Post Fight Report :
Cunningham Rallies For
Rematch Against Adamek

By Tim Donaldson

In the post fight press conference, Steve Cunningham began a campaign for a rematch with Tomasz Adamek.

Cunningham said that he was disappointed with the results of the fight. “Anytime you lose a belt, you should be disappointed, or you’re crazy.” But he did not feel that he necessarily performed poorly, noting that “We (he and his team) showed the heart of ten champions in there. In the name of Jesus Christ, I did what I did. I do what I do and will continue to do it Adamek caught me with some very good flash knock downs. They were flash. I wasn’t hurt. I can take a punch obviously. He’s a good fighter. I knew he was a good fighter. But I knew we could out box him. I fell into his plan a few times. But I knew the audience would love to see a rematch.”

Cunningham said that he believed that he had Adamek in the fourth round. But as he believed, “I over shot my load. I got so anxious. I had him huffing and puffing. He’s a tough dude. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a tough dude. I should have taken my shots a little better, but when you smell that knock out. So I went after him and he weathered the storm.”

Cunningham also said that he believed that he won the fight. “I thought the only rounds he won were the knock down rounds. I was still giving him my all. I thought we were going to pull out a close decision or a draw. I didn’t think he outdid me in the rest of the rounds.”

Cunningham kept coming back to the idea of a rematch. “I feel great,” he said. “I’m ready for a rematch as soon as possible. I know the people would love to see it. We put on a very good fight for the Versus network. The world saw it.”

Through the aid of a translator, Adamek replied to the idea of a rematch. The translator stated, “Tomasz said that it is not up to him to decide who he is fighting and it is too early to decide if he is going to fight Cunningham or if he is going to fight anyone else.” Tomasz added, “I like great fight, big fight. I always wanted to have a big fight for the people.” At times, Adamek was drowned out by the fans of Cunningham calling for a rematch. But he reiterated, through his translator that the decision of who he was going to fight next would be up to television and his promoter.

Adamek also said that he would be willing to fight as a heavyweight. “I am already 206-208. If there were some offers, why not?” And Adamek called attention to the fact that the majority of the fans were Polish and there to see him. “Thank God for Polish fans. Without them the place would be kind of empty. Without fans there is no sport, there is no boxing.”

Near the end of the press conference, as Cunningham’s team marched out of the press room, calls for a rematch could be heard from them once again. The Versus network called it the Fight of the Year, so maybe they will put the pressure on for another match between Adamek and Cunningham.