Andrade Sites Set Firmly On Tsypko
Super Middle Not Stuck On Bute Rematch

By William Trillo

On April 14th in Montreal Canada Librado Andrade will take on Vitali Tsypko in a bout that will put the winner next in line for a crack at Lucien Bute. Obviously many would love to see an Bute and Andrade hook up again but itís not imperative for Andrade. In fact, Andrade has one thing on his mind, a World Title. Whether or not it comes through Bute or not is insignificant to Librado. To him all that matters is that belt around his waist.

Check out Pound4Pound's one on one interview with Librado Andrade.

You are fighting Vitali Tsypko for the IBF mandatory shot against Lucien Bute. How important is getting another shot at Bute for you?

The fight with Bute ended very very strange and unsatisfying for many reasons, just as it was strange for me I am sure it is the same for him. He said he made a mistake, but I don't think so. If there is one that made a mistake it was me, I let him do everything he wanted to do. He could take me out and I was too patient with him until the 10th, 11th and 12th round. He made no mistakes I just got to him late but, I did get to him! So Iím going to be meÖ if I fight him, fine, if I donítÖwell my goal is to became a world champion, I donít care who is in front of me to do it. I will try every minute of every round to do so. I would like to fight Bute because there could be a good money fight there, but if he donít want to fight me again then I go on.

This fight is in Montreal, can you talk about fighting in Canada again?

I love it here the people here have really made it feel like it is home. I really would like to thank every one here in Montreal, Canada. I have found a family in the Grant brothers with Howard and Otis and their families, that makes a big difference. And boxing fans here are great, I am happy to be here.

I know you are not overlooking Tyspko, tell us what you know about him?

I know very little about him. I have only seen him fight against Jeff lacy and he did great, I tought he won or at least it was a draw. I donít overlook any one! There is no next fight, there is only this one and this one is Typpko. I donít have anything against anyone. I do this for a living and I want to win and take the lessons learned to do better in the future. Iím sure he knows me and he will prepare to beat me, so that will make a good fightÖthat is all I know.

What would you like to tell your fans while you train for this April 4th unifier fight?

Thank you guys so much. It really feels nice to know that people are behind me. And you guys are from Montreal come and have fun because it will be a good fight.

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