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  Benn vs. Dobson Final Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn

ďThereís no place like Las Vegas, and what an opportunity for so many fighters on this card on Saturday night. Conor Benn headlines against Peter Dobson; it was 34 years ago that his father Nigel Benn fought Iran Barkley on the strip, and this is the first time in the history of Matchroom that we have promoted a main event with a Brit headlining in Las Vegas. Weíre excited to be broadcasting this fight at 10.30pm UK time for the main event, an early start here in the US with the first fight underway at 11am PT at the fantastic Chelsea venue inside the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

ďThere are so many great opportunities for these young fighters to make their name here in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Young Brits Johnny Fisher, George Liddard and Jimmy Sains get an incredible opportunity to fight in Vegas early in their careers, while thereís four undefeated fighters going at it, two World ranked talents in Austin Williams and Khalil Coe in massive tests for their careers.Ē

Conor Benn Ė fights Peter Dobson over 12 rounds at Welterweight

ďHe fights because he has no choice, I fight because I love to fight, thatís the difference. If he was in my shoes, he wouldnít be a fighter. I choose to do this; I live and breathe this. So, keep that energy, heís been trolling for months, keep shaking. You will find out what green is on Saturday. I promise you.

ďIím coming out there and Iím going to come straight to him. Meet him in the middle. Weíll have a shoot-out, no problem, the more I talk the more he shakes. Iím coming for the knockout. This luxury kid that lives a privileged life, Iím coming out there to wipe you out, I swear on my life. Iím going in to take your head off your shoulders. Heís mad delusional, I like his confidence, the loudest one if the weakest one in the room.

ďIíve proven everything Iíve ever said. Iím going in there to absolutely destroy him, period. No nerves, just pure excitement. This is what I do, this isnít talk, not trying to talk my way into a big fight, my record speaks for itself. Every time Iíve stepped up, Iíve proven myself and done what I set out to do, every single time. I plan on doing the same on Saturday, heís talking a lot, other fighters have said Iím green, not ready, living off your dadís name Ė but when I get in there, I prove them wrong. So I will do what I do and thatís get the knockout in absolutely devastating fashion. As soon as that bell goes, Iím launching a heavy right hand straight at his head, followed by a nasty left hook, and I might finish him off with another one-two if heís not gone already.

ďI prepare for every fight like they are my World title, because they are, and I am to them. I always prepare diligently, I live the life, thatís the difference, I stay dedicated, I apply myself, I go above and beyond, every inch of the game I am. Him not living the life, youíll see on Saturday.Ē

Peter Dobson Ė fights Conor Benn over 12 rounds at Welterweight

ďIím ready to go and Iíve been ready to go. When I first met you (Eddie) I told you that Iím one of the best fighters in the world and you need to give me an opportunity. Everyone you have sent my way, I have said yes to, and here we are, two more days and I get to show you that everything I was saying was the truth. Heís so green, he thinks heís going to take me out in the first round, thatís dumb. Thatís what green fighters do. No-one heís fought is better than me. Theyíre more known than me, but theyíre not better than me. Iíve been overlooked my whole career, why do you think the last two Matchroom guys didnít want to fight me? Because they did their homework. These guys obviously didnít do their homework and heís going to see. You will see why I canít get fights, why promoters constantly tell me ĎThis guy doesnít want to fight youí. Do your homework. Itís been a long time coming, Iím an old land mine thatís been waiting to blow up for a long damn time.

ďI feel like this is perfect alignment for me. Itís Godís plan. Iím supposed to be here on this stage, now I get to show the world that I should have been here a long time ago. Iím a dog, I came up the hard way in boxing. Conorís father was a world champion, a millionaire, so he paved the way with his legacy and gave him the route that I want to give my son, the easy route where you donít have to struggle. I couldnít get fights, even with Matchroom I couldnít. I came out of the mud; weíve had different paths but when get in the ring itís just me and him and weíll see which path makes the better fighter.

ďIf he comes out hard in the first round, heís going to get knocked out in the first round. I donít think you have seen me fight because of what youíve said, Iím a dog, Iím from the Bronx. This is my life, Iím in the gym every day with no fight date, I put my life into this, I sacrifice so much, and heís going to feel my pain and everything Iíve been through.Ē

Austin Williams Ė defends his WBA International Middleweight title against Armel Mbumba-Yassa over ten rounds

ďI take this extremely seriously. He has a chance to skip the line, heís been pro just as long as me, heís got 10 fights, Iíve got 15, Iíve fought in real fights. At this point itís not about emotion, itís not about stars aligning or my opportunity or chance; itís really mathematical. I have experiences in the ring that you canít replace you can only go through it. The confidence I have from the experiences I went through in the ring, Iím just ready to show that thereís different levels to boxing. On Saturday we have the chance to show that you have a young, undefeated big puncher, but youíll see the difference with the things weíve done in the sport.

ďThereís a ferocity to me thatís been honed, itís animalistic, like a tiger after r they go to battle, to war so many times, they have to hunt and survive, then something switches where everyday I wake up and ready to fight. Heíll be energetic and coming hard at me, but Iíll just shut a lot of things down. People forget that I have been in the gym and training with some current greats like David Benavidez, Callum Smith, Christian Mbilli, so I am just ready to show levels, youíll see the momentum shift and his demeanor change after the first 30 to 45 seconds of the fight, when he realizes what heís in for on Saturday.Ē

Armel Mbumba-Yassa Ė challenges Austin Williams for his WBA International Middleweight title over ten rounds

ďThis is a life-changing chance for me, and I took it immediately. Iím ready, I was already training so it was perfect, on Saturday a new star is born. After this fight, everyone will say Ďwowí. I know Austin, I know heís a very dangerous fighter. I fear nobody, I respect him, but I am afraid of nothing, he can come with all the emotions, but I am ready.Ē

Johnny Fisher Ė faces Dmytro Bezus over eight rounds at Heavyweight

ďIím very grateful to be on a show like this in Las Vegas. We spoke about fighting in America from the first few fights in my career that we wanted to fight over here, but the dream means nothing if I donít put in a performance on Saturday. Iíve got a lot of respect for Bezus, I know heís coming to win, but I sensed fear in him and Iím going to prey on that when I get in there.

ďIíve been over here four or five times before, Iím used to being in Vegas, Iíve been here for five weeks, and I was ready to fight when I got here. I came here early to acclimatize and sharpen my skills, Iíve been sparring with Michael Hunter and a lot of Cuban fighters, so itís been a great experience and itís only going to add to my game as I put it all on the line on Saturday.

ďWhen you fight in England people pay for their fight ticket and get on the train, but this time they are paying for flights and hotels on top of that, and itís a lot of money. Weíre very grateful to all the Essex fans coming over and itís up to all of us to put on a show.Ē

Dmytro Bezus Ė faces Johnny Fisher over eight rounds at Heavyweight

ďThank you very much for the invitation to fight. Months ago, I could only dream about a fight in Las Vegas and now itís a reality. Johnny is very strong, itís a good experience and good fight. I always come to win, with my last fight against David Adeleye, as they say, shit happens, itís time to come back and go again.Ē

Khalil Coe Ė takes on Gerardo Osuna over eight rounds at Light-Heavyweight

ďShit gets real. Iím going to prove who I am. I have a lot to show you, this guy is 20-0 Ė soon to be 20-1 Ė itís inevitable. My preparation is so much better; from meal prep to the miles we run, to the communication, conversations with coach, the understanding that he has my back and I put the work in, and we are getting the results that we have been looking for. Iím looking forward to this, Iím expecting him to bring everything, Iíve been training for it. Iíve seen guys like this before, itís nothing I cannot handle. Iíve been training with some of the roughest and toughest guys, thatís prepared me for this fight, so I am ready.Ē

Gerardo Osuna Ė takes on Khalil Coe over eight rounds at Light-Heavyweight

ďIím very grateful to Eddie Hearn and Matchroom for the opportunity. I want to raise the Mexican flag in this fight and honor my country and show what I am about. Iím very excited and proud of this moment and I am going to show what Mexican fighters can do.Ē

George Liddard Ė takes on Andrew Buchanan over six rounds at Middleweight

ďThis whole camp Iíve been preparing for another undefeated fighter on Saturday. Itís been great in America, sparring guys that are preparing for a World title in March, Iím just ready and excited, looking forward to doing the business and going to 6-0 on Saturday. Every time I go in there, Iím 100 per cent prepared. Heís undefeated so he is going to go in there to prove a point, itís a big opportunity for him so he won't want to lose. So, I will have to dig deep and work hard, and youíll see a very good George Liddard and an explosive and vicious performance.Ē

Jimmy Sains Ė takes on Alejandro Avalos over four rounds at Middleweight

ďIíve been pinching myself a lot about fighting here, itís just mental being here, it still hasnít sunk in. Iíve had a great four weeks in LA and itís mad that Iím now here in Las Vegas, and I am grateful for the opportunity. The first two fights Iíve had have just been bodies really as opponents there to make up the numbers, but on Saturday Iíve got a live opponent, and I am going to show the best Jimmy Sains. Iím in the best shape Iíve been in as a pro, and you will see the best of me on Saturday. The sparring Iíve had and the gyms Iíve been in over here, not many people can say that theyíve had that, so I feel very lucky, and I canít wait for Saturday.Ē


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