Doing What You Are Supposed To Do, It’s Not That Impressive

By William Trillo

My initial reaction to the announcement the Deontay Wilder would be defending his title against Dominic Breazeale was laughing out loud while trying to utter the words, “You gotta be kiddin’ me…right?” I mean seriously, after all the bloviating Wilder had been doing you would think he could chose a better and more viable opponent than that.

Now before you start saying to yourselves, “There he goes again hating on another fighter,” know this…100% of the people who I spoke to about this had exactly the same thought. Those people would be other boxing journalists, boxers and their trainers and hard core boxing fans. Every single one of the to a man found Wilder picking Breazeale for his next test comical if not ridiculous.

Anyone who saw that fight this past Saturday night now knows why this fight was not embraced in most boxing circles.

Oh sure, Wilder clubbed Breazeale with a thunderous right hand in round one, but what were you expecting? If there was someone out there who gave poor Dominic a snowballs chance in hell he didn’t speak up prior to the fight and he certainly ain’t gonna raise his hand now.

This was not Mike Tyson destroying Michael Spinks.

This was not Cassius Clay demoralizing Sonny Liston.

It’s a pretty cliché statement in boxing, but as far as Wilder’s performance goes, “he did what he what supposed to do.”

I’d like to apologize for not slobbering all over myself like many have been doing since Breazeale’s head hit the back of the canvas but I do not have any misguided agenda to support nor am I kissing anyone’s hind end.

The outcome of this one was easy to see. No one with an ounce of pugilistic gray matter should be surprised or in awe here.

Now that being said, that right hand of Wilder’s is thunder, pure and simple. That cannot be denied.

Wilder is now being quoted saying he is the man and he is willing to fight anyone at anytime. That would be great if we could believe him. But he has said that before only to give us what we saw on Saturday night. That being a lot of pomp and circumstance with a smoke and mirror prelude that could never generate a PPV audience.


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