Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

By William Trillo

Yeah, it’s a corny line out of an old Meatloaf song but if you are boxing manager Egis Klimis you might want to add this tune to your car Karaoke repertoire. After watching HBO Boxing’s Saturday night show featuring three of his fighters it’s clear to me Klimis has two firecrackers and a big dud. Now if you are a handicapper going to Las Vegas for some Boxing Betting action going 2 for 3 is pretty darn good, so it’s not a loss for Klimis, but if you are looking to hit the Trifecta…. Think again.

WBO Super Featherweight Champion Vasyl Lomachenko is without a doubt boxings Pound-4-Pound king right now. His victory over Jason Sosa was once again nothing short of spectacular. This guy is in a league all his own. It’s very hard for me to imagine that anyone in his division stands a chance to defeat him. That being said I still have to chuckle when I think about Orlando Salido using that Smoke and Mirror trick at the scales to his advantage and handing Lomachenko his first and only loss.

When someone asks me what kind of fighter do I like to watch the most I will direct them to video of NABF Light Heavyweight Oleksandr Gvozdyk decimating Yunieski Gonzalez inside of three rounds. My expectation is that Gvozdyk will soon be taking the 175 division by storm. I’d like to see him head to Montreal and take on whichever light heavy dares to step into the ring with him. Beterbiev, Pascal and Adonis would have their respective hands full with this contender. On second thought…take the name of Adonis off the list. “Superman” would rather take his chances with a dose of Kryptonite than face this beast.

The first time I saw WBO Cruiserweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk was in Los Angeles last year at The Fabulous Forum. To say I was less than impressed would be an understatement. In fact, here are but a few snippet highlights of my thoughts after that fight:

…he showed less than world class talent…
…awkward if not downright clumsy…
… looked less than pedestrian….
…He has a very short shelf life….

After his decision victory over Michael Hunter this past weekend I haven’t changed my tune one bit. The big southpaw with two left feet is a true specimen of health but once he gets into the ring with someone who can crack his career will end abruptly.

Now don’t be sad.


‘Cuz two out of three ain’t bad.

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5 Responses to “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Lomachenko left a lot of unfinished business at featherweight. There were very competitive match ups to be made with Leo Santa Cruz, Carl Frampton and Lee Selby. Now, he’s in a relatively easy division and looking to move up again. If he does chance his arm at lightweight, Jorge Linares, Mikey Garcia, Terry Flanagan and Luke Campbell would all provide very stern tests. I think he’d lose to all of them.

    Usyk v Bellew would have been a good fight, but Tony Bellew has a heavyweight title fight lined up next. Maybe they can persuade Breidis to risk his version of a world title.

    That light heavyweight might be very good. How old is he?

  2. William says:

    Oleksandr Gvozdyk is 29.

    Garcia poses his toughest fight. All the rest would get beat. Saw the Flanagan fight with Petrov…not impressed at all.

    Useless Usyk will fall the first time he faces world class competition….a guy like Adamek would have cleaned his clock….I have never seen such a clumsy and awkward fighter. I like how they keep blaming the opponents style for his lack of mobility and balance…..dude is not “Dancing With The Stars” material…….

  3. David McGarry says:

    If you saw Flanagan v Petrov, you might have seen the debut of 19 year old heavyweight Daniel Dubois. This young man did such a good job when sparring current IBF champion Anthony Joshua that a couple of TV commentators felt the need to point out they had been threatened with lawsuits if they revealed what they had seen.

    Another very promising heavyweight who made his debut a few days before is Lawrence Okolie.

    • William says:

      Only saw the Twitter feed of Petrov. I have a hard time with this lawsuit story you speak of.

  4. David McGarry says:

    It was the three regular BoxNation commentators who brought the subject up when discussing Dubois and what they were allowed to say and what at least one of them had witnessed with his own eyes. There are plenty of other witnesses in the UK who back this up.