Chris Arreola Defeats Brian Minto
& Other Results From Atlantic City

By Tim Donaldson

Atlantic City is not Arreola’s town and quite a few of those in the crowd let him know that. As Arreola entered the ring, there were cries of Remember Vitali and Klitschko, Klitschko. Arreola, however, seemed focused, ignoring the crowd as he paced the ring waiting for the ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. to introduce the fighters. Whether or not Arreola heard the cries from the crowd, Klitschko probably was on his mind. He needed a win to prove that he still deserved the attention that is being given him by HBO and the boxing world.

Arreola definitely had the weight and height advantage over Minto. Arreola at the time of weigh-in weighed a full forty-five pounds more than Minto, but that did not stop Minto from trying to give Arreola a spirited fight. Unfortunately for Minto, it was not to be his night. As long as Arreola could keep some distance, he could dominate Minto. Minto’s shots did not seem to affect Arreola, and his main defense was nothing more than to hold Arreola to stop him from punching. Minto would try to push his way in by ducking way down, but this was to lead to Minto’s demise. In the fourth, Arreola dropped Minto. Minto got back up and battled back. Then he made his fatal mistake. He came charging in like a bull, running right into a punch from Arreola. He went down again. Although Minto was to survive the count, the referee stopped the fight at 2:40.

Arreola might have thought that this would put the memory of Vitali to rest. However, the memory of Vitali was to linger. He was asked about it by Kellerman, and the same crowd that kept shouting Vitali as Arreola entered the ring were shouting it on his way out.

Arreola vs. Minto was not the only heavyweight fight of the night. Before their fight, Tony Thompson fought Chazz Witherspoon in what was a less than thrilling fight. In the first round, Witherspoon was throwing and landing more of his shots. Thompson seemed to throw very little. Other than some jabs, Thompson just moved around the ring. The Philadelphia crowd was loving the fact that their own Witherspoon seemed to be doing so well. However, Thompson stepped up his fight. At times, he looked as though he was simply trying to land that lucky punch, but he definitely was throwing more than in the first round. Witherspoon actually looked surprised after being hit by a hard shot to the head at the end of the round.

The rest of the fight seemed to be Thompson dominating Witherspoon, except when Thompson was looking tired and taking a short break. Thompson looked to have several opportunities to finish the fight. In the fourth, Thompson landed a hard left to the chin causing Witherspoon to stumble. He tried to finish him off here, but Witherspoon survived the round. However, Witherspoon had not given up. He had his moments in the fifth, catching Thompson on the ropes. Thompson was looking tired.

But the fight was to be Thompson’s. Even though he was looking tired by the fifth, he kept up the pressure on Witherspoon. In the seventh, he again was looking for that opportunity to knock out Witherspoon. But that opportunity was to come in the ninth. After the eighth when both fighters looked too tired to keep going, Thompson came out with more vigor than Witherspoon. His punches had more power. He knocked him into the ropes. Witherspoon got a standing eight count. Thompson pressured Witherspoon right back to the ropes and landed several head shots. Witherspoon’s corner stopped the fight at 2:13 in the ninth.

The night started with a bout between Middleweights Jeremiah Wiggins and Manuel Guzman. Although Guzman looked to be the better boxer at times, he was forced to fight Wiggins’ fight. Wiggins would take swings at Guzman when off balance, and he had very little defense except to keep hitting Guzman. Guzman tried to fight a defensive fight, ducking and turning Wiggins, but he was unable to land most of his punches. Wiggins spent round after round stalking Guzman, landing more punches. Wiggins won the unanimous decision.

The second fight of the evening was over almost as quick as it began. Featherweight Jorge Diaz knocked out Luis Paneto in what was a very one-sided fight. Paneto was doing a lot of moving, trying to avoid Diaz. However, Diaz landed a hard shot on the chin of Paneto. Paneto fell forward and that was the end of the fight. The fight only lasted two minutes and fifty-three seconds.

The third fight of the evening looked as one-sided as the second. Welterweight Carlos Quintana TKO’d Jesse Feliciano. From the first round, Feliciano was out-classed by Quintana. Quintana was landing more shots and constantly turning Feliciano. At times, Feliciano looked confused. In the second round, Feliciano was able to land a left hook to the chin of Quintana. This made Quintana more hesitant as he came in. However, this was not to be enough. Quintana was to get the best of Feliciano. The referee stopped the fight fifty-nine seconds into the third round.


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