Chavez Jr. Escapes Under GGG vs. Canelo “Bombs Away” Announcement

By William Trillo

The best thing that happened to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on Saturday night was the announcement that Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is officially signed and set for September 16th. If not for that, Chavez Jr. would have been sliced up like a Carne Asada at a Mexican Delicatessen.

When the lone highlight of your weekend is the fact that you finally made the contracted weight after years of failed attempts you can go ahead and assume you suck, as does your entire career.

Max Kellerman hit the nail on the head on the HBO PPV when he suggested that this performance by Chavez Jr. proved he had perpetrated fraud on the boxing public during his entire career.

As far as Canelo vs. GGG, I must admit I did not see this one coming so quickly. Kudos to both Golden Boy and K2 Promotions for nailing this one down. It’s certainly something fight fans deserve.

The thinking was that Golden Boy would wait until GGG was a little longer in the tooth before they allowed Canelo to get in the ring with him but this move shows Golden Boy believes their Golden Egg laying goose is ready for the challenge at hand.

Coming off a fight where he did not stop his opponent Danny Jacobs but instead was stretched to the 12 round limit there are some who think Golovkin peaked and now is starting on the dowside of his career. I for one am not one of those skeptics. Jacobs is a big and talented fighter who got himself ready to take Golovkin to the limit. And yes it’s true he gave it a good shot, but no one can say they believe he beat GGG.

For Canelo, you can’t take away what he did and how he looked on Saturday night just because Chavez Jr. was afraid to exchange. Alvarez was sharp, accurate and strong and we can expect he will be just as ready in September. In fact he will be more than ready.

The biggest question now is where is this fight going to take place?

I’m told the T-Mobile in Las Vegas is already on hold but that doesn’t mean places like Texas and New York or even London are out of the running. This fight is going to be huge and I am sure Golden Boy is ready to listen to all bidders.

It’s Bombs Away for GGG and Canelo in September.

Hopefully it’s Bums Away for Chavez Jr. ….permanently.

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4 Responses to “Chavez Jr. Escapes Under GGG vs. Canelo “Bombs Away” Announcement”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Chavez’s performance should come as no surprise – you’ve been slagging him off for years, and rightly so. And yet this was billed as a superfight: the most exciting and intriguing fight between a pair of Mexicans for years. Perhaps the real reason no 20,000 capacity stadium could be found in Mexico to host this event was national embarrassment.

    Jacobs got shafted when he fought Golovkin and that’s why Golden Boy are ready to risk their main asset. GGG fought conservatively – like an old man – and did not throw or land enough punches to win most of the rounds. The next good fighter to share a ring with Golovkin has an excellent chance of getting the win officially. Having said that, I don’t think Canelo will beat him. I look back at how he struggled against Miguel Cotto and have serious doubts.

    • William says:

      It was the intrigue of two high profile Mexicans, nothing more. When the fight was announced I chuckled but knew the outpouring of Mex fans was going to make this a block buster, and it was. Closed circuit across the globe completely sold out.
      As you say I have not been kind to Chavez Jr. and rightly so…he is a bum.
      I too believe GGG should beat Canelo but this fight can go either way.
      The question now is what city will grab the rights to the fight. I am sure Vegas is the odds on favorite, something I am sure will make your blood boil.

  2. David McGarry says:

    Las Vegas is a logical choice for hosting Golovkin v Alvarez. It’s just about neutral enough to suit the defending champion and accessible to the Mexican expats who might want to cheer on Canelo. I don’t think GGG has a big enough fan base in any particular area or country for his team to propose another venue.