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  Danny Garcia vs. Jose Benavidez Jr.
Fight Week Media Workout Quotes

Two-division world champion Danny ďSwiftĒ Garcia and exciting contender Jose Benavidez Jr. kicked off fight week events on Wednesday showing off their skills and claiming they would be the better fighter at super welterweight during a media workout ahead of their showdown this Saturday, July 30 headlining live on SHOWTIME from Barclays Center in Brooklyn in a Premier Boxing Champions event.

The workout also featured Polish star and Brooklynís all-action Adam Kownacki and Turkish Olympian Ali Eren Demirezen, who meet in the heavyweight co-main event, plus unbeaten rising star Gary Antuanne Russell and former two-division champion Rances Barthelemy, who square off in the SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXINGģ telecast opener at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. While Kownacki is trying to prove heís still a top heavyweight after back-to-back losses, Russell will endeavor to show heís an elite talent and a future superstar against yet another proud contender. Russell is also fighting with a heavy heart after his fatherís passing on May 23.

Wednesdayís event also included rising prospect Vito Mielnicki Jr., who takes on Jimmy Williams as part of the SHOWTIME BOXING COUNTDOWN show streaming live on the SHOWTIME Sportsģ YouTube channel and SHOWTIME Boxing Facebook beginning at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. Fans can also catch up with Mielnicki before he steps in the ring through this revealing DAY IN CAMP feature on the emerging star.

Also stepping into the ring during Wednesdayís workout was Brooklynís Junior Younan, a former amateur star who competes in a non-televised undercard bout on Saturday night.

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday from world famous Gleasonís Gym in Brooklyn:


ďIím excited to be back at Barclays Center. I canít wait. Iím here to show the world that Iím ready for this weight class. I feel strong and I want to go in there and make a real statement.

ďHeís going to see what I bring into the ring on Saturday. Iíve had the right sparring for this fight and I prepared perfectly. It was really a perfect camp.

ďItís not about weight, itís about skill. You donít become a three-time world champion because youíre just bigger. Itís about skill and technique and thatís what we bring to the table.

ďThe only goal is to get this ĎWí on Saturday, then weíll start setting new goals. I expect Benavidez to come to fight, other than that, just expect me to do my thing.

ďIím going to be really strong on Saturday. This is a good weight class for me, especially at this point in my career. Thereís a lot of good fighters in the division for me to fight.

ďI have more strength, more stamina, Iíve done more sparring because Iím at this new weight class. This is the most rounds Iíve ever sparred in camp. Everything we do, we did it more this camp.Ē


ďIím coming in with a bang. I take every fight like itís the biggest fight of my life. Iím excited and Iím ready to go.

ďIím glad that Danny is confident. Heís going to find out on Saturday that 154 pounds isnít for him. I fought Terence Crawford on one leg and gave him a fight. I know what Iím capable of and Iím going to fight like that.

ďIím not worried about what Danny is bringing. I know what Iím capable of. I trained hard and Iím doing this for my family.

ďI feel great fighting at this weight. Iím a big guy. We had a tremendous training camp and Iím extremely motivated. I feel better than ever.

ďMy leg feels great. The biggest thing with this camp is that Iím happy. For all of these other camps Iím far away from my family but this camp we did it back home in Seattle. I just feel like this is my time to shine.

ďMy last fight I was trying to do too much, and because of that, I didnít do anything at all. Everything happens for a reason and I feel ready to fight. I know that I can beat the best at 154, it starts with Danny.Ē


ďItís awesome to be back fighting at home at Barclays Center. Iím looking to put on a great performance on a big stage on SHOWTIME.

ďIím looking to come forward, attack the body and get him out of there. Iím trying to show the whole division that Iím back. The last couple fights didnít go my way, but Iím going to show that it was just a bump in the road.

ďI lost six percent body fat and turned it into muscle, so Iím feeling great. I want to be the old Adam and take no more steps backwards.

ďIím trying to win the title for Brooklyn. Thereís still a lot I want to accomplish in the sport, including one day fighting back home in Poland.Ē


ďIím here to fight. Iím not here to play around, Iím coming to win. This is a big moment in my career, but Iím going to do everything I can to have my hand raised. I know how important this fight is for my career.

ďI said before the Gerald Washington fight that Iím here to stay (which he won by eighth-round stoppage). I want to achieve my dreams in the U.S. After this fight, the fans will know my name even better than before.

ďIím here to be the next great heavyweight fighter. I want to be known worldwide and follow in the footsteps of those who came before me.Ē


ďIíve fought at Barclays Center before and I try not to overly magnify these fights and opponents, because this is what we do. We live for this, but it doesnít define who we are. Because itís what we do, we wonít undermine itís importance.

ďMy father instilled a lot of information and wisdom into us. He installed in us moral integrity and moral fiber and I thank him for that. To keep that going on, thatís a chore that weíve all taken on. Itís a priority.

ďI wouldnít want to have an unfamiliar person in my camp, so itís great to have my brother Gary Jr. training me. If I canít trust the person in my corner, then my fight would be real unfortunate probably. Itís a bittersweet thing, but it makes the transition easier.

ďThe point of this sport is to hit and not get hit. Rances Barthelemy is a crafty fighter. He likes to lure his opponent into a clean shot.

ďMy whole objective is to clean out the 140-pound division. Thatís the goal in front of us.Ē


ďI feel great here. I love fighting at Barclays Center. You can really feel the Latin heat there. They all come out and support. I love it and I appreciate it. Iím looking forward to this.

ďMy motivation is at an all-time high. Heís a future star and a quality opponent. My experience will be a factor though. In addition, my endurance and how I approach this fight physically will be key for me.

ďThis is an opportunity for me to achieve my goal and my dream, which is to make history for Cuban boxing. Iím prepared and I hope everyone tunes in for this on Saturday.

ďI have no words to describe how this feels. This is a big responsibility for me, because I fight for Cubans everywhere. This country has been great opening doors for me and Iím thankful that Iíve been able to achieve my dream. At the same time, it is my duty to fight for my oppressed brothers and sisters in Cuba.

ďIím very thankful for this opportunity. I fought a bad fight in 2019 against Robert Easter (in a split draw) and now itís time for me to redeem myself and give the people the fight they want to see.Ē


ďIím feeling strong and ready to go. We had a great training camp down in Orlando and got some great work overall. Weíre ready for whatever my opponent brings.

ďThe main thing I learned from my loss is that proper preparation prevents poor performance. You canít expect to go into a fight with two weeks training and get the best performance. I learned a lesson that Iíll remember for the rest of my career.

ďEver since I got with coach Chino Rivas, weíve really been on the same page. This is our second fight together and Iím ready to put everything on display.

ďI expect to be more explosive and show a high punch output. Iím going to be precise and have a strong defense. Iíll show everything that Iíve been working on.

ďIíve fought in a lot of big venues, but to be fighting at Barclays Center is going to be a great experience and I canít wait to put on a show.Ē


ďIím coming to shake the room. This is my hometown. Iím going to make sure this hurts for my opponent on Saturday.

ďI feel good and Iím ready. These are the kind of fights I take to stay busy. Iím going to get all the way down to 168 for my next fight. I want to face Caleb Plant.

ďThe fans can expect fireworks. Iím going to show what I have. Iíve never given myself the full opportunity to show myself in these big moments and Iím just ready to go. As Iíve gotten older Iíve realized how seriously I need to take this sport and Iím ready now.Ē


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