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  David Morrell Jr. vs. Aidos Yerbossynuly
Virtual Press Conference Quotes

Unbeaten WBA Super Middleweight Champion and Minneapolis fan-favorite David Morrell Jr. and undefeated mandatory challenger Aidos Yerbossynuly previewed their 12-round duel during a virtual press conference Wednesday before they headline action live on SHOWTIME Saturday, November 5 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from The Armory in Minneapolis.

The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXINGģ telecast will begin at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and features the 24-year-old Cuban native Morrell in his fourth-straight fight in front of his adopted hometown fans at The Armory, as he looks to deliver another KO highlight against the hard-hitting and undefeated Yerbossynuly. Kazakhstanís Yerbossynuly most recently knocked out Lennox Allen in September 2021, after Allen took Morrell the distance in their August 2020 showdown.

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday:


ďHe probably is the toughest opponent that Iíve faced. Heís faced some really good European fighters and Iím well aware of how tough he is. But Iím back in my house to give my fans a great show.

ďI donít think that heís my most dangerous opponent, but Iím not underestimating him. Every fighter is dangerous and reaches this point for a reason. Heís been fighting well and getting knockouts, but Iím facing this challenge like I would any other.

ďRight now Iím only focused on this fight. Iím not focused on David Benavidez or any other fighter. Iím just focused on getting a win on November 5.

ďI donít care about where we fight. The home arena advantage is not a thing Iím concerned about. Itís about the two fighters in there. Nothing changes because of the venue.

ďI know that Kazakhstan has a great history of fighters, but I come from Cuba, who have a great history of fighters as well and I plan to honor that heritage.

ďPower will be a factor but I donít think itís the deciding factor. Itís going to be about being versatile and using the power to your advantage.

ďAidos is going to see how loud The Armory can be on November 5. Iím going to be ready for whatever comes my way in this fight.

ďTraining in Texas has been nothing but exceptional. Iím very blessed to be able to train with my team here. Itís one of the best things thatís ever happened to me and itís allowed me to progress as a fighter the way that Iíve wanted to.

ďMy goal is to fight David Benavidez. He says that nobody wants to fight with him, but here I am. Iím ready for the fight.Ē


ďThe plan is to stop David Morrell Jr. Weíre going to make this plan happen.

ďMorrell is a good fighter from the Cuban boxing school. Heís got great skills and I respect him as a fighter and an athlete. Itís nothing but respect until we get into the ring.

ďI train the same for every opponent. Iím working hard just like I have for each fighter before Morrell. Thereís nothing special that I have to do to prepare for David Morrell Jr.

ďWe are descendants of Nomadic warriors. Weíre not scared of any challenges. We want the belt and it doesnít matter if weíre in his hometown. Itís the way of the warrior.

ďWeíre not counting on our power. Weíre counting on our mind. The mindset is the most important thing in this fight.

ďWe need to clear out the 168-pound division before we worry about anything. Iím focused on David Morrell Jr. Weíre going to show our heart in this fight. I donít quit.

ďEverybody wants to fight Canelo Alvarez for the payday. After David Morrell Jr., Iíd also like to fight David Benavidez next. I want to prove myself and then make the fight with Canelo.

ďBeing unbeaten doesnít mean anything. Itís about who youíve fought. I donít feel like the people who Morrell has fought have been anything special.

ďFans can expect less words and more action. We donít like to talk a lot, but everyone is going to see what weíre about.Ē


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