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  Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugas PPV
Undercard Virtual Press Conference Quotes

Fighters competing on the Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugas SHOWTIME PPV undercard previewed their respective showdowns during a virtual press conference Tuesday before they step into the ring on Saturday, April 16 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The virtual press conference featured exciting lightweight contender Isaac ďPitbullĒ Cruz and former world champion Yuriorkis Gamboa, who meet in the co-main event, unbeaten Jose Valenzuela and former world champion Francisco Vargas, who square off in a lightweight attraction, plus all-action welterweights Cody Crowley and Josesito Lopez, who battle in the telecast opener at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

Here is what the fighters had to say Tuesday:


ďI feel blessed and Iím ready to give my all once again. Iím excited to continue to show the best of myself in 2022.

ďI wish I had pressured more against Gervonta Davis. If I had knocked him down I think it would have been a different story and it would have been me with my hand raised.

ďEverything that happened in the Davis fight has made me better. My profile is definitely raised, but it has not gone to my head. Iím only focused on giving the fans the show that they crave and I know that Iím capable of giving them that.

ďI respect Gamboa and I thank him for the opportunity of getting to fight him. His resume is beyond reproach. However, Iím not here to lay down for anyone. Iím here to show that Iím one of the top fighters in the division.

ďMy fists are going to speak inside of the ring. Itís not for me to say whether one punch can change the fight or not, weíre going to see what happens inside the ring on fight night.

ďEach fight is different. Iím going to be ready for anything that Gamboa has to offer. Iím getting ready with an amazing training camp and Iím looking forward to showing everyone everything that Iím capable of.

ďI learned a valuable lesson from the Davis fight. I learned that I need to be focused inside the fight at every moment. Iím going to show people that Iím the Mexican fighter that can rule the 135-pound division.

ďIím ready for however long it takes me to get this win, one round or all 12. Iím going to prove to all the top lightweights that Iím ready to fight any of them. If those fighters want to prove that they belong on the top level, then they have to fight me.Ē


ďWhat I value the most is the fact that Iím going to be able to give fans the chance to see me fight once again and show them what I can do in the ring.

ďIím a pro. Iím not in the business of sending messages or making statements. What Iím focused on is trying to become number one and being the best I can be inside the ring in order to beat my opponent. The rest is just talk.

ďMy mere presence in this fight, the way that we have been prepared for this fight and whatís at stake, that alone tells you that I am one of the top fighters in the division.

ďI have a tactical plan. I have a strategy ready to go for whatever happens. Iím ready to go for whatever comes my way and Iím planning to face anything and everything.

ďI definitely have the edge in experience but at the same time, Iím going to rely on my preparation. Iím going to rely on the game plan and the strategy that we have put together to be able to fight and win any way we can.

ďIím going to show everybody thatís watching on T.V. and thatís watching in the stands that Yuriorkis Gamboa is still here to stay and that Yuriorkis Gamboa can still be the best in the division. Thereís definitely a lot of people that are overlooking what I still have left in the tank and the quality of fighter that I still am. People are going to see that thatís just noise.

ďWhen I beat Isaac Cruz, I want the rematch with Gervonta Davis. I really didnít feel comfortable with the way that first fight unfolded. I fought with a torn Achilles for 11 rounds but I was still able to withstand everything and get to the finish. I need another bite at the apple and I need to show that I have the quality to beat him. I need to fight him while Iím healthy and 100 percent, because that fight will be totally different.Ē


ďThis win is going to show everyone that Iím here and that I can compete with the top guys. Francisco Vargas is a strong former champion and Iím excited for the challenge.

ďIím always trying to make a statement, but I donít want to get carried away looking for the knockout and make a mistake. Iím going to stick to the game plan.

ďVargas is still a great fighter. He gave Isaac Cruz a run for his money and couldnít get him out of there. So my mission is to go in there and out-perform everybody.

ďItís a dream come true to be on a card like this. The whole card is stacked. Iím very excited and Iím looking to steal the show. This is everything that Iíve worked so hard for.

ďI just remember watching Vargas coming up and putting on great performances. Iím happy about it. Heís the perfect opponent because weíre both going to come to fight.

ďIím extremely focused on this fight. Heís still a dangerous fighter. Iíve been in training camp for three months. Iím not just training to win, Iím training to look spectacular.

ďItís a great experience training with David and Jose Benavidez and their team. When I go and spar other fighters, I feel like a veteran because Iíve been training with them since I was a teenager. Itís been a great opportunity for me.

ďIím hungry, Iím young and I believe that heís on his way out. You could definitely call this a passing of the torch.Ē


ďMy main objective is to win the fight. Nothing else matters. All I want is to win the fight in order to get the best possible opportunity after this fight.

ďIím going to listen to my body. Thatís the bottom line. When I can feel that my body says no more, then that will be the time for me to step aside. But for now, I feel like my body is just fine. I feel capable. I feel ready and I will be ready to go on April 16.

ďOf course it motivates me when I hear Valenzuela say that I am past my prime and on the way out. But at the same time, I know how I feel. I feel totally ready. I feel in shape physically and mentally to be up to the challenge. Iím going to prove that to all of you on fight night.

ďWe are simply going to take this fight round-by-round. We are doing a great job in training camp to make sure that I can go the entire 10 rounds if needed.

ďI can promise you that itís going to be a great fight. A very entertaining fight. The fans are going to love it.

ďI know what it feels like to be Joseís age. I was in his place at one point where I felt like I had all the energy in the world and felt that I was going to take over the world. But what Iím lacking in youth, I gained in experience. I have maturity now. In this fight, youíre going to see how that experience is going to work in my favor.Ē


ďThe victory in my last fight didnít change my confidence. Iíve had the same confidence since day one. What did I say at the last press conference? I told Kudratillo Abdukakhorov I was going to take him to deep waters. What you saw was a guy who was sinking and drowning. Thatís because of the high power pressure I produce every time Iím in the ring. It looks easy, and guys say they want to go toe-to-toe with me, but within a round or two, their backs are on the ropes.

ďI have a guy in Josesito Lopez whoís coming forward and whoís ready to sit there and bang it out. Thatís what Iím here to do. Iím here to give the fans the entertainment that theyíre paying for. Every time I fight I make sure the fans are getting their moneyís worth.

ďI thank Josesito for taking this fight. Without him, I wouldnít be able to get in the ring and paint the beautiful picture Iím about to paint. I respect him, but when the bell rings, the light goes off and itís time to go.

ďI bring a pressure thatís not fun to face. I make it so you canít breathe and you canít move your legs or hands. Iím like an octopus in that ring. Once I step in there, Iím on you like glue.

ďI hope he brings another level of experience and puts me into a position Iíve never been in, because thatís going to bring out the best version of Cody Crowley. Thatís what I strive for. I want to be in a position that I donít think I can get out of. Thatís when you will see what Iím truly made out of.

ďAt the end of the day Iím a scrappy, hard-working pressure fighter that just keeps coming forward. I would love to be able to showcase some of my boxing abilities. Normally I have to chase people down. Iím hoping thatís not the case with Lopez and that we can go toe-to-toe. But Iíll be ready to show off the boxing abilities that not everyone has seen.

ďI have power, speed and aggression. The last 20 guys have said they were going to be able to withstand the pressure, but eventually, the pipe bursts.Ē


ďEveryone should expect fireworks. You know every fight that Iím in, itís fireworks. Cody Crowley seems to be the exact type of fighter that I like facing. I know itís going to be a great match and youíll see a big difference in experience. Iím going to take him to those deep waters and Iím going to drown him in those deep waters.

ďIs Josesito Lopez still a top fighter at 147 pounds? Yeah, that may be the question. Youíll see on April 16. Iím definitely ready. I feel great. Iíve had a wonderful camp. I take no shortcuts. Iím all in and Iím ready for this fight. I take every fight like a championship fight.

ďIím the type of fighter that doesnít look ahead past my next opponent. Iíve devoted the last eight weeks of training camp getting ready for this opponent. Iím not looking far ahead. I have a task on April 16 and once I take care of that, we can look ahead. I definitely want to face the best fighters there are. The best in the world. Iím not going to go as far as to say that Iím the best fighter in the world, but I can beat some of the best fighters in the world. I want to prove that.

ďIíve been motivated this entire camp. Iím ready. Iím expecting the best in Cody. Iím more than prepared. I have a great team and great sparring partners that can be top welterweights as well. Iím definitely prepared and Iím going to prove it to the world and show that I am one of the best fighters in the world.

ďIím always in the gym so Iíve been training constantly. Sometimes a little rust is good. But Iíve been sparring and training throughout this entire year. Ring rust wonít be an issue.

ďIím excited to be back at AT&T Stadium in Texas where I have some of the biggest and best fans out there. Iím pumped for this fight. Iím 110% ready and Iím going to go out there and do it.Ē


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