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  Tim Tszyu Las Vegas Media Workout Quotes

Unbeaten rising star Tim Tszyu held a media workout in Las Vegas Thursday as he nears his much anticipated U.S. debut against U.S. Olympian Terrell Gausha taking place Saturday, March 26 live on SHOWTIME in a Premier Boxing Champions event from The Armory in Minneapolis.

The son of Hall of Famer Kostya, Tszyu arrived stateside last Saturday from his native Australia to finish training camp in Las Vegas before heading to Minneapolis. After amassing a 20-0 record with 15 knockouts, Tszyu looks to move himself one step closer to a title shot with an emphatic victory on March 26.

Here is what Tszyu and his trainer, Igor Goloubev, had to say Thursday from Left Right Boxing Gym in Las Vegas:


ďWeíve done a few camps here in Las Vegas before so weíre familiar with the terrain out here. Itís not too far to then go to Minneapolis, but itís a lot warmer here is Las Vegas, so Iím glad I came here first. Adjusting to the time difference was tough at first but Iíve definitely recovered. By the time I arrived in Las Vegas, it was just about sharpening everything up.

ďIím coming to fight and Iím coming to win. Iím not here to Ďtip-tapí. If that means going for the knockout, Iíll go for it right away. Iím not here to out-jab someone and win on the scorecards. From the first second when the fight starts, my objective is to take him out. Every second of every round, Iím going to be in front of my opponentís face.

ďThis has been a long time in the making. Iíve been keen on making my debut here ever since I beat Jeff Horn [August 2020]. Itís good to finally be here and Iím quite excited to be on this platform. This is a real opportunity for me.

ďMy dad hasnít talked to me too much about what to expect fighting in the U.S. Mostly he just reminds me to stay ready, which I always am. Iím a professional and Iím fighting nonstop. I donít take rests or honeymoons like some of these other fighters.

ďItís a big deal for me to be in this position headlining on SHOWTIME. You dream of it as a kid, and now for it to actually be happening, itís unreal. Iím the first Australian whoís had their U.S. debut as a headline act, having not even won a world title yet. It shows that what weíve done so far is pretty good for the moment. Weíre here to make statements.

ďThis is going to be an interesting fight. Iím quite interested to see what heís going to bring. Gausha has the tools to win. Heís got great skills and quick hands and a good variety of punches. He does the simple things very well. I like those types of styles. Iíve sparred guys like that in the U.S. and itís a fun style to fight against.

ďI donít look particularly big or strong, but when I get in the ring, I give off that dominance that says Ďthis is my ring. This is what I do and youíre coming onto my stageí. I present that dominance straight away and let everyone know.

Tszyu on the Jermell Charlo vs. Brian CastaŮo 154-pound title rematch taking place May 14 on SHOWTIMEĒ

ďCharlo is a cautious fighter with power in both hands. He wobbled CastaŮo a few times. Charlo waits to land that perfect shot and thatís why Castanoís output wasnít too high in that fight. I thought CastaŮo fought a great fight and out worked him. Charlo didnít know what to do at times. I think itís either going to be CastaŮo by decision or Charlo by knockout in the rematch.

ďIím coming for everyone in the division. Iím coming for the belts. You have to have confidence in yourself. I believe that I defeat either Charlo or CastaŮo. I wouldnít be in the sport if I didnít believe that. Iíd take those guys to places theyíve never been and thatís all that matters to me.Ē

IGOR GOLOUBEV, Tszyuís Trainer

ďTim is going to make adjustments, like he always does, based off what Gausha brings in the first round. Tim is an absolute pressure fighter. Heís going to be right on top of Gausha from the start. Thereís going to be no rest and nowhere for him to go. This is going to be fought on the inside.

ďGausha is a crafty fighter. Heís got a good style from his amateur background and heís also got strong legs and upper body. Weíve seen footage of him and we know that he can punch, that heíll move and that he throws lots of jabs. Heís all-around a very good fighter.Ē


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