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  Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugas
Media Workout Quotes

Errol ďThe TruthĒ Spence Jr. said he was focused on scoring a knockout against Yordenis Ugas during a public media workout on Wednesday as Spence vs. Ugas fight week events officially kicked off with an outdoor session for fighters competing this Saturday, April 16 live on SHOWTIME PPV from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The event is headlined by WBC and IBF World Champion Spence Jr. taking on WBA World Champion Ugas squaring off in a welterweight title unification clash.

ďBesides the Kell Brook fight, this is definitely the meanest Iíve been going into a fight,Ē Spence said on Wednesday. ďIím just ready to go.Ē

Ugas, who worked out before Spence, said that his reach, height and his ďwill and my heartĒ are going to be the keys to pulling off an upset.

Also entering the ring for the media workout were fighters competing on the SHOWTIME PPV undercard featuring exciting lightweight contender Isaac Cruz battling former champion Yuriorkis Gamboa in the co-main event, rising unbeaten Josť Valenzuela taking on former champion Francisco Vargas in a lightweight bout and all-action welterweights Cody Crowley and Josesito Lůpez dueling in the telecast opener at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

Fighters entering the ring for SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXINGģ action prior to the pay-per-view also previewed their respective showdowns during an undercard press conference on Wednesday. Fights live on SHOWTIME and streaming on the SHOWTIME SPORTSģ YouTube Channel begin at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT and feature WBA Welterweight Champion Radzhab Butaev facing unbeaten top contender Eimantas Stanionis in the main event, and unbeaten rising star Brandun Lee taking on Zachary Ochoa in a super lightweight bout.

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday from Texas Live! in Arlington:


ďIt means everything to get a response like this in Dallas. Itís getting me pumped up. Iím ready to go. Iím ready to fight. Iím ready to put on a great performance in front of my hometown crowd.

ďItís eat or get ate. Thatís all it is on Saturday night. Eat or get ate.

ďOf course Iím going to win. But Iím going for the knockout.

ďThereís nothing to elaborate on when I said Iím going for the knockout. Itís what I said. So if I get it, I get it. If I donít, I donít. I know one hundred percent Iím getting the victory, but I definitely want to knock him out.

ďItís a blessing and a dream come true to get the support of your hometown. People are coming out here to support me with their hard-earned money during a difficult time. Itís a school night and people came out to support me and I really appreciate it.

ďIím one hundred percent ready. Iíve been training hard. I know the task at hand. Training camp has been going great. I know what Iím capable of. You can expect and youíre going to see fireworks. Itís going to be a great show and a great performance.

ďThis is going to be a great event. Iím excited to be fighting at home in front of family and longtime friends. I think people are going to come out and support and itís going to be a great night of boxing.

ďIím going to fight Ugas like Iíve been fighting everybody else. Heís a very good fighter. He trains hard. He comes from a Cuban background and heís very dedicated. But I feel like Iím one hundred percent dedicated and in prior fights, I havenít been as focused as I am right now.Ē


ďIím excited and ready to fight in front of a great fan base on Saturday night here in Dallas. Spence is a respectful fighter and we have nothing against each other outside of the ring, Iím just ready for action.

ďIím a competitor, Iím a warrior and I came to fight 12 rounds strong. Thatís the most important thing of all. That alone should make Spence uneasy.

ďI know Iím the underdog. I came here to win. I will fight whenever, wherever, in anybodyís backyard.

ďSpence can say whatever he wants. Iíll fight the way I always do, exchanging blows and coming forward.

ďIíve always been an underdog - six years ago and now, Iím used to it. Spence is the rightful favorite as a unified champion in his home city, but I came here to pull off the upset.

ďI want all of Cuba to know that I fight for them with all my heart and soul, and I will do just that on Saturday night.Ē


ďIím super excited for this fight and Iím very thankful for all the support Iíve received here in Texas. I canít wait to put on a show for everyone Saturday night.

ďThe biggest lesson I learned from the Gervonta Davis fight is that I need to prepare physically and mentally to not give one inch to any opponent ever again.

ďI come to give everyone a good, clean fight. Whether this victory comes by knockout or by decision, itís going to be fine by me.

ďI feel right at home in front of these fans. Thatís why Iím even more motivated to give everyone a great show. Youíre not going to want to miss it.Ē


ďIím really thankful to be in this position, especially in front of these people here today. Iím very excited to give everyone a great fight. I canít wait to show the world what Iím capable of.

ďNo matter what has happened in the past, you have to have courage and the conviction that you can win. Thatís what Iím going to have on Saturday night.

ďEvery fight is different. The key thing is that weíre getting ready to prove to everyone that I can come out on top Saturday night.Ē


ďIím extremely excited for this fight. This is a dream come true and Iím thankful every day for this opportunity to compete on this card.

ďVargas is a great fighter with a lot of really good experience. We just saw him give Isaac Cruz a hard fight last time out. So Iím training for him like heís in his prime and Iím ready for whatever he brings.

ďI think a win in this fight will put me on the radar and put me in line to face the top guys in the lightweight division. Iím going to put on a performance that puts everyone on notice.Ē


ďThis is a great opportunity for me and itís going to be great action with me and Valenzuela. Iím really looking forward to this fight on Saturday.

ďEvery fight provides valuable lessons. My last fight versus Isaac Cruz was against a young scrappy fighter with some tricks up his sleeve. Iíve learned from it and you will see that in this fight.

ďHeís a good fighter whoís dedicated to the sport. But I believe that I have more skills and much more experience than Valenzuela.Ē


ďJosesito has been in there with a lot of amazing fighters. Heís an amazing fighter himself. But when Cody Crowley comes to fight, thatís a dog in the ring. Saturday night you can expect us to go at each other from the first bell to the last bell. Thatís what I bring every time.

ďIím a pay-per-view star in the making and everyone is going to find out what Iím about Saturday night. If you havenít heard of Cody Crowley yet, make sure you tune in Saturday night.Ē


ďIím just prepared and canít wait until Saturday night. My hunger to win is strong. I want to keep competing against the best fighters in the world and fight for world titles. Iíll be ready to face anybody they put in front of me.

ďAny time you see one of my fights, especially when itís here in Texas, they know that I come to fight. Itís going to be one of the best fights of the night for sure.

ďI have a deep love for Texas and I canít wait to show off in the ring on Saturday.Ē


ďMy win against Jamal James was a good win and itís given me more confidence moving forward. Iím just as hungry as Stanionis is and I know what to expect from him. Iím completely ready.

ďThis is the kind of fight I like to be in. I like to make it tough in there and bang with my opponent on the inside. Iím looking forward to it.

ďItís a big honor to be on this card. Itís easily one of the best cards of the year and itís a great opportunity to show off my skills and my boxing.

ďOnce I stepped into the gym with my trainer Joel Diaz, he told me that Iím the best welterweight out there and that Iím going to become champion. Now we have the belt and Iím growing and getting better with every fight.

ďThe main event is a great fight. Iím looking forward to seeing who wins so that I can face them next.

ďI donít make predictions for my fights. I have a goal and thatís to stop my opponent. Thatís what Iím working to do.Ē


ďIíve dreamt all my life of this moment Saturday night. I was extremely happy when this fight officially came together.

ďIt would be amazing to be the first world champion from Lithuania. Everyone is expecting me to win and rooting for me to get it done. I want to make the dream a reality.

ďFor sure the fans are going to be in for an entertaining fight. This is going to be two trucks meeting in the middle of the ring and making a big explosion.

ďWe both have a dream to win the belt. Weíre both training hard to reach our goal. This is going to be a banger. Thatís what our styles always create.

ďSpence has a lot to prove, he was out for a long time. Heís going to have to look good and itís going to be a good fight against Ugas.

ďI just want to hear the words Ďand the newí on Saturday night, thatís it, itís simple.Ē


ďThis means the world to me to be on a huge card like this. Iím going to show the world who I am on Saturday night.

ďIím looking at this as another opportunity to showcase my skills. Iím just moving one step closer to the goal of a world title with a win on Saturday.

ďI donít let my knockout streak get to me. The main goal is to win. If the knockout comes, Iím ready. Thatís the plan Saturday night.

ďI just stay focused and stay in the gym. Fighters get a little bit of fame and forget how hard they had to work to get there. Iím not going to be slacking.

ďI am just blessed with power. A lot of people think you can create speed, but you canít. Youíre either born with it or youíre not. Thatís the key to my power.

ďI turn 23-years-old next week and I believe itís time for me to start fighting the top-10 guys. Some guys may see more risk than reward fighting me, but eventually, theyíll have no choice.

ďI donít make predictions but Iím going to have my hand-raised on April 16.Ē


ďI said yes to this fight immediately. These are the types of fights that I want. SHOWTIME always has big fights and I want to be a part of them.

ďI know the type of fighter I am. Iíve matured over the years, Iíve had a great training camp and I canít wait to fight.

ďLee is a good fighter, but my experience in the ring is going to be the difference. Iíve fought in every kind of venue you can imagine. This is my second time fighting at AT&T Stadium. Experience goes a long way, but at the end of the day, it matters what you do under those bright lights.

ďMy trainer Stephen Edwards, heís really brought me to school. Heís one of the best trainers in the world. Iíve learned more with him than I did my whole career. Iím very confident heading into Saturday.

ďThis is going to be a great fight and Iím winning at the end of the day. Thereís a lot on the line and Iím going to be the winner Saturday. Winning this fight would change everything for me. I really canít wait to get into the ring.Ē


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