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  Roman Gonzalez vs. Julio Cesar Martinez
Final Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn

Welcome to San Diego ahead of a huge night of boxing this Saturday available all around the world on DAZN. Headlined by an incredible fight in the Super-Flyweight division between the pound-for-pound legend Chocolatito and the WBC flyweight world champion Mexicos Julio Cesar Martinez.

Of course, yesterday, we were here in San Diego for the press conference to announced Canelo Alvarez against Dmitry Bivol live on DAZN PPV May 7 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

I had goosebumps when I saw Chocolatito and Martinez come up on the stage because as a fight fan, this fills me with so much excitement. Six weeks ago, it was announced as Estrada vs Chocolatito the trilogy, when I got text that Juan Estrada wont be ready for March 5.

I started thinking about the possible replacements, maybe a fight with Ancajas the other world champion or somebody else in the division. Then I thought about this crazy Mexican we represented called Julio Cesar Martinez, the WBC world flyweight champion and I thought he wouldnt take that fight, would he? I texted Eddy Reynoso asking if hes interested and 30 second later, he said, my crazy guy is ready.

This is one of the most exciting, dangerous pound-for-pound fighters in the sport against one of the absolute all-time legends of the sport. In a sport that is so difficult to make big fights, I want to say thank you to both men for accepting the challenge and giving us what I believe a fight we will never forget on Saturday night.

Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez

The pleasure is mine, when the Estrada fight well through, but today we have a great opponent in Martinez. When they offered me that fight, I accepted it with pleasure, were in excellent in condition thank God for my training team and camp. Im hoping to God we walk away with our hand raised in victory.

I have an opponent that comes forward but Im going to come forward, its going to be a tremendous fight and I think the fans are going to be really happy with the fight.

I love all the Mexican people; Ive had the opportunity to fight against many Mexican people. I know Nicaraguan people are going to come out here and support, but the most important thing is we have God on our side. He gives me the strength and the blessing; I hope to walk away with my hand raised in victory.

Julio Cesar Martinez

Its a big challenge, Im very excited and motivated to be fighting a big legend like Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez. I want to thank him for choosing us in this big fight, like I say with everything but fear, anywhere and against anyone.

I want to thank the fans and people for their support. As always I want to wish that we both come out well from the fight God willing and to keep making history this is just the start.

As always, were prepared for everything, decision, for it to be a clash, a technical fight. Were coming in here well trained; I want to make sure the public walks away with a good taste in their mouth.

Mauricio Lara

Im very happy to be making my professional debut in the US on this big card between Chocolatito and Martinez. Im very happy and as always, youre going to get a war.

Ive learned a lot in recent times, Ive made a lot of drastic changes both in my corner and in myself. This fight youre going to see a different Mauricio Lara.

After having fought in front of 22,000 fans its good to be coming back home with a Mexican crowd.

Emilio Sanchez

Im very excited for this fight, I believe in my skills and that I can beat Mauricio Lara this coming Saturday.

Ive studied Lara very well, he has great power put its nothing new to me, Ive fought guys like him before. I believe I can beat him.

Me beating Mauricio Lara will put me right back in the mix, put me in the rankings and thats what I look forward to doing.

Angel Fierro

Im happy to be returning and I always give good fights, Ive demonstrated that in the past, this is not an exception. This a big opportunity and youre going to see fireworks this Saturday.

After this victory over Burgos Im going to be asking for those opportunities whoever may be, Im looking for those world titles opportunities.

Juan Carlos Burgos

Its going to be a very interesting fight because it possesses some of the ingredients that makes it interesting between me and Angel. Its going to be a fight between youth and experience, you want to stay tuned to this fight and the fans will walk away from this fight very happy.

Souleymane Cissokho

Hes young, hungry, he can punch so thats good for me. I cant wait for Saturday night to take care of business.

Valenzuela is a good opponent, he has a good record and a lot of knockouts, thats good for me to challenge for the world title for sure. This year I want to challenge for the world title and I have to pass this first test.

Roberto Valenzuela

Its a great opportunity for me and Im aware of that, its my opportunity to shine and to make myself known, make sure everyone knows my name after my performance this Saturday.

Its a great opportunity, an undefeated fighter but I train to win, Im going to demonstrate that it was a bad decision to have faced me. Im going to show him what fighters are really made of.

Diego Pacheco

Ive been around for a while, and I feel like a lot of people forget Im still 20 years old. Ive made a few changes in my camp, linked up with Jose Benavidez, Team Benavidez, camp has been great. Im excited to show the world a new Diego Pacheco this Saturday.

My first three fights as a pro were at 160 and it was kind of tough back then, I felt like I was still growing so I might as well go up to 168. I was already on weight two week before coming to San Diego so Jose said you could make 160 easy and with the right camp, I feel like 160 would be a good weight class for me. Get a title there first and move back up to 168.

Marc Castro

Im definitely ready for another big show this Saturday with Matchroom and DAZN. Im ready to just display my talents here in San Diego.

My main goal was always since the beginning to just focus on my lane, stay in my lane. Work hard in the gym, stay humble and Im beating all the guys for a reason. Im not stopping now.

Im not overlooking this guy, Im going to take care of business in spectacular fashion, get the win and hopefully return in Las Vegas.

Skye Nicolson

Im really excited, its been a whirlwind, a huge journey but Im absolutely loving the process and I cant wait for Saturday night.

The best Skye Nicholson is against quality opponents and thats why I wanted this fight, I wanted to fight someone whos coming in there to win. Thats why youre going to see my best performance.

Im loving all of it, I think the fights just going to be the cherry on top. I absolutely love the whole experience and Im just soaking it all up.

Anthony Herrera

This is my second pro fight and Im just looking forward to it, Saturday is the same thing I did in MSG and Im real excited.

I enjoyed MSG a lot, I love New York and everything about the pros, its a lot more freedom than the amateurs. Im just real excited because Im now here in California, my folk and supporters and coming to watch me, Im going to put on a show for them.

I just want to take it a fight at a time, make sure I perform right and thats all that really matters. Everything will take care of itself.


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