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  Martinez vs. Warrington II Final Press Conference

Kiko Martinez:

ďIím confident because as I said last time, I was going to become World Champion and I did it. I said I was going to beat Kid Galahad within the distance, and I did. The same will happen on Saturday, I will beat Josh Warrington within the distance. Maybe heís too confident and doesnít understand heís facing Kiko Martinez.

ďJosh is a great boxer, heís won some fantastic fights in his career, beating Frampton, Selby, Galahad and many more. Heís still a big name in boxing, I think he was doing well in the Lara fight until the accidental clash of heads. Heís still got credibility in the world of boxing, and I want to go on and beat him, knowing last time it wasnít just luck when I won the world title against Kid Galahad.

ďIím confident because Iíve visualised this in training, Iíve visualised knocking Josh Warrington out. When I say something, Iíll do it, so you canít just believe it and not follow through and do it. When I say things, Iím going to do it and Iím going to do it on Saturday night.Ē

Josh Warrington:

ďIím very excited, Iíve had a few sunbeds and my hair is looking on point, suit on. Itís a good occasion, the sunís out, it kind of reminds me of four years ago when I first become World Champion Ė same kind of energy. I feel like the city is excited for Saturday night because they know whatís to come, World Championship will be staying in Leeds. Iím very grateful to Kiko for giving me this opportunity but the belt is staying here on Saturday night.

ďI must have upset him in some way because heís demanded this fight. Iíve said it in many interviews, itís how this sport work, it goes in circles. We were meant to be sparring partners for the Lara rematch, itís funny heís gone on to win a World Title and his first defence is against me. Heís confident and Iím sure he would have trained hard, but Iíll be ready for everything he brings on Saturday night.

ďIíve trained for a hard twelve round fight, 5 years ago we shared some hard rounds but those five years ago my stock has risen since then. Iíve only gotten better and better, Iíve had some slip-ups in the last year but itís time to get back on top.

ďI only focus on winning; I know Kikoís mentioned himself win or retire and putting himself under that pressure. Iím just focused on winning and having that hand raised, thatís how I see myself, being in that arena. And the new.

ďMy book has gone from potentially being in the bargain aisle of Asda to a best-seller, what a chapter this is. Itís all in my hands, Iíve got to do the business, itís funny how this sport works. Iíve got to make sure my stars have aligned for a reason and go out there on Saturday night and do what Iíve done all camp. Iím trained hard, Iíve worked hard and Iím ready for anything.Ē

Maria Cecilia Roman:

ďFirst and foremost, thank you to all the people who have made this possible. Itís a big night for me on Saturday, in my boxing career Iíve always set myself objectives and Iíve always managed to achieve those objectives Ė it comes from working hard. Now my ambition is to be the best in my division and Saturday will be another step to go on, my plan is going on and win other titles. This is going to be another objective Iím going to achieve on Saturday.

ďItís going to be a total war on Saturday, I think itíll be great for all boxing fans and in particular female boxing fans. Itís going to be another successful defence for me on Saturday night.Ē

Ebanie Bridges:

ďItís absolutely unreal, to be a co-main event fighting in Leeds for a World Title, I just feel so grateful. Cecilia coming over here to fight me, Iím just so excited about this fight, Iíve been excited about having this for before it was even happening.

ďI wanted this fight because I knew it was going to be a great fight, as in a fan-favourite kind of fight. Having the World Title on the line just makes everything even more exciting for me.

ďMoving over here and doing my camp here with Mark [Tibbs] has been amazing, weíve definitely gelled well, and I think Iíve definitely changed his opinion Ė how women train and our mindsets. Iím really excited to be Mark Tibbs and the whole families first female World Champion.

ďThis fight and becoming a champion is the exclamation mark on this part of my story, having the belt around my waist and proving you can really do things if you set your mind to it. Everything that I stand for, having that belt, for me is the final point of it.

ďWithout being a World Champion itís a great story but being a World Champion means everything to me, it means a lot for the women out there. Being a World Champion would change my life and Iím really excited for that.

ďIím always ready, Iíve come through a lot of adversity in all of my fights, I donít see me losing this fight. Iím literally going for it all and I believe itís my time to win this fight.Ē

Maxi Hughes:

ďWe wanted this and not someone to come in and lay down, the last fight I was a massive underdog, and I wouldnít have it any other way. In my mind itís the same again, I like that heís here talking, it takes words like that for the bookies to think heís the favourite.

ďIím glad heís up for it because Iíve had this fire in my belly for a while, but this fight in particular gives me this bit between my teeth. Iím glad itís like this.

ďOne thing of how I approach every fight, I havenít got that mindset or that chip on my shoulder. Iím the champion and heís got to come and take my belt, although Iím the owner of this belt it can just be vacant, Iíve got to go and prove Iím worthy and that I deserve it. Iíve got to show Iím worthy to be the owner of that belt, itís great being full-time but I havenít taken it for granted because itís taken me such a long time to be full-time.

ďI know what itís like going to work, getting up in the morning in shit weather and having to squeeze training in, a run here and there. Iím doing it properly now and I appreciate it, Iím not taking it for granted. I know how much it means and Iím not letting it slip. Iím not here enjoying it as a fan to enjoy the fight, this is how the rest of my career is going.

ďRyanís cast his net out there but Iím not taking the bait. It doesnít matter however the fight goes, Iíll do what necessary to win, however it comes. Iím fully prepared for whatever it is, just expect me to win.Ē

Ryan Walsh:

ďIím really enjoying not being hungry, thirsty, and just the usual stuff I think all my counterparts are feeling. Itís very alien to me.

ďI do call to Maxi, you showed it when you caught Saffron that youíve got that in you. Itís not a natural thing for you, youíre a southpaw. Iím calling that upon you, Iím beckoning you, Iíll stand in the middle of the ring, letís adhere to the warrior god.

ďNo oneís fought me yet and not for a sustained period, even the two that beat me, that havenít fought me. You want to fight Maxi, you want to inspire everyone else, I was inspired by Conlan and Wood.

ďI havenít had a fight of the year; I havenít even been close and you [Maxi] have just been nominated for one of the boxers of the year. Letís do it, why not, weíve got twelve rounds which is a long time, and a fight will break out. When it does, I donít want you to run away, letís entertain the people.

ďItís a good story but letís have it right, Liam won that fight against Maxi. As far as ending Liamís career, he was sparring me at the start of this. I think Maxi should have a lot to thank Liam for because without COVID, he canít be British Champion, he canít IBO Champion because he was there. Itís my duty to step it, Maxiís story doesnít happen if Liam doesnít get it.

ďI havenít even thought about defeat, Iíve never gone into a fight ever believing that the man can beat me. Iíve been told and Iíve got really honest brothers, when I fought Lee Selby, my brother didnít want that fight. When we fought, I wasnít good enough and was beat by experience, beat by the better man but he understood that I did have the style to beat that man, but I wasnít good enough that night. Iíve made mistakes in the sport, but I wonít be making those mistakes against Maxi.Ē

Dalton Smith:

"My last couple of fights now have been step ups and these are the fights we have been asking for for the more titles. The fight that was originally scheduled got removed so we looked to Ray Moylette and thought he was the perfect opponent for my next fight.

"I know what Rayís about and he knows what Iím about.

"We [Ray and Dalton] havenít achieved what we have achieved by just playing around.

"Thereís obviously going to be pressure on the ones who are coming up but I am confident in my abilities. I know the level where I am going to get at and this is just a stepping stone for me.

"Ray is no easy opponent. Itís a tough challenge, what Iíve got on Saturday night. Iíve got to bring something more than what I have in my previous 9 fights as a professional. And youíre going to see that."

Ray Moylette:

"Iíve been reaching out to Matchroom for a long time because Matchroom is the benchmark for boxing especially in England and Ireland. Iím just grateful to have the opportunity and Iím excited to take it, so Iím ready for it.

"We all started boxing years ago and itís always the dream to fight on the big shows and the big cards and thankfully now I have the opportunity to do that. Iíve been on the count for the last three years and then I can was sidelined for other boxers. I didnít have the backend. But thankfully I kept myself in shape, ready, and in the position that when the opportunity came Ė I knew youíd come calling at some stage, but I didnít think it would take three years to get on a card. Ė thankfully it did and Iím ready for it.

"Iím here as an opponent for Dalton on paper but in reality when I heard I got the opportunity to fight him, I was expecting a much harder fight on one of your shows.

"Iím coming off the couch and Iím ready to fight. Iíd be daft not to take this fight that I know I can win."

Skye Nicolson:

"Iím very excited. I promised the fans that I was going to be active and Iím definitely living up to that 3 weeks out and Iím back in.

"I have confidence in my ability, and I know what Iím capable of. I want to test myself against the best so Iím going to keep putting my hand up to fight the best girls.

"Iím expecting a tough fight and I know that Bec comes fighting. Sheís no pushover so Iím just focusing on having a good performance and showing everyone a side of me that they havenít seen yet."

Bec Connolly:

"There wasnít a role for me, as far as I know, I went out and got what I wanted and created my own role for myself because I was never going to be a walkover. Iím not the elite but we know if you want to get to the top, youíve got to get through the gatekeeper.

"Iíve trained anyway, even if I wasnít boxing, I love training. I have taken quite a few fights on a dayís notice because I do stay ready, and I do love what I do. Some things have gotten in the way and Iíve made some mistakes with opportunities that Iíve had but Iím not going to let that stop me. Iíll keep the smile on my face and keep trying until the day that I retire."

Cory OíRegan:

"Obviously, this stage is a big stage so I want to put on a big performance in front of my home crowd.

"The preparation for this one has been ideal really.

"Looking forward to watching some really good boxing from not just Josh but everyone on this card."

Mali Wright:

"Yeah 100%, Iím ready for this one.

"Iím going to put on a spectacular performance. Not sure how many rounds we are doing this time, 4 or 6, doesnít make much of a difference.

"No slip-ups. Youíll see what I am about this time around.

"Iíve been traveling, sparring, getting in more rounds and Iím putting in the right work with the team in the gym."

Calum French:

"Thank you, Eddie, Matchroom and DAZN for getting me on a massive card. These are the cards you dream of being on when coming through the amateurs.

"It was a good debut. I was pretty good with it. Ö Iím looking to be as active as possible this year. I want to push on a get as much as experience as I can.

"I honestly donít know why I need to be held back at all at the moment. Iím taking it one day at a time. Iím looking past the old ones especially on Saturday night.

"Matchroom need a few North East stars especially up in Newcastle and I believe I am the one for the job."


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