Adamek Out Performs Gunn

By Tim Donaldson
Photos: "Sugar" Ray Bailey

Tomasz Adamek once again defended his cruiserweight title and remained champion in his fight against Bobby Gunn. Although Gunn showed spirit, Adamek had little trouble defeating Gunn. In fact, Adamek looked relaxed through much of the fight.

The fight was much of what is expected from an Adamek fight. Hard rights from the champ. Adamek controlling the rounds, rarely backing up and giving any ground to his opponent. He is a brawler with a solid right, and his fans love that. The Prudential Center was electrified every time he threw a punch.

However, do not think that Bobby Gunn came in there to lose. Bobby Gunn did have a strategy, and Bobby Gunn was executing that strategy. Gunn was staying low, shortening the target for Adamek. Although Adamek was able to land his punches, the hope for Gunn was that he could catch Adamek with a left hook. But as Gunn admitted at the press conference, it just wasnít working. Gunn would shake his head, showing Adamek that he wasnít hurt, but those shots were taking there toll. Even if Gunn didnít think they were, the ringside physician would later recommend that the fight be stopped.

And even though Gunn said later that he wasnít hurt, he was looking tired by the third round. Adamek, on the other hand, recovered quickly after each round, showing little fatigue. In the third round, Adamek totally out worked Gunn, allowing Gunn only to land a few shots.

Gunn stuck to his strategy. In the fourth round, Gunn was taunting Adamek to hit him in the head. Occasionally when Adamek would throw his right, Gunn was able to land one of his punches. The problem was that Adamek was just landing too many hits. And for Gunnís strategy to work, he needed to catch Adamek and knock him out. Little did Gunn know that time was running out. At the end of the fourth round, Adamek unleashed on Gunn. Gunn was unable to answer seventeen shots by the champ, and he suffered a cut on his eye.

On the advice of the ringside physician, Bobby Gunnís corner stopped the fight. In the press conference after the fight, Gunn said that he felt fine and that he was looking forward to another round to get at Adamekís body. But it is hard to say if another round really would have made that much of a difference. Gunn was taking a lot of abuse trying to get in that one shot that might knock out Adamek. And although Gunn showed a lot of spirit, Adamek proved to be the better fighter.