Adamek vs. Gunn:
Post Fight Press Conference

By Tim Donaldson

Adamek on the stoppage of the fight:

It wasnít my decision. It was obviously Bobby Gunnís cornerís decision. I believe in going into the ring healthy and leaving the ring healthy, and this rule should work for both of us. Obviously the fans wanted to see more but health is always very, very important.

Adamek on Gunnís style of fighting:

I could tell he wanted to go under my jab and maybe sneak out one of the shots, maybe from his left hand, but it didnít work. I realized what was going on. I am very experienced fighter and those kinds of puzzles are for me easy to solve.

Adamek on Gunn as a fighter:

If I had to hear what some of the fans were saying, I should not have even prepared for this fight. It was supposed to be easiest fight of my life. But it is not me. I train eight weeks, very hard eight weeks. I want to be prepared one hundred percent. It was Bobby Gunnís fight of his life. And he got hit with a lot of very hard shot. You all know I can hit hard. So hatís off to Bobby Gunn. I train for everybody like this is best fighter in the world.

Adamek on Cunningham winning his elimination bout in Florida and eventual rematch or possibility of Bernard Hopkins:

First of all, I am a warrior, so it makes no difference who I am fighting. Obviously, I know about Cunningham winning tonightís fight, and if the television, who basically decides what is going on, would like to see me fighting Cunningham first and then Bernard Hopkins, it is fine with me.

Gunn on the fight:

Before the fight, a lot of people had me written off like I wouldnít last thirty seconds.

I came to fight my heart out. I donít think too many people with forget Bobby Gunn, and I will be back.

I thought he (Adamek) had light heavyweight power, but he had heavyweight power.

Gunn of the fight being stopped:

I wasnít really feeling nothing. I am an old school fighter. I wasnít winded at all. I feel excellent.

Was it bleeding?

He was doing everything to me that I wanted to do to him, so it wasnít working out to good today.

Absolutely, I wasnít hurt.

Gunn on Adamek:

I take my hat off to him. I wish him the best. He is a great champion.