Fortune Telling Elvis Chides Canelo

By William Trillo

No trip to the fights in Las Vegas would be complete without a stop at my favorite watering hole in Yermo followed by a visit with Elvis to get his prediction on the big fight. With GGG vs. Canelo looming Elvis let fly with this little gem that is certainly a warning to Alvarez and quite possibly a hint that Alvarez past indiscretions may come back to haunt him when he faces Golovkin.

Elvis states, “Live it up today, ‘cuz you never know when you’re gonna go…but…watch out for those pills…you know what I mean?”

Seems to me “The King” has been paying close attention to all the news surrounding this rematch and believes there may have been some foul play afoot.

Do what you will with that, “watch out for those pills” blast, but it seems pretty clear to me Elvis is taking a shot at Canelo and leaning heavily to the side of GGG coming out on top.

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