Brandon Figueroa on SHOWTIME last November, Philadelphiaís Fulton returns to action against the exciting Los Angeles-native Roman, who seeks to become a unified champion at 122-pounds for the second time in a matchup built to deliver fireworks. In the co-main event, Morrell will look to thrill the fans in his adopted hometown once again and extend his knockout streak to four against Henderson, after a 2021 that saw him twice score two KOís at The Armory.

Here is what the fighters had to say Tuesday:


ďEverything has been great. Camp has been amazing and challenging for me training through Ramadan. Training with little energy during Ramadan actually helped me as far as making weight. Right now, Iím just looking forward to June 4.

ďIíve fought during Ramadan four years in a row and got knockouts. I already know how to prepare for a fight this way. My mental is just different when Iím fasting and on my spiritual journey. Those are the things that push me to the next level mentally. The fight game is more mental than physical anyway.

ďRoman was doing a lot of tweeting at me saying that I was ducking, and I just didnít say anything back and made the fight happen. I just want them to keep that same energy. I was presented with other fighters to face, and I chose Danny Roman. He deserved the opportunity, so I gave it to him.

ďHeís a great fighter and you canít take that away from him. I donít understand how he didnít get his rematch for his original belts, but I decided to give him the shot at mine.

ďI expect Roman to be different against me than in any other fight. Heís looking to get back on top. I have to be smart and able to adapt. Thatís what I do best.

ďI donít care what anyone on the outside thinks. I know what I am. Iím the unified champ. I only have to prove it to myself. I think since my last fight, Iíve changed my mentality. Iím not worried about anyone else, Iím taking these fights for me.

ďThe winner of this fight needs to go for undisputed. Itís the other side that wants to keep waiting. Those are the only fights that interest me. Itís all champions against other champions and top contenders for me. Once we take care of this fight, hopefully we go for undisputed next.

ďFans are going to see a victory. I guarantee a victory. I canít say how itís going to happen. Because my mood and mind changes every day. As of right now, just expect to see a smart boxer.

ďI showed against Brandon Figueroa that I can do whatever it takes to get the job done. I boxed early in my career and Iíve fought toe-to-toe in recent bouts. I know what Iím capable of and Iím going to show you.

ďBeing in two dog fights back-to-back has only pushed me to an even higher level of confidence. I can do what I want in that ring at any time. Whenever I want to.Ē


ďItís been a great training camp. Weíve been getting ready for the best in the unified champion Stephen Fulton. Itís a fight you have to see. Weíre going to have the same energy that Iíve had on social media. You can consider him the best in the division right now. Heís the champion I want right now.

ďWe know that Stephen Fulton can make the right adjustments. Itís going to depend on the fight he brings and the fight I bring. Whoever makes the best adjustments is going to win the fight. You could say it will be like a chess match. I can do a little bit of everything and he can do a little bit of everything as well. It depends who makes the right adjustments that night.

ďThis is a fight where I can earn a lot of respect. Thatís what every fighter wants. Even when I became a unified champion, they still had me below the other champions. I think that goes for Fulton as well. Everybody is trying to prove themselves as the best in the division. This is the fight. Iím fighting against who is considered the best in the division and I get a chance to be back on top.

ďItís true that when I was the champion, Fulton was calling me out and I didnít give him the chance. He called me out and I had different plans. I wanted to unify the belts and be undisputed. Iím thankful that heís given me the chance to fight him now that heís champion.

ďFans should expect a great fight and even a Fight of the Year. We always go out there and fight our heart out. Weíll give the best that we can for the people and I know Fulton is going to do the same. Heís the unified champion defending his belts. I want those belts, so it will be a great night.

ďMy fight against Murodjon Akhmadaliev was a close fight and I still believe I won. Then I didnít get the rematch, so now two-and-a-half years later, Iím getting another chance to get back on top so Iím more than thankful for that.

ďFulton fought a good fight against Brandon Figueroa. He was smart and made good adjustments during the fight. It was a close one but he took it, so respect to him.

ďWeíve been in situations like this before. Important fights. Now, Iím the challenger. Iím challenging Fulton for the two titles so mentally, Iím ready. Iíve been through this road already and I know what it takes. Iíve trained hard like I always do. Mentally and physically, I feel prepared.

ďThis is my chance. It doesnít come twice, especially against a unified champion. Iím one step away from becoming a unified champion again. This is for everything. Either you do this, or you donít. Iím more than excited and I feel more than ready. I hope Fulton feels the same way. Letís give the people what they want to see. They want to see a great fight, so letís give it to them.Ē


ďI have a lot of respect for Henderson and Iím excited for this fight. Henderson is a quality opponent and Iím looking forward to fighting him. Iíve won by knockout in Minneapolis all three times Iíve fought there and Iím looking forward to seeing everyone again on June 4.

ďThis is a huge platform for me to show the world what Iím capable of. Iím ready to take advantage of it. Iím here to prove my worth to everyone watching at The Armory and around the world.

ďIím 100% ready for the biggest fights at super middleweight. This is a great chance for the winner to show that theyíre among the elite 168-pound fighters.

ďI donít really see any limitations or weaknesses in Henderson as a fighter. Iím just going to go out there and have fun and do my job. The rest will be decided on June 4.

ďI got to spend 10 weeks training with Ronnie Shields, as opposed to only three weeks before my last fight, and it could not have been better. We just have incredible chemistry. At this point weíre just putting on the finishing touches and getting ready to be 100% on fight night.

ďThereís nothing I love more than fighting on the big stage. Thatís what motivates me more than anything in the world. Iím just looking to take advantage of the stage thatís been set for me.

ďOn June 4 itís going to be the fourth anniversary of me leaving Cuba and not being able to see my family. Iím glad that there will be an easier and more convenient path for Cuban fighters to reach their dream. As long as itís legit and pro boxing is truly allowed there, then it will really make me happy.

ďIím coming to put on a show like I always do and give the fans what they deserve. I canít wait for this fight.Ē


ďI know Morrell has a strong amateur background and good skills, but all the pressure is on him. Weíre in his hometown. Heís undefeated and I have one loss, so I donít have that burden on my back. Iím going to use my skill set and put my hands on him.

ďIt doesnít get bigger than this. This is what people dream about when they first start boxing. I know that a game opponent will bring the best out of me, so everyone should expect to see the best of both of us on June 4.

ďThis fight is a way to show your worth. We also know that winning fights isnít good enough, itís how you win that gets you to those top fights that everyone wants to see.

ďOn paper this may look like a big step up for me, but itís not much different than what Iíve faced in the amateurs or sparring in the gym. I just have to prove that to everyone else, because we see it in the gym every day.

ďI suffered an injury in the third round of my loss. I had a great game plan but the injury threw us off of that. I have heart, so I kept going with that injury and didnít make any excuses. We just went back to the drawing board.

ďWhen I first turned pro in 2016 I was fighting in the amateurs at 165 pounds, so the logical choice was 160. I realized how hard those extra five pounds were, so around fight eight or nine we moved up to 168. Weíve been there ever since. Iíve fought at higher weights only because my opponents couldnít make 168. Thatís the division Iím focused on.

ďBoxing is all about proving yourself to the rest of the world. Thatís what weíre looking forward to doing on June 4.Ē


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