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  Subriel Matias vs. Shohjahon Ergashev & Hector Luis Garcia vs. Lamont Roach Press Conference Quotes

Hard-hitting IBF 140-pound world champion Subriel Matias, unbeaten top contender Shohjahon Ergashev, WBA Super Featherweight World Champion Hector Luis Garcia and mandatory challenger Lamont Roach previewed their respective SHOWTIME PPV undercard world title fights during a virtual press conference Tuesday before they step into the ring on Saturday, November 25 in a Premier Boxing Champions event from Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

The pay-per-view telecast begins at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and will feature Matias defending his world title against Ergashev, while Garcia puts his belt on the line against Roach in the telecast opener. The card is headlined by undefeated two-time super middleweight world champion David ďEl MonstruoĒ BenavŪdez defending his Interim WBC Super Middleweight Title against unbeaten two-division world champion Demetrius ďBoo BooĒ Andrade.

Here is what the fighters had to say Tuesday:


ďMy preparations have been great. Iím healthy and weíre heading into the home stretch before the fight. I can tell you this, the fight wonít reach the final bell because if you look at the way both of us like to fight and how our fights have gone, you can expect a knockout.

ďI am not the same fighter as I was in 2020 when I lost my only fight. I am way better now. I was not focused back in 2020. Now, I am ready to show the fans that the champion is here and Iím ready to put on a great show.

ďMy experience is going to be his downfall. This is going to be like a game to me. Letís see what happens after the sixth round. I will leave it there.

ďOne of us is going to fall. I promise you that. One of us is going to kiss the mat.

ďI can consider myself the best at 140 pounds, but I would rather show it. If this is one more step on the ladder towards greatness, I will gladly take that step to get to where I want to be.

ďI have the confidence in myself to win this fight after what I have done in training camp. But to say that I am a big favorite would be assuming a lot of things considering that boxing is unpredictable. Iím not going to underestimate my opponent. I am going to go out there and bear the fruits of my preparation.

ďI have a great opportunity to come back to Las Vegas and redeem myself and fix the mistake I made in 2020.

ďThe goal is to unify next. It doesnít matter against who. I am going to defend my title and then Iíll be ready for whoever comes my way.

ďI am going to promise you fireworks. Just look at our records. 19-1 with 19 KOs for me. 23-0 with 20 KOs for him. What do you think is going to happen? Itís going to be awesome. Plus, Iím the pride of Puerto Rico and I have to make my country proud.Ē


ďItís been a long journey to get here and Iíve been training for this fight since the summer. I had a great camp. Even though this is my first title fight, Iíve been ready physically and mentally for a long time. I canít wait to get to Las Vegas and get the fireworks started. People are going to see the world class talent that I am.

ďI have a lot of respect for Matias. Heís a good fighter, a big puncher and is truly a good world champion. But understand that Iím not coming here from the library. Iím coming here with a big surprise, a Thanksgiving gift for Subriel Matias. I have a lot of respect for what heís done inside the ring, but the belt is coming home with me to Uzbekistan.

ďHe says for me to wait and see what happens after the sixth round? Well, letís see if he makes it to the sixth round before he worries about that.

ďIíve fought on SHOBOX, but people have not seen my true potential. Matias is an excellent fighter and itís going to be an exciting fight because he likes to engage. That will give me the opportunity to showcase my skills and raise my game to the next level.

ďI plan on using all of my skills to my advantage. I have physical strength and boxing skills and experience both professional and as an amateur. All of this is going to pay off big time.

ďMy country is supporting me and I am the first fighter from Uzbekistan to challenge for a title in this weight class. I feel the pressure, but Iím also very excited. This is an interesting fight for me because most of my opponents have run from me because they were scared of my power. Matias is a very good fighter who is very aggressive and likes to come forward. This will be a fun fight for the fans.Ē


ďI feel in tip top shape. I fought at the beginning of the year and I feel like I am ready to go on November 25. You can expect the best of me, like always. I am going to focus on not letting that loss get the best of me. I am going to focus on being positive, having positive thoughts and going after the win.

ďI learned a lot from the Gervonta Davis fight. But there is only one Gervonta Davis, so I know that I am not going to lose like that again. I always take the positives out of a fight and having fought on a pay-per-view main event allowed me to grow and I learned a lot from the entire experience.

ďCongratulations to Lamont on his mindset. Iím glad that he has such confidence and such a positive mindset that he thinks heís going to stop me. Good for you. But I talk inside the ring, not outside of it. You will see.

ďLamont Roach, like most American fighters, likes to talk. Thatís his thing. My responsibility is to defend my title and exit the ring as the champion. Thatís what Iím going to focus on. I prefer to do my talking inside the ring and thatís exactly what Iím going to do.

ďMore than anything, Iím going to prove that what happened against Gervonta Davis was a fluke and itís never going to happen again. No excuses.

ďLamont will not be the toughest opponent that Iíve ever had, not by a long shot. Roger Gutierrez is better than him. Chris Colbert was way better than him. Lamont has earned this opportunity and I donít take that away from him, but Gutierrez, Colbert and, of course, Gervonta Davis are all better than him. I donít consider him my toughest opponent at all.

ďI feel equally fine at either 130 or 135 pounds. The plan is to defend the title on November 25 and then hopefully unify afterwards. Then, if the opportunity comes to fight at 135 then I will gladly do so. But the goal right now is to defend the title.

ďThe past is in the past and now Iím ready to redeem myself and go for it all.Ē


ďTraining camp has been going great. Words canít explain how hard I have been working and how hard I have been striving to achieve my goals. On November 25, fans are going to see fireworks. They are going to see the best of me and they are going to see the demise of Hector Luis Garcia.

ďMy second time in a world title fight is going to be different because I learned a lot in the first one against Jamel Herring. I took a lot from that fight and I kept the ball rolling as you can see. Iím riding a win streak that I donít plan on stopping for a long time. I give Garcia credit for being the champion but heís in my way and I donít think heís on my level.

ďIím from the trenches and I stand by what I said about how Iím going to stop him. Thatís what Iím here for. I was in the front row for his fight against Tank. I saw Tank take the fight out of him and I know I can do the same thing. And it might be quick.

ďFans are going to be saying that Iím the best boxer at 130 pounds and I will continue to prove that after November 25 as well.

ďI like that he said no excuses. Thatís what I like to hear. There are no excuses on my end. Thatís the name of my gym, No Excuse.

ďI fought for my first world title when I was 24 years old. I was young and since then Iíve only gotten better. I capitalized on it and added to my game. Iím better mentally, physically and psychologically. Every aspect of my game has been raised extremely high. There wonít be any excuses. For him to say that Roger Gutierrez is a better fighter than me is extremely disrespectful to my skill set. I hope heís not training as if Roger Gutierrez is better than me.

ďSHOWTIME PPV is going to showcase the next star. Make sure to tune in. I think Hector is the perfect dancing partner for me to get my shine on.Ē


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