Callum Smith: Lost In The Shuffle; & Ruiz’s Biggest Fan In Mexico

By William Trillo

When the Heavyweight Champion of the World loses his title to an unknown underdog in the fashion that the disgraced Anthony Joshua did on Saturday night it’s a pretty safe assumption that any other boxing news and results from the weekend are going to fall off the radar screen. Such is the case for the WBA Super 168 pound champion Callum Smith (26-0, 19 KO’s) who on the same night on the same broadcast obliterated Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam inside of three rounds.

Smith’s destruction of N’Dam was surgical. By sending his foe down three times with precision punches Smith looked like a beast. Had it been any other fighter the fight could have very well ended in the first round but if you know the track record of N’Dam then you know there is no quit in the man. Thankfully the ref had seen enough after the third knockdown and saved N’Dam from further abuse at the hands of Smith.

On any other night that would have been the hot topic in barber shops the following week but with the major upset in the Main Event Smith’s performance can’t get a sniff. It’s almost as if the fight didn’t exist.

Smith saw this fight as his audition for Canelo in September or May but because of all the bruha surrounding Andy Ruiz his performance most likely will get lost in the shuffle.

Ruiz’s Biggest Mexican Fan

One would think that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez would want all the spotlights in boxing to shine on him but trust me when I say that no one has become a bigger fan of Andy Ruiz than Canelo himself. From Mexico City to Mexicali there is no one cheering louder for Ruiz.

If you are asking why then you didn’t read the above Callum Smith article.

Smith looked like a destroyer on Saturday night and it’s pretty unlikely Canelo is going to want to take a stab at his 168 pound title until the tail end of his multi-fight deal at DAZN. No need suffering the same fate as Joshua.

Spare me the argument that Canelo has already beat a 168 pound champion. That was WBA Regular Champ Rocky Fielding. I still have no idea what a regular champ is. Callum Smith is the reigning Super Super Middleweight Champion. If that sounds redundant don’t blame me. The fact is Smith is the real 168 pound champion for the WBA. No one with an ounce of boxing knowledge will dispute that.

But…because of the upset in the Main Event on Saturday night most casual boxing fans don’t even know Smith fought and for Canelo I am sure that’s just fine. The less we talk about this guy the less Canelo will have to hear about getting in the ring with Callum.

Trust me, no one was cheering louder for Ruiz than Canelo.

In fact, I might be mistaken but I am sure that was a Red Head I saw driving the Andy Ruiz Band Wagon.

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