Who’s Shortsighted?

By William Trillo
Photos by Al Applerose

Golden Boy brass admonished the media in attendance at the GGG vs Canelo post fight press telling them that if they didn’t write about the excellent performances of both fighters but instead only focused on the abysmal score rendered, it would be very shortsighted.

Unfortunately for the promoter by the time he uttered those words the internet was ablaze with negative reaction to not only that horrific score but social media was inundated with boxing fan commentary that made it clear they thought Gennady Golovkin was the victim of Las Vegas robbery at its best. In the eyes of the majority of the fans Golovkin won that battle hands down.

So to somehow point fingers at the media, trying to lay an early blanket of blame for the injustice that took place and the negative fallout that was sure to follow is simply laughable at best.

No one can question the gutty performances by both men.

Canelo showed great head movement and countered well. Gennady was masterful at cutting off the ring forcing Canelo to fight in retreat almost the entire night.

Both men showed they have tremendous chins as each one tasted some huge doses of heavy leather but never went down.

Canelo started out nice early but GGG owned the middle rounds. Round five had the house rocking.

To his credit Canelo sucked it up and closed the show well. Round 10 was a barn burner.

For the record I scored the fight like Dave Moretti, 115-113 Golovkin.

A close round here and there and the 114-114 score is more than acceptable.

But 118-110 Canelo?

When it comes to being accused of being shortsighted the only person one can point the Fickle Finger of Fate at is none other than Adelaide Byrd.

It would be one thing if this was an isolated incident. But Byrd has been at the forefront of some very major scoring botch jobs during her career. It’s time someone step up and relieve her of her duties.

Shortsightedness can also be defined as being Near Sighted. Meaning that if an object is not right in front of your nose it becomes blurry and hard to make out. It’s pretty clear Byrd could not see or make out what was in front of her on Saturday night.

The clinical term for being shortsighted is Myopia.

A myopic person is unable to see things as they truly are.

Do with that definition as you will.

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4 Responses to “Who’s Shortsighted?”

  1. David McGarry says:

    It’s just the latest in a series of badly managed events at Las Vegas. It’s not as if there weren’t warnings this might happen – at least on some other boxing sites.

    Over the past few months we had the Ward – Kovalev rematch fiasco, then the Mayweather – McGregor circus and now this. Bad judging is only a part of the problem. The refereeing has been substandard, too. In this fight, Alvarez was allowed to hold too much and too often.

    Also, it’s worth noting that pundits in studios away from the actual fight arena had Golovkin winning by a much wider margin. Presumably they weren’t influenced by the crowd as much as those at ringside.

    • William says:

      Sometimes you’re a real horses ass McGarry.

      There is always the chance of debauchery in boxing be it Las Vegas or otherwise, kudos to those other boxing sites for throwing a ton of crap on the wall and having some stick.

      Did I mention you are at times a horses hind end?

      Ward much to my dismay pounded Kovalev in rematch. The promoter sucked and is now basically out of the business. But…Ward won that fight hands down. The first fight was close and Kovalev has only himself to blame for allowing Ward back into that one.

      The fact that you mention the show from a few weeks ago and give it any validity at all tells me my horses ass theory is on point.

      Personally I thought Bayless did a pretty decent job.

      Pundits in the studio away from the action…do you mean across the pond away? Answer yes.

      Your slant to everything from the UK being better is a very tired act.

      What happened to your fights from Limey Land being the best fights of the weekend? The best part of those fights was Saunders Jr. hitting Monroe in the nuts. After that not a person on the planet but you cares.

      In closing may I say that at times you can be a real horse ass.

  2. David McGarry says:

    When you run out of facts in an argument, I suppose insults will have to do.

    When you can’t understand fairly plain and simple English, those insults may be your only way of replying.

    When boxing writers with a global audience at publications that have been reporting on boxing for over a hundred years write something, and all you can write are insults, you have managed to define yourself and your abilities rather well.

  3. William says:

    Fact: Boxing has always attracted the seedy under belly of society and thus there is a lot of corrupt BS going on. Writing about it before any fight, club fight or fight of the year is not going out on a limb.

    Fact: Ward owns Kovalev and as much as it pains me those victories speak for themselves. Kovalev is to blame for both losses, not corrupt judges.

    Fact: You mention that circus show in Las Vegas as if it was a legitimate venture. That speaks volumes to your boxing IQ.

    Fact: I do not remember anyone mentioning Kenny Bayless name during the aftermath. That tells me he did an acceptable controversy free job.

    Fact: Pundits in a studio that is flying The Union Jack in the background should have applied for a credential and been in attendance with the rest of us. Their opinions are meaningless.

    Fact: No one cares about any of the fights that happened in the UK this weekend.

    Fact: Las Vegas is the go to boxing capital if the world, always has been, always will be. Piss and moan all you want, the event was a monster and there will be more to come to Sin City, now and forever. Deal with it.

    Fact: Sometimes you’re a real horses ass.