The Power Of Cinnamon

By William Trillo

I must admit I can’t argue with the drawing power of The Cinnamon Kid (AKA Canelo). With some 51,000+ fans packed into that Texas Stadium this past weekend it’s pretty clear Canelo is a surefire ticket seller. It’s also undeniable that his power shots to the head and body are equally impressive. You can confer with Liam Smith on that matter.

What is in question is his propensity to get hit and what will happen if and when GGG should land the same type of shots on Canelo that Smith was connecting with all night. Until that fight with Golovkin is consummated that will be the million dollar question.

Although Canelo never really answered when he will be allowed to face GGG he did make a claim that they had offered Golovkin up to three times the original purse to fight him. An offer that Canelo says was flatly turned down. Other than the fact that they admit there have been ongoing negotiations, no one from GGG’s team would confirm or deny the lofty claim.

Until the fight comes to its fruition boxing fans will have to sit and wait as this boring game of chess plays itself out. The sooner the better for all parties concerned.

Doing a little research today I found out that the spice Cinnamon is not only an odor neutralizer but it also can cure an upset stomach. You can do with that information as you will, but I bet you know what I am thinking.

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4 Responses to “The Power Of Cinnamon”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The same can be said after seeing how many punches book landed on triple g. In only 5 rounds triple g was pretty lumped up fighting a welterweight. If canelo lands thosee punches how would he react. I just want them to fight I just find it funny the hate goes all one way. Comparing resume canelo has a much better resume. Not saying what he does with the catchweight is cool. Just don’t see how the boxing public puts it all on him. Triple g biggest fight is against a welterweight and his next biggest is lemiuez which was a ppv flop horrible. I blame both honestly but at least I can say for canelo he has fought a cotto a Lara a mayweather and he is 26 years old. Triple g does need the fight more he is 35 and has no resume and no one in the middleweight division that will make his resume look better.

  2. William says:

    The hate goes around cuz Canelo pops his mouth off and has not the cajones to back it up, or his promoter won’t let him because he is protecting his Mijo. Canelo vacated his title so he would not have to fight GGG. That speaks louder than words. If Lemiuex gets his act in order he would give Cinnamon a run. Kell Brook would grind him into powder. I am still waiting for anyone to confirm that Golden Boy made some 3 times the amount offer to GG that was flatly turned down. Smells like BS and turns my stomach.

  3. David McGarry says:

    At the weigh in for the fight, the promoters announced they had sold around 35,000 tickets. I wonder how much they charged people who turned up on the day of the fight.

    Smith did himself no favours by training with a cut above his eye and not being able to spar for nearly two months.

    As for that offer, it depends a lot on what sort of conditions were attached.

  4. William says:

    Are you suggesting they stole a page from PBC and made it rain free tickets on fight day?

    The cut and no sparring excuse is akin to Manny’s shoulder before Floyd. WEAK

    Good point. I am sure the offer was slanted to favor Canelo in some fashion..weight etc.