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  Errol Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford
Final Press Conference

Photos: Esther Lin - SHOWTIME


Undefeated boxing superstars Errol The Truth Spence Jr. and Terence Bud Crawford faced off Thursday at the final press conference before they meet to crown the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era this Saturday, July 29 headlining a SHOWTIME PPV from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

To kick off the main event portion of the press conference, legendary heavyweight champion Mike Tyson conducted a coin toss to determine which fighter would walk to the ring last on Saturday night. Crawford won the toss and can now decide whether he would like to walk to the ring last, or be introduced last once in the ring.

The press conference also saw pay-per-view undercard fighters face off before their respective matchups on the telecast beginning at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. The pay-per-view will see hard-hitting contender Isaac Pitbull Cruz and undefeated contender Giovanni Cabrera battle in a WBC and WBA Lightweight Title Eliminator that serves as the co-main event, future Hall of Famer Nonito Donaire take on Mexican contender Alexandro Santiago for the vacant WBC Bantamweight World Championship, plus top prospect Yoenis Tellez duels Spanish contender Sergio Garcia in the telecast opener.

Here is what the press conference participants had to say Thursday from T-Mobile Arena:


Im gonna win because Im the better fighter. Im better physically and mentally. Im more durable. Im gonna break him down and break his will.

It would mean a lot to be undisputed. It would mean that Im one of the greatest welterweights to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

Hes gonna find out that my skills are superior. Hes talented, but when we talk about what my coach teaches, hes gonna see that I have great offense, defense and stamina. Its more than just talent.

This is gonna be legendary. Make sure you tune-in. This is gonna be an old school fight. Its gonna be iconic. Youre gonna want to buy this fight. Youre getting your moneys worth.

People are gonna talk about this fight 30 or 40 years from now when you talk about legendary fights. Theyre gonna talk about this fight the same way they talked about the Four Kings era. Theres gonna be an amateur 20 years from now watching our fight on YouTube and saying man, I want to be in a fight like that.

Everyone knows its Strap Season. I want to thank my parents, because they blessed me with the resiliency to get through a lot of stuff in life. Make sure you order the fight on SHOWTIME PPV. I guarantee you Im gonna put on a great show. Bring your seasoning on Saturday night, because were gonna have a crawfish boil. Bring that hot sauce too.

I guarantee you its gonna be nothing but fireworks from start to finish.


I dont go in there looking for the knockout, I go in there looking for the win. If he gets out of line hes gonna be the next one going down.

Everyone knows what time it is. Im ready and hes ready. Were gonna have a fish fry come Saturday.

Hes gonna find out the same thing that everyone else finds out. Hes gonna say that on TV I look one way. In the ring hes gonna be seeing three of me.

They say hes the big bad wolf, but come fight night were gonna find out if hes all that he says he is. Hes gonna have to show me.

Everything about me is better than Errol. When you look at what I do in the ring, its better than what he does. Come fight night, Im going to prove every doubter wrong. Im going to show that Im the best fighter in the world.

This is the Terence Crawford era. When you look at my body of work in each weight class, you cant deny that. This is my era. Ive never had a close fight. Ive never had a fight where people thought I lost. Ive looked spectacular every time.

This is what we do every time we come out. That talking can turn bad real quick. Support your fighter, and lets come together and make this event a success.

DERRICK JAMES, Spences Trainer

Theres no more talking. Nothing else to say. My chant is, its time to eat. Its time to make it happen. Were tired of talking. Its time to go. Show time.

It takes a lot of fortitude, discipline and focus to win fights like this. Errol has that. He knows his time is on Saturday. We made this happen. We took every belt and beat champions to get here.

BRIAN BO MAC MCINTYRE, Crawfords Trainer

Were here now yall. Theres nothing else to say. He cant hide anymore. Its time to take care of business. Its time to go to work.

Were gonna find out who the best man is. I respect them for what theyve done. Weve been here before. Youre trying to get here. I can tell you how it is to be undisputed. Sit back and watch.


Im going to come out on Saturday and prove my worth. Im going to show why I deserve a rematch with Gervonta Davis.

Im coming here to do my job and send a clear message. Im not overrated, Im worth every penny. Im here to show everyone what I can do inside the ring.

Lets see who eats whose punches and who can withstand the most. I am going to eat Cabrera up.

Im a real Mexican fighter and Im gonna show everyone what I can do once again on Saturday night.


Ive beaten more unbeaten fighters than most in boxing history. If you look at Cruzs first 20 fights, most of those opponents were not good at all. I believe that Ive earned my spot here and that Im going to take the win.

Im 21-0 for a reason. Everyone I know has tried to take my head off and Ive picked every single one of them apart.

I want to represent Chicago and my Mexican blood. Im here to give it my all, put my soul on the line and make sure I dont regret anything.


I gambled in my last fight, and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Going into this fight, I just have to show everyone that Ive still got it. Im doing it for me now and to show what Im capable of. I love the sport and Im grateful that Im getting the opportunity.

The power at this age is so much more potent. I put so much more into it. Not just emotion and experience, but I put every essence of a man into this.

I have to give big respect to my opponent, hes never been down. But Im the type of guy where if I see the opportunity, Ill take it. Theres nothing more satisfying than a knockout.

I dont really look into the extra stuff. I have a bigger vision ahead of me. I want to become undisputed. Thats the only thing that I havent done in boxing. Ive gotten lots of accolades, but never been undisputed. Thats my biggest purpose and thats why Im still fighting.


In 2018 when I fought for the title, I was young. That fight is in the past. Through hard work, discipline and having a great team, I was able to grow. Im way more mature now. I came here to become a world champion.

All respect to Nonito. But on Saturday night people all over the world are going to get to know me and see what Im capable of. Im gonna put on a show for everyone watching.

I have a fire inside of me. I want to make this dream come true. Its not just about the objective, its about the journey. Ive enjoyed how Ive gotten here. My son was born two months ago, so this goes out to him and my family. It makes me want this even more.


This is just about taking advantage of a great opportunity given to me. We put experience to the side, because I just have to do my job and focus on winning.

I promise that youre going to see another Cuban fighter with championship potential. Youre going to see someone whos skill is rising fast. The fans are going to see something they will definitely enjoy.


I would have done the exact same thing he did. Im not in a position to underestimate anyone. I have to win this fight to get what I want. What he does is his business.

Im going to show you what I can do. I dont have to promise anything. Ive trained so hard and youve seen that Im the kind of fighter who leaves it all on the line. Im going to give the fans the show they deserve and let the chips fall where they may.

TOM BROWN, President of TGB Promotions

Ive been in this business over 35 years and I havent been this pumped up in a long time for a fight. This is spectacular and as good of a matchup as you can get.

We have the two best fighters in the world, both unbeaten world champions and just so talented. Its gonna be an all-out war from start to finish.

When you look at the skills of each fighter, everything is so equal. Everything is so close between them. Its gonna come down to who wants it more. Its about mental toughness and who can dig down the deepest. There will be a new undisputed pound-for-pound champion on Saturday night.


We are in the business of helping to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Saturday night is exactly that. Its not a boxing match or a television show. Calling it those things doesnt do it justice. A fight of this magnitude with these stakes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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