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  Canelo vs. Charlo Showtime PPV Undercard
Los Angeles Press Conference

Fighters competing on the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo SHOWTIME PPV undercard went face-to-face Tuesday during a Los Angeles press conference ahead of their respective showdowns taking place Saturday, September 30 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Promotions will present the Premier Boxing Champions Pay-Per-View.

The press conference featured unbeaten rising sensation Jesus ďMonoĒ Ramos Jr. and top contender Erickson ďHammerĒ Lubin, who compete in the super welterweight co-main event, former world champions Yordenis Ugas and Mario ďEl AztecaĒ Barrios, who square off for the Interim WBC Welterweight title, and rising middleweights Elijah Garcia and Armando Resťndiz, who duel in the telecast opener at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Here is what the press conference participants had to say Tuesday from The Conga Room at L.A. Live:


ďI was excited when I heard I was gonna fight Lubin. I respect what heís done as a fighter. He built himself back up after the Jermell Charlo fight and showed heís a warrior.

ďThis is what Iím here for. Iím here to prove Iím one of the best and to do that I have to beat the best. It was an exciting moment when I was able to sign on for this fight.

ďPeople didnít really know what level I was on before the Joey Spencer fight. I had to show that I was on a different level and that I deserve to be on a stage like this.

ďHopefully with a win people will say Iím at the top of the division. Thatís not up to me though. I just have to keep winning and proving myself. The main thing is to keep growing as a fighter. Iím gonna take a lot from this fight and have a lot more experience. Iím gonna be a different boxer after this and Iíll be ready for that title shot when it comes.

ďI have good power, but Iím not relying on it. I have skills too and Iím gonna show them on September 30. Iím an intelligent fighter and everyone is gonna see that with a worthy opponent like Lubin across from me.

ďIíve faced tough guys like Brian Mendoza and Vladimir Hernandez, but Lubin looks like heíd be the toughest so far. Heís right up there because heís got a lot of experience and we respect what he can do.

ďI do feel like Iím the fresher fighter, but itís not something Iím banking on. Weíre working hard to be at my very best. Heís been in some wars, so weíll see if heís got wear and tear from it.

ďWhatever I have to do to win, Iím ready for. Iím here to dominate. I want to make a statement, and in order to do that, I have to dominate. Thatís the plan.Ē


ďThe mindset hasnít changed for me. I still have a chip on my shoulder. Iím going into this fight very hungry. I have a young, hungry kid in front of me, but Iím young and hungry as well. You can expect fireworks on September 30. Iím looking to win and be in the big fights against the best guys in the division.

ďIím fueled by adversity. My first title challenge against Charlo brought me back to working real hard and eventually winning six fights in a row. I was winning the fight against Sebastian Fundora and losing fueled me to go back to the drawing board and work even harder.

ďRamos is a real solid fighter. I watched his last fight and I thought he looked good. But Iím not Joey Spencer. Iím one of those top guys in the division. Iím the cream of the crop and Iím here to prove myself. I want the toughest test every time out.

ďIíve asked for this fight even before he fought Joey Spencer. Now we have the platform and weíre here. Itís gonna be fireworks on September 30.

ďThis win solidifies that I belong at the top. It shows that I need a title shot. The winner of this fight will definitely get a big fight.

ďThe Luis Arias fight was a good comeback fight. I knew that with the way we trained, I was gonna dominate. That was eight weeks ago and now Iím happy we have only a few weeks to go for this one. Iím coming for another statement win.

ďIím definitely not downplaying Ramos, but I was 22-years-old like him and I took a step up in competition against a 27-year-old and fell short. I think history repeats itself, but in my favor.

ďIím looking for a one-sided ass-whooping. I want to go in there and come out with the victory, untouched.Ē


ďThe most important thing right now is not what people might be saying, itís that Iím healthy and happy. Iím preparing the right way for a great fight against Barrios. I donít care about anything else.

ďBarrios is a strong fighter, a tough fighter and a former world champion. Iím motivated to face an opponent of his caliber.

ďThereís a lot at stake in this fight, but this is what I do. I go out and fight the best. I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity.

ďI thought I fought well against Errol Spence Jr. and I walked away from the fight knowing I can compete against the best. I want to prove that Iím one of the best welterweights in the world.

ďI promise that the fans are gonna see another exciting fight on September 30. This is another chance for me to challenge the best. Win or lose, I always push forward, and thatís what youíll see on September 30.Ē


ďWhenever a fight is brought to me, thereís never a name that I say no to. This was no different. Ugas is a tremendous fighter and this is a huge opportunity. I was more than happy to take the fight.

ďIím trying to solidify my mark in this division. Itís gonna be a tough fight on September 30. Iíve never seen him shy away from a fight and I have a similar style. This is gonna be an explosive one that you donít want to miss.

ďWeíre both gonna bring it on fight night. This is an exciting card and an exciting opportunity to fight for an interim world title.

ďIím expecting the best version of Ugas. We both have a lot to prove. A victory puts us right up there with all of the top welterweights. Thereís a lot of good fights to be made and weíre all working to get to the top of the division.

ďI was learning with each fight and took a lot away from my defeats. Iím still just as hungry as ever. I had my comeback fight in February in San Antonio and now Iím looking to bring another title back home.

ďItís gonna take everything to get this win. Iím gonna have to use my boxing ability, my power and my range. Itís gonna be an exciting fight and Iím looking forward to it.Ē


ďIím blessed to be on this card. I know that on September 30 Iím gonna have the toughest fight of my career so far. Resťndiz comes strong, in shape and ready to fight.

ďIím honored to be on a card with so many other great fighters. Iím preparing to be a world champion and these tough fights are what will get me ready for that.

ďThis has been the best year of my career. I had a big upset early in the year and then got a hard 10-round victory. Now Iím in back-to-back pay-per-view events. Itís like a snap of the finger and Iím blowing up. Iím just training hard and preparing for a tough fight.

ďI want to be a world champion at 21 years old. Fighting tough opponents like Armando will get me ready for when that opportunity comes. I know how hard itís gonna be, but thatís the way I have to go.

ďArmando is coming off a huge win and heís young and strong. I donít see why this fight wouldnít be a step up for me. Iím ready for it.

ďIím just staying humble and keeping my faith strong. I donít want to look ahead and take too big of a leap. Iím following the direction that my team is telling me to go.Ē


ďI expect a tough fight and Iíve trained for that. I hope that this is a fight that the fans will love. I want everyone to tune in and enjoy the action.

ďI think that I have experience on my side, but age doesnít matter too much. When I was younger, I fought older fighters as well. How you prepare is what really matters and I think weíre both going to prepare in the right way.

ďI showed how hungry I was when I beat Jarrett Hurd. I have big goals in the sport. I want to be a main event staple and that was a big step toward that.

ďIím really excited to have Manny Robles in my corner. We mesh really well. Youíre going to see more of that in this fight. We train hard and itís reflected inside of the ring.Ē

TOM BROWN, President of TGB Promotions

ďWhat a night this is going to be. This is a massive event. Canelo vs. Charlo, undisputed vs undisputed. With a fight of this magnitude, we had to deliver a stacked undercard.

ďThese three matchups have everything boxing fans could hope for or count on for a pay-per-view undercard. Each fighter here has a chance to catapult themselves to the top of their division with a win on September 30.

ďAll of these fights have the possibility of being a flat-out war and could steal the show. These are three quality, competitive and high-stakes fights.Ē


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