Bivol Exposes Zzzurdo & De La Hoya,
Sends A Clear Message To Canelo

By William Trillo
Photo: Mark Robinson and Matthew Pover – Matchroom Boxing

While successfully defending his WBA Light Heavyweight Title, the undefeated Dmitry Bivol (21-1, 11 KO’s) displayed his untouchable World Class skills and exposed Zzzurdo Ramirezzz (44-1, 30 KO’s) for the “One Trick” Pony he has always been. Anyone with even a modest knowledge of the fight game could have seen this outcome long before the two stepped into the ring.

Bivol is pure artistry in the ring. With the punching accuracy of a marksman, the ability to land multiple pinpoint combinations, an impenetrable defense, and the footwork of a Ballet dancer, Bivol makes what he does in the ring look effortless. By the time his foes realize what they are up against, it’s already too late.

Case in point, Zzzurdo Ramirezzz.

Let’s be honest here, no one is ever going to suggest he ever fought anything close to “The Cream of the Crop” in boxing on his way to his heavily padded and over hyped record. Zzzurdo used a “Laundry List” full of “Has-Been’s” and “Never-Where’s” to somehow get himself a 168-pound world title.

Zzzurdo is a one punch plodder at best. Bivol made him look every bit the part.

Dazed and confused by any and everything Bivol did, Zzzurdo had no answers and resorted to diving in face first in an ill-fated attempt to land something or anything. It was a pathetic effort at best.

Speaking of being Dazed and Confused, did you see the look on the face of Zzurdo’s promoter , Oscar De La Hoya, during and after the fight?

Now mind you, this is the same De La Hoya who was spouting how Zzzurdo would beat Bivol.

That’s right, De La Hoya said before the fight, “I think that Zurdo Ramirez is a bigger fighter, a stronger fighter, he’s a southpaw, he’s hungrier,” said The Golden Boy, “Guess what? Ramirez is on his way up, Ramirez is hungry, Ramirez is a fighter who wants to taste glory. That’s going to be the difference right there.”

As it turns out none of that hogwash made a bit of difference at all. Oscar had an A+ record as a prize fighter but his knack for evaluating talent falls somewhere around a C-. Zzzurdo is not a World class fighter and never has been, anyone who thinks so is just flat out wrong.

What makes the fact that Oscar was willing to throw Zzzurdo to “The Lion” a real head scratcher is when you stop and consider the tongue lashing De La Hoya gave promoter Eddie Hearn after Bivol defeated Canelo in May. “Canelo has a promoter [Hearn] now that obviously doesn’t come from a boxing world,” said De La Hoya,” He doesn’t really know the fight game. He got Canelo beat, it was the wrong style.”

Which begs to ask, if Oscar knows so much about talent what makes him think Zzurdo had a snowballs chance in hell to defeat Bivol? Did he really believe Bivol was there for the taking? If not, then what would be the reason to set up this obvious mismatch? Certainly, all that Abu Dhabi oil rich currency didn’t cloud De La Hoya’s vision…Right? (Cough Cough).

Turning my attention back to Bivol, no one may have heard of Dmitry prior to 2022, but with his two victories over Canelo Alvarez and Zzzurdo he has jumped up a few notches on the Pound4Pound list while raising his stock greatly. With a vision of unifying all the belts at 175 pounds Bivol may very well become one of the must-see attractions in boxing in 2023.

Of course, the fight I want to see is Bivol vs. Artur Beterbiev (18-0, 18 KO’s) in an all Eastern European title showdown. Beterbiev will have to successfully defend his belt against title holder Anthony Yarde next January, and if he does, let’s get ready to rumble.

Whether or not Bivol gives Canelo a rematch before or after the Beterbiev fight, he wants to make one point perfectly clear, as for a rematch with Canelo, Bivol stated he’d discuss going to 168 to fight for Canelo’s four belts, “but remember,” stated Bivol, “I’m a light heavyweight. This is my weight.”

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