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  Ryan Garcia Los Angeles Media Workout

Photos: Esther Lin - SHOWTIME


Hard-hitting undefeated sensation ďKingĒ Ryan Garcia showed off his vaunted power and hand speed during a media workout from a ring overlooking the picturesque San Fernando Valley in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, vowing to ďdestroyĒ Gervonta ďTankĒ Davis ahead of their clash on Saturday, April 22 headlining live on pay-per-view from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

Davis vs. Garcia is promoted by GTD Promotions, TGB Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions and the telecast is produced by SHOWTIME PPV.

Garcia has headlined fights across Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio, with fans packing the rafters to watch his meteoric rise. He now steps into the biggest fight of his career and a rare matchup of unbeaten superstars in the prime of their careers. The 24-year-old looked at home on Tuesday as he hit the pads in the ring assembled in the backyard of a mansion owned by reality TV personality and businesswoman Adrienne Maloof.

Here is what Garcia, along with his trainer, the renowned Joe Goossen, and legendary promoter Oscar De La Hoya had to say Tuesday:

Ryan Garcia

ďThis fight means a lot to me. It means everything. Itís a moment that Iíve been envisioning for so long now. Itís the only thing Iíve wanted for so long, to defeat Gervonta Davis and to destroy him. To end everything that heís ever worked for, because I know heís trying to do that for me. Iím going to take him out. Heís done. Itís nap time for Gervonta.

ďIím just going to be focused in the ring, no matter if itís the first round, second round, third round. Any of the rounds, he can go to sleep. Heís going to have to be careful. Thatís what I have to tell him. Be careful. I donít think he is, and heís going to walk into one. Or Iím just going to go get him. Either way, Iím going to beat him.

ďIím excited for fight week and Iím going to be even more excited when Iím there. But right now, my thoughts are just, Ďstay focused and do my best during the media workout.í When I get there, Iím going to love it. Everybody is going to be there. Everybody wanted this fight so Iím expecting good energy and for everybody to be pumped up. Some people are going to think heís going to win, some people are going to think Iím going to win. Iím just going to win.

ďNobody really trains at these media workouts, so I just thought to make it as cool and as fun as it can be. I know that Iím going to be training at 7 oíclock tonight, so I might as well make a show out of this. Everybody is getting some good food, Iím going to treat the media well and give them the best answers as I can, and thatís it. Make everybody happy.

ďThis is a huge fight for boxing. It can really change the trajectory of the sport and inspire young fighters to get it on right now. People are going to love you. Theyíre going to see that you went out there and you fought the best and you gave it your all. Even if you win or even if you lose, you showed them what a champion is in life. You just get right back up and you donít let negative people that wonít even dare to do anything keep you down because you know where youíre going in life. To me, this is important to everybody that it takes courage to go after something that nobody believed you could do. Thatís why Iím standing here today. To make everybody realize that if youíre in there and chase your dream like youíve never chased anything before, and youíll see something special happen.

ďThis is a fight to show everybody that Iím great. Iím not daring to be great. I know Iím great. I know when I step in the ring, heís going to feel something heís never felt before. Iím going to conquer him. Everything he tries to do Iíll have an answer for him. Gervonta Davis is not going to beat me. I promise you.

ďHeís going to nap time. Nap time can be with either the right or the left. It doesnít matter. I think heís just terrified of the left hook. Once he hears that in his dreams, he just starts shaking in his boots. Thatís a trigger word for him. Left hook. He just gets terrified of that.

ďI feel like people have lost touch with what boxing truly is about. People used to realize that you see how a champion reacts after he gets hit. Thatís how you determine what a champion is. People have lost touch with that. It used to be a proud moment where you showed that you can still stay focused in the fight. You can still get back to controlling it and you can still knock somebody out after you get dropped. That should have been the testimony of how much of a champion I truly am in my heart.

ďBut we live in a world where people expect you to be perfect and they donít understand that this is real life. Weíre really fighting here. But you respond by getting up and going and doing your thing. You show everybody that youíre great. You donít let those things tear you down and you keep moving forward. I have to show people that Iím destined for this.

ďThis is going to be my third fight with Joe Goossen and having a guy with so much experience and understanding of the game, I just love being around him. Heís a very intelligent man. I love being around a person that you can just talk to about life in different ways and come to better understandings of both life and boxing. Itís great to have a person like that around me.

ďGervonta says heís going to take me into deep waters. Guess what, I know how to swim. Itís nothing special. He needs to come up with something better than that. Think a little harder.

ďI hope Gervonta has been getting good sleep. If not, heíll get some good sleep April 22.Ē

Oscar De La Hoya

ďThis is the fight to save boxing. Literally. Every decade has its fight to save boxing. This is the fight to save boxing. The reason why it is, is because you have two young guys, two undefeated guys, who are the best of the best, willing to fight each other. You can see and feel the anticipation. The ticket sales is a great indication that the pay-per-view is going to be huge. This is the fight of the year.

ďWith a win, Ryan doesnít become this generationís Oscar De La Hoya. He becomes this generationís Ryan Garcia. Even before he was a superstar, Iíve always said that Ryan Garcia can become even bigger than Canelo. Even bigger than Oscar De La Hoya. Bigger than whoever. Because weíre living in a time where media is everything. Media has brought the world together. The world is going to be watching on April 22. Itís going to shatter pay-per-view records and numbers. Itís going to do a huge amount of buys. Weíre living in a time where social media is bringing the world together. The word is spreading so fast on this fight. Itís catching fire. Come April 22, itís going to be fireworks and the biggest event in sports.

ďIíve given little tips to Ryan here and there on how to deal with an event of this magnitude. Being involved in events like these inside the ring myself, I can share with Ryan what heís going to feel come fight week. What heís going to feel after he weighs in. What heís going to feel as heís walking down the tunnel into the ring. Itís no secret that Iíve been there. Heís always open to listening and taking the advice. It can only help. Having a promoter like myself and Bernard Hopkins, another legendary fighter, is obviously a plus for any fighter.

ďIf Ryan only has a left hook, then he does. Weíre going to see with Ryan on April 22. We donít know. Itís going to be something special. If they are relying on Ryanís left hook, then so be it. I donít know exactly what heís going to do, but itís going to be special.

ďI told Ryan the other day, ĎI can see it in your eyes. Thereís something in your eyes that tells me youíre going to do something special.í Thereís fighters in each generation that are chosen, and Ryan is the chosen one for this generation.

ďI love ĎTank.í I love the way he carries himself. I love the way he works hard. I love the way he comes out and fights and knocks his opponents out. I love his demeanor and his work ethic. Thereís nothing bad that I can say about Gervonta. I have to respect him. But heís going up against my guy, so obviously I have Ryan.Ē

Joe Goossen

ďRyan may have carved out one of the top spots of fighters Iíve trained in my career. Heís a very unique individual to start with. Like I always say thereís a certain amount of boxes you check for each fighter. They are all checked for him Ė from the bottom to the top. Heís got the speed, heís got the power, heís got the reach, heís got the height. What a work ethic. Heís so self-driven and self-motivated. You wonder, ĎCould this really be true?í

ďHe looks like a star. He carries himself like a star. I just think Ryan is one of the top three of my all-time favorite fighters ever. But I think after this fight on the 22nd heíll occupy the No. 1 spot.

ďWhat can fans expect? They can expect the unexpected. Ryan is one of the best out there. Tank is one of the best out there. This is what makes great fights Ė the unknown. And people are on one side or the other. They both have great qualities. Weíve really trained to do one thing and thatís to win this fight. Weíre not going to go to Las Vegas with any other thought in our head than to win the fight and Iím sure the other side has the same ideas.Ē


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