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  Cordina vs. Vazquez & Undercard
Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

"Welcome to Monaco and it feels so good to be back with our friends at SBM and Casino de Monte Carlo ahead of a huge night of World championship boxing, a double-header of World championship action live from Monaco on DAZN around the world.

"Itís been four years since we graced this venue, a unique environment for boxing.

"The main event, in my opinion, the best 130-pounder in the world, Joe Cordina will defend his IBF title against Edward Vazquez, a tough fight for Joe as he looks to unify the division in 2024 and Sivenathi Nontshinga defends his IBF strap against Adrian Curiel Dominguez in our other World title bout and heís one of the most exciting fighters in the world after a couple of incredible fights, one in his native South Africa and a fight of the year contender in Mexico.

"We believe Souleymane Cissokho is Franceís next World champion and heís in a good fight with Isaias Lucero, and for me, one of the fights of the night, Ramla Ali will attempt to overcome the defeat she suffered to Julissa Guzman in a fantastic female fight on the card."

Joe Cordina:

"Itís been four years since I boxed here last and itís a special place that has a special place in my heart.

"Heís a good fighter, Iíve never once disrespected him. Iím taking this very seriously, donít worry about that. I saw in an interview that I am taking him lightly, trust me, Iíve never taken a journeyman lightly never mind a world title fight. This is a fight that can potentially set up my future and my kidsí future. Iíve got three kids to look after so every time it gets tough, I think of my kids. Without me winning on Saturday, those big fights arenít going to be there for me, so Iíll do everything possible to get the win.

"Heís going to bring it because itís a big opportunity for him. Heís a good fighter, I watched the fight against Ford, and I thought he should have had it, so heís going to bring the heat but I am ready to match it.

"People said I didnít have power, I knocked out Ogawa. Then they said I can only look pretty, and I showed I can dig down against Rakhimov. If you come into the gym and see how I train and spar, I do that on the daily, but the Rakhimov fight is the only one that Iíve had to get out of first gear. So, me saying you have to be special to beat me, itís not being cocky, I believe in my ability. Iíve done it time after time as a pro and all through my 180 amateur fights, Iíve beaten some great, great fighters that have won Olympic and World medals. Itís not a fluke, I am the real deal.

"Iím hoping Michael will give me a few more tickets to get my fans in! I told them not to book until I found out the deal with the tickets, but they booked anyway. They have come over anyway and theyíll be in the Irish bar waiting for me to get out, but first and foremost Iíve got to get the job done on Saturday. I know heís going to put it all on the line, and I am ready to do the same too."

Edward Vazquez:

"Iím thankful to Matchroom and Lou DiBella for this opportunity, I feel like everyone has their time and this is my time. Iím here for a reason, Iím blessed to be here, and I am prepared. If you have looked at my career, Iíve been the challenger every time and Iíve come out on top, except from that bullshit call, you know what I am talking about (split decision loss to Raymond Ford, February 2022). Iím here to pull the upset and ready to handover a Texas ass-whooping and do what we do.

"I hope he is overlooking me. I donít care how he is looking at it, I just want him to be 100 per cent ready, I donít want to hear any excuses. Every time I beat these guys that I am supposed to lose to, thereís always some bullshit excuse that comes out, like training camp was bad, my coach was bad, weigh-cut was bad, something like that. I donít want to hear any of that; Iím 100 per cent ready, we had all the time to get ready for the fight so come Saturday night, weíll see who the best man is.

"I just have to do me, listen to my coach and my team and stick to the game plan. Heís got a lot of great attributes, but heís never been in there with someone like me and heís going to find out."

Sivenathi Nontshinga:

"Thank you for granting me this opportunity to fight here, Iím looking forward to the fight, Iíve been working hard with my team, and I am glad to be here. I believe it takes a special person to achieve such greatness.

"I am going to get inside the ring and do what I know, nothing more, nothing less. I expect a good clean fight, I am used to big stages now and the ability I have to get inside the ring and do the job, it makes me a special person and I want to give the people of Monaco a great fight like I did in Mexico."

Adrian Curiel Dominguez:

"I am completely committed to getting this victory and taking the belt home to Mexico. I saw the Rocky Hernandez fight and I think it shows the hunger that weíve got, I need to almost die to win this belt and he needs to be prepared to do the same if he wants to get the victory, but it will be me that gets it."

Souleymane Cissokho:

"I feel like I am at home fighting in Monaco, weíve had a very good camp, working very hard and I canít wait to get back in the ring on Saturday night.

"We are looking for those big title fights, so Isaias is a good fight for me, we know that Mexican fighters are very tough, so I canít wait to share the ring with him and then move forward for World titles."

Isaias Lucero:

"Thereís lots of hunger to get the win. Iím really enjoying this experience so I want to go through and get the victory. I understand that it will be difficult because I am facing someone with great amateur pedigree, but I want to do my best."

Julissa Guzman:

"Itís great to have another opportunity for a big fight but itís different this time as I am defending what is mine. I am no longer the challenger, and this is going to make it even more difficult for Ramla, as I know you are going to run, and I am ready to fly at you in the ring. I am going to make good on my promise to knock you out.

"I have to come through Saturday but as I have said before, the decision to take this rematch will go in my favour and after this fight, I want to face the best in the division because I want to be the best."

Ramla Ali:

"It is a huge fight for me. A lot of people are saying to me Ďwhy are you jumping straight into this rematch?í I was speaking to Steve Bunce earlier who was giving me props for it, but with me, my whole life has been riddled with challenges, as everyone knows my backstory has been talked about. Iíve had challenges in my personal life and my sporting life, and you have to accept those challenges. I was telling Steve; I was watching a Baseball movie and there was a quote that said Ďnever let the fear of striking out keep you from plating the gameí. So, you can never let fear keep you from doing what you want to do and from achieving your dreams and goals.

"All fights I have had in my opinion have been tough. I have trained equally as hard for my pro debut as I did for this camp. So, I consider every person in front of me as a challenge. I always try to stay disciplined; I like to get involved and have a bit of a tear-up, who doesnít? Why do we box in the first place? But it is about staying disciplined, sticking to the game plan, listening to Manny Robles as Iíve probably given him more grey hairs in this camp than I have ever done. I know from that; it will be a great day on Saturday."

Michael Wittstock:

"To put on an event like this in a venue like this is not easy, and I want to thank the casino for everything they do for us. They have done us proud. In 2013, Prince Albert gave us his blessing and backing to start boxing here, and it was triple G, Gennadiy Golovkin that kickstarted his career here then, came back to fight Martin Murray in a World title fight and then went to America to become a legend and a household name. Gennadiy is in constant contact with me, and his heart is deeply involved in Monaco, he loves the place.

"Eddie comes from a family that has been in boxing for many years with his father Barry, and what I like about Matchroom is they have a young team and are the biggest and best promoters in the world.

"Monaco has one thing that itís really good at and thatís building bridges between other nations and other people. I think that boxing has latched onto that and looking at the bill this weekend, you will see part of that. Weíve come a long way with boxing in Monaco, weíve had a lot of support from people that have helped us. Eddie, thank you and Frank Smith for all you have done, itís a privilege to deal with guys and on behalf of Prince Albert, I wish all the boxers the best of luck and to enjoy your time here."

Rudy Tarditi:

"Itís very important for us to receive an event like this, for the image of SBM and the casino in the world, so we are very happy to welcome you."

Laurent Puons:

"Itís a great pleasure to see Matchroom back in Monaco. On Saturday night you will have the opportunity to attend an amazing boxing event with four title fights, eight high-level and powerful boxers. Believe me on Saturday night, Monaco will be the worldwide capital of boxing - so Ďbonne chanceí to all the boxers, may the best win."


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